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In the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting, we focus a lot on morning ritual. 

And our students are always so curious— they want to know do I really do my morning ritual EVERY day? 

The answer is yes.   

Morning ritual. Every day.   

That said, I have several different versions.  There’s the 10 minute version, for those mornings when my 4-year old really needs her Mommy time.   

My usual routine takes about 30 minutes.   

THEN.. there are Sundays.    

I loooove Sundays.  We have a babysitter here in the morning, so Mommy and Daddy can have some time to themselves, separately or together.  Which means my morning ritual can take a full-on 90 minutes.     


Recently I’ve started a practice of making offerings in the back yard.  To nature spirits (my favorite), God, Goddess… the energetic entities you wish to recognize for their contribution to your abundance.   

This is a super-simple magical practice that anyone can do, no matter how much time you have.  It’s a great start to a gratitude / appreciation practice, or you can add it to your current practice.     


Youll need these ritual supplies:  

  • 1 generous pinch of a casting herb blend for abundance (I love blends from Sage Goddess)   
  • 1 or 2 intuitively chosen oils.  I usually go with Frankincense, because it’s so Divine AND so precious – a true offering.  Then one other, intuitively chosen.  Today was Spikenard.  
  • Sea salt, for purification   
  • Gemstone chipstones, if you want to kick it up a notch!!  (mine today were snowflake obsidian)   
  • Sage, if you’re so inclined   


Here are your ritual steps: 

1. To begin, I like to clear myself with sage and anoint my 3rd eye with an oil such as Frankincense.

2. Then, mix the herbs, salt and chipstones in a small dish or cauldron.

3. Now, choose a spot in your yard to make the offering.  (I like to do this intuitively, too… clear your mind, then ask to be shown where the offering wants to go.).   

4. Clear the space lightly with sage.

5. Pour out the herb mixture, then add a drop or two of your oils.

6. Dial up the gratitude and appreciation, speaking your thanks out loud.

That’s it!  

May this practice help you begin your day feeling blessed, supported and full of the appreciation that is so much rocket fuel for your manifesting.  

When you give it a try please share how you made this ritual your own in the comments.  

And for more ritual magic, join us over here in my new Facebook community, Essential Oil Magic. It’s filled with tons of simple rituals like this one. 🙂  

Bright Blessings!