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I hopped onto Facebook Live yesterday to address an energy that I’ve seen all over the place these days.   

I’m talking about the energy of scarcity.  

As you know, life is INTENSE out there right now.  The devastation of two hurricanes (Harvey and Irma) is the latest.  

Fear, frustration, anger… one way these are being channeled is into massive scarcity energy.  

Maybe you’ve felt it?  

It’s showing up in groups, programs, spiritual communities and I’m even seeing it with my successful colleagues.   (Outwardly, everything looks great… but behind the scenes, there is massive scrambling going on.)  

As we closed the doors to The School of Manifesting last week (after welcoming 90+ women woot woot!), soooo many women told us that they are on the edge, personally and financially.    

So I decided to speak to this very directly in a special Facebook Live teaching, which I gave yesterday on my Facebook Business page.  

I laid out a very simple series of steps to unhook from scarcity immediately.   

You can watch the replay here.


Scarcity is nothing new, of course.  But there is an intensity here that wasn’t there before.    

That’s when I knew I had to teach on it.  And I couldn’t teach on it without giving you the opportunity to be held in a powerful container to help you shift it (youll hear more about that when you watch).  

It’s important to know you’re not bad or wrong if you find yourself in circumstances of lack. We’re wired to wig out when there is a chance, real or imagined, that we won’t have enough.  

That fear is NOT the truth.   

You are abundant beyond measure. That’s the Truth.   

Your magical tools of choice and faith mean that you always have the power to energize abundance over lack. That’s what is required if you Desire to shift things.  

Energizing abundance opens you up to infinite possibilities to manifest all you could ever want or dream of…  

…And it takes practice and a deep understanding of what’s really going on with your human wiring to choose abundance when your eyes and nervous system tell a very different story.  

This practice is part of what we do in Feminine Magic®.   

Straight up: Feminine Magic®  is not a quick fix.  This isn’t “the miracle store.”  If you join us in The School of Manifesting I’m not going to hand you a miracle when you sign up.  

Miracle manifestation doesn’t work that way.  

Because it’s not the miracle you THINK you need… but the SKILL of being able to hold steady in the face of scarcity, and to finally call in your Desires like you’re meant to. Not because you “need your miracle,” but it was always yours for the having.   

Straight up: this is NOT a quick fix process.  But it will change your life if you choose it.  

If you’re ready to shift this energy for good… 

Watch this video training to help you ditch scarcity and get back into the flow of abundance right here