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There’s one power word that amps up your manifesting.

(It’s probably not what you think!)

Using it has helped my client, Kelly Anne Mitchell, grow her core offering “The Whole Woman Movement” by leaps and bounds over the past several months.

She’s already blown her early money goals out of the water, and now 5-figure months are standard.

So what’s that “power word” you ask?

It’s NO.

And what’s Kelly Anne’s secret to using it that has her manifesting with lightening speed?

Ultimate discernment around what she says YES to… and what she says NO to.

You see, when you really start allowing your dreams, Desires and visions to manifest, the Creative Substance will dish up opportunities.

Tons of them.

The challenge, of course… is that while opportunities are infinite, time and space in our 3D reality (i.e., the physical plane) are NOT.

Everything you say YES to takes up space in 3D.  Say yes to the “wrong” thing and… you find yourself right back in that old pressed-for-linear-time, not-enough-time paradigm that so many of us are sick of.

So WHAT do you say YES to?

What do you say NO to?

How do you know what opportunities to take action on, and which to let go of?

It’s an important question, because it makes the difference between manifesting with super speed… and plodding along.

And that’s exactly what Kelly Anne and I discuss in my  latest Feminine Magician Spotlight.

It’s a really a juicy conversation.  Because it’s not really about “yes” or “no,” but rather how to navigate that delicious-yet-often-frustrating space between where you are now, and where you will be.

Watch the replay here

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