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Ever been in a sales conversation where you could just tell the person on the other end of the line kinda needed the money?

Me too.

You can feel the attachment energy from a zillion miles away when you’re on the receiving end.

But here’s a question…

When’s the last time YOU were that person?

If we’re being honest — there’s not a coach, practitioner or healer alive who can say they’ve NEVER been in sales conversation where they weren’t banking on hearing yes to some degree (because hey, we’ve all got bills to pay).

And it’s no surprise!

Everything we’ve been taught about sales, marketing and making money as entrepreneurs is transactional.

“The money is in the list…”

“The fortune is in the follow-up…”

…and so on.

This is accurate in very “3D reality” sense; yes, you have to get a “yes” at the end of a sales conversation to receive money.  But in a metaphysical sense… nothing is further from the truth.

You may remember this from my recent Advanced Money Magic call:

Money magnetism is 90% energy and just 10% how to execution.  

And needy, attached energy, no matter how subtle… pushes money away like a hot potato.

In fact, until you can take action from a place of total autonomy with money, your ability to manifest it and have it stick around is always capped, along with your ability to create the level of impact you came here for.  (Also from the call: full expression of your purpose and impact requires financial freedom.)

So HOW can you step into the energy of total sovereignty with money?

How can you BE the one who acts from a place that’s totally free of attachment, and leads with a surrendered agenda of Purpose and Desire?

I shared the first steps to mastering sovereignty with money  and releasing ‘money neediness’ forever in a recent Facebook Live.

Watch the replay here

FYI the ability to make decisions and take action fully autonomous to money isn’t something you’ll find in most (if any) money manifestation teachings and it’s one of the most transformative energies we practice cultivating in Be A Money Magnet.

It’s also one of the biggest ways that I see purpose driven women unknowingly hold themselves back from rising to the level of leadership and impact they truly Desire.

You don’t want that for yourself, I don’t want it for you either, and NOW is the time to start shedding these old programs so that we can create the change that planet so needs right now.

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