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People are always curious to know how I created the life I have today… 

A 7-figure business, married to my soul mate and tons of time and travel with our four year-old daughter. 

Get a load of this cuteness… this was in Maine last week: 

Just a few short years ago, my life looked much different.   

I’d quit my cushy engineering job in New York City to follow my calling, only to crash and burn in a downward spiral of FEAR.  

Within months of quitting, I was nearly broke.  We’d burned through our savings and were accumulating tons of debt. 

It was a dark night of the soul.  

The most frustrating part?  I’d been a student of metaphysics for years, immersed in magic, manifestation, and feminine spirituality.  And here I was in a position where I wouldn’t manifest anything but what I didnt want! 

Then I woke up. 

I remembered – hello, I know this stuff.  And I knew it was time to stop messing around and put my knowledge to the test. 

So I embarked on my first manifestation experiment.  I set out to create $50,000 in 30 days.   

Turns out I didn’t reach that number.  But I did create $20,000 starting from zero. Then 6-figures in 6 months, and then multi 6-figures the year after that.  

Since then I’ve used that process to grow our business to 7-figures, release all that credit card debt, release weight, attract a dream circle of friends and colleagues, and a lot more, including mentoring hundreds of women to do the same.  

I’m so excited to share the secret behind our life changing results with you in a LIVE online workshop: 

Your 30 Day Manifesting Game Plan! 

How To Use Feminine Magic® To Manifest Your Juiciest Goals 

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You’ll discover how to use your Feminine Creative Power and a proven process to call in exactly what you want, consistently, when you choose.    

You’ll also learn exactly why traditional approaches to manifestation fall short.   

There’s a huge reason that nobody talks about – and no, it’s not just about “masculine vs feminine” or “you’re not taking action”…Oh and it’s not because you’re “blocked” either.  

If you’re ready to have exactly what you truly Desire, you’ll want to join us. 

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See you there! 

P.S.  One of the biggest challenges I hear about with manifesting is, “Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.”  

Women tell me that they long for a process that actually works— for their big dreams and their immediate needs.   

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop and why you’ll want to join us. 

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