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As a practicing Wiccan priestess for the last twenty years, my manifesting toolkit runs deep. 

I love me some magical tools, I do.  (Crystals, candles, tarot decks, etc.) 

But there is one tool, in particular, that I’ve found to truly dial up the results of my magical workings.  I lovingly refer to it as my manifesting secret weapon. 

Can you guess?  🙂 

This is something I LOVE to share so I won’t keep you in suspense.  

My manifesting secret weapon is high quality essential oils.  

Certified therapeutic grade in fact. The best out there in my opinion.

It might surprise you to know this, but essential oils are one of THE most powerful tools available to you for empowerment and conscious co-creation. What’s even cooler is that they work in seconds with only a few drops.  

Yes, really. 

They’re being talked about more and more these days, but they’re not a fad by any means.  

Magicians, priestesses, healers and wise women from different cultures around the world have used essential oils for healing, ceremonies, magical workings and in ritual for centuries. 

One of the reasons I love oils so much that they offer benefits in so many facets of well-being— from physical health, to relaxation, to beauty, to spiritual practice and emotional support.   

They truly are a gift from Mother Earth.  

And when it comes to manifesting your big dreams, goals and visions… I call them a “secret weapon” because they are sooooo effective at shifting the ONE thing (more than anything) that determines your success: 

Your STATE.   Your energetic imprint.  Your vibrational signature. 

In other words, “who you BE” on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and beyond. 

You can pop over to last week’s article, “Stop Working On Your Mindset And Do This” to understand on why your BE-ing is so important, but in a nutshell, managing your state and BE-ing is the way to call in what you want.  

You have to become a vibrational match to that which you Desire…to BE an energetic match to want. Because that’s how you can you can access the version of yourself who can see the opportunities and take the aligned actions required to call things into your life with ease. 

Can essential oils help you BE that person? 

You better believe they can… and really quickly too.  

When I started using high quality essential oils really consistently, I saw transformation blossom in areas of my life where growth and progress had plateaued.  

What’s important to understand though, is that I wasn’t using any old brand off the shelf at Whole Foods, or using them here and there like many people do.  


I only experienced massive (and lasting) changes when I was introduced to what I consider to be the purest oils out there and began using them in a daily protocol. One designed specifically to help me step into the energetic state I needed to embody. 

By implementing my  daily essential oil protocol, I’ve used oils to help manifest results like … 

  • Losing over 25 lbs of excess weight (yes, I have more to go… but that is an amazing start) 
  • Transforming my moods (before my daily oil protocol, every day was another “downward spiral” – not exactly a good time for an entrepreneurial Goddess on a mission) 
  • Banishing “brain fog” and cultivating mental clarity 
  • Shifting longtime habits and patterns. (Essential oils are the perfect compliment to my favorite transformational modalities, including energy healing, neuro-linguistic programming, change work, and coaching.) 
  • Dialing up my natural feminine radiance 
  • Staying centered, grounded and in a high vibration while running a 7-figure company with a pre-schooler in tow 
  • Seeing bigger and faster results with with my rituals and magical workings – obviously 😉  

My oils protocol also helped me create change in other really important areas of my life too including mastering turning off my “busy brain” for more rejuvenating sleep each night and building a deeper bond with my daughter (she loves oils, and our nightly routine). 

They’ve taken what I know about creating empowered states and skyrocketed my results.  

I could go on and on, truly. 

Essential oils have fast become the most powerful manifesting tool I work with, alongside The Core Manifesting Process and the 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan, I teach in Feminine Magic®, of course.  

But WHY are oils so effective in raising your vibration and creating empowered states? 

That’s a little lengthy for this article so here’s the short story:  

Every essential oil is vibrationally aligned to a particular emotional state.  

To cultivate joy, forgiveness, peace, assertiveness, clarity, etc. There’s an oil (or 3) for that. Which means… you can literally select an oil to align to the energy of any embodied state you wish to create.  

For example… 

  • Lavender oil is a vibrational match to the energy of relaxation and calm. It’s the perfect oil to work with when you Desire to move through a challenging day with grace and ease. 


  • If you want to access the positivity in any situation or to hold your boundaries in a chaotic environment, Cedarwood is one of my favorites.  It’s also the oil of the Great Mother archetyple. 


  • If you wish to embody compassion and radiate love,  Rose oil is an amazing choice. 


  • To amplify abundance,  work with my go-to, Wild Orange. (Seriously – I put this in everything.  Almost every diffuser blend, and I drink it all day long in my water, too.) 


  • If you wish to to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom, Frankincense is lovingly known as God(dess) in a bottle.  


So how do you use them? 

It’s really (really) simple. You just need to have them in your environment.  

Even without opening the bottle their vibrational frequency raises that of anyone around them. 

Of course, you’ll have even more magical results when you do pop the top and you can use them in ritual, or not, aromatically, topically and, in some cases, internally.  

I share many of my favorite oil uses in my Essential Oil Magic Facebook group.

And here are 3 easy essential oils rituals to add to your manifesting practices to get you started…

Mini Ritual #1: Amplify Your Intentions  

To amplify and stay connected to your intentions each day… 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Upon waking, set a clear intention for your day.  
  2. While enjoying your morning tea / water / beverage of choice (mine is water with lemon essential oil)”, do a quick Google search for “essential oils for [your chosen intention]”.
    YES, really! Just Google it! This info is readily available and there are a many great reference books you can add to your library you don’t want to hop online. I have several from Visit 
  3. Place a few drops of the appropriate oil(s) for your intention into your diffuser. There may be more than one oil that resonates. For example, both peppermint and basil are oils you can work with if your intention is to embrace change and new habits.  
  4. Before fully launching into your day take a few moments to close your eyes and connect with the version of yourself who is fully embodying and moving about her day as you have set an intention to.  
  5. Open your eyes an declare, “It is done!’   

(And it is!)  

 Ritual #2: Embody Your Expectations 

To embody and step into the experience of already having your desires fulfilled… 

Here’s what to do:  

  1. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths and connect to your higher self or Essence.  
  2. Next, bring the outcome you Desire to mind.  
  3. Now consciously create the energy of expectation, the experience of already having that outcome manifested right here in the physical.  
  4. Play in that energy for as long as you wish, really dialing it up and feeling the feels — the joy, excitement and gratitude of having your Desire right now.  
  5. Finally open your eyes and anoint your wrists and heart chakra with any of these oils of celebration to carry the energy of expectant gratitude throughout the day: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Ginger. (I love using blends for this practice. Either “Cheer” or “Citrus Bliss” by dōTERRA).

Ritual #3: Confidently Take Aligned Action  

To bust up anxiety and confidently take action to call in what you want… 

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Connect with your Essence and ask her to show you your next aligned actions and how you can take them with confidence.  
  2. In your journal or on a fresh sheet of paper, write out every that action step comes through.   
  3. When you feel complete, choose the first action you feel called to take and on a fresh page, write as much as you wish in your journal about taking that action with ease, confidence and joy, as if you’ve already taken it.
  4. Upon finishing your journal entry, anoint your solar plexus and your journal page with any of these confidence imbuing oils— Cypress, Fennel, Ginger, Grapefruit, Jasmine.  
  5. With your confidence revved up, immediately take aligned action.  
  6. Celebrate and repeat!  



These 3 rituals are just the teeny tiny tip of the iceberg when it comes to manifesting with essential oils. Or rather, beautiful hilltop where many oils are harvested. 

Soooo…naturally I’m called to show more and more women in our community how to use them along side my well-tested process for manifesting consistently.  

I know they work in tandem as a catalyst to create even bigger results.

Which is why I’ve created a unique 14-day manifesting journey for you…  

Manifesting With Essential Oils 

I created this special program to teach you how to use The Core Manifesting Process we use in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting along with an essential oils protocol designed to amp up your manifesting abilities.  

You’ll learn the most effective process I know for consistently calling in your Desire and how to put that process into action, powerfully, working with essential oils.  

When you join us, you’ll get these juicy resources:   

▪The Core Manifesting Process – my well-demonstrated method for manifesting on command 

▪Essential oils protocol for all things manifesting success: clearing blocks, releasing toxic emotions, shifting patterns, fuelling your subconscious, taking aligned action and more 

▪Two in depth manifesting audio classes (you’ll get these as soon as you join the FB group) 

▪14-day guided journey to become a vibrational match to the success you want, with the help of essential oils. Including rituals, recipes, practices, etc.  (We start this LIVE in October.) 

▪Access to Private Facebook group just for members of the program – a high-vibe environment where you can connect with other success-minded women 

Yep… all kinds of awesome, right?… And how much does it cost? 

That’s actually the best part. 

If you’re new to essential oil brand I personally use and love, dōTERRA, Manifesting With Essential Oils is yours FREE, as my gift to you with a qualifying essential oils purchase.  

 When you purchase my absolute favorite oil kit for manifesting, The Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused enrollment kit, you’ll receive 6 perfectly selected essential oil blends that are ideal for managing emotions and your energetic state, a diffuser  

AND access to Manifesting With Essential Oils for free.  

The kit is $195 wholesale or about $260 retail.  

Don’t worry… my peeps pay wholesale!! 

Go here for all of the details and to purchase your kit wholesale 

And if you’re already in our dōTERRA family, you can enroll in Manifesting With Essential Oils just $197 right here.  

We start our LIVE guided journey very soon, so you’re going to want to order NOW so that you have your oils and can get all settled in.  You’ll get the two audio classes immediately on registering so you can dive in right away. 

So join us!! 

If you’re new to dōTERRA, click here for details on how to purchase your oils and join us in Manifesting with Essential Oils for free 

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How do YOU use essential oils to manifest your dreams?  Drop me a comment below… 

And let me know if you’re going to be joining us for Manifesting with Essential Oils!