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Yesterday I was inspired to hop on Facebook LIVE to deliver a special masterclass for our community and it. was off. the. chain.

Seriously, it was SO much fun!

If you missed it, go ahead and catch the replay here.

I went in (with love) on the pervasive illusion that I see holding SO many women back, well after they’ve created multi-six figure results.

It’s a form of subtle, lack-based thinking that’s easy to miss when you’ve already had the experience of manifesting more money.

So what is it?

It’s the belief that YOU are the source of your income.  

When your buy into that thinking, the only way to manifest more is through expending more resources (more time, energy, money)…

The problem is, our resources, in the physical sense, are inherently limited.

It’s no wonder, then, that the money and opportunities we attract from this place are steeped in slave girl mentality and the deep cultural belief that:

“I am the source of my good.”
“Everything I create has to come from me.”
“ I have to do it all…”

ALL of this thinking is an illusion.

You are not the source.

SOURCE is the source!

You don’t have to do it all …(and you can’t.)

In Be A Money Magnet, our brand-new six month money magic immersion, you’ll learn to shed the slave girl mindset once and for all.  And step into mastery of BE-ing the channel, the catalyst, the contribution… working WITH Source to magnetize lasting financial abundance.

BE-ing the contribution instantly you opens you to receive, with ease, from the one true Source and allows you to create any amount of money or anything you choose with lightening speed.

I know from personal experience.  

Tapping into and consciously co-creating with  Source in all aspects of my life and business (along with the practical aligned action) is the secret sauce to all of my results.

Because eliminating six figures in debt and creating a 7 figure business in the process doesn’t happen without mastering your Divine connection 😉

There are many ways to work with Source, but the most powerful practice for me has been learning to access my Akashic Records.

What are the Akashic Records?  The record and blueprint of your soul’s journey.  Every word, thought and deed, throughout all of your lifetimes, recorded in the Akasha and maintained by Ascended Masters and teachers, known as the Record Keepers.

With the Records, you can figure out why a pattern keeps recurring, peek into past lifetimes that may be affecting this lifetime.  And you can shift and clear energy in a way that shows up almost immediately.  You can even manifest via the Record.

Accessing the Records is the tool I rely on to make quick decisions and take aligned action to magnetize money.

That’s why on yesterday’s Facebook Live I announced a new bonus I felt called to create for you — a three-part training on how to read your OWN Akashic records.  

Watch the replay to here for all the Akashic bonus details around the 55 minute mark.

And if you feel called…  

Complete your application for Be A Money Magnet today to explore this program as your next aligned step.

The doors have been open for a week or so and quite honestly, this may be the only time I run Be A Money Magnet this year with so much else brewing behind the scenes.

In the program you’ll receive 6 months of  magical training, practical action, a powerful energetic container…

And with this new Read Your Own Akashic Records bonus, you’ll also receive training on the most powerful tool I know for connecting to Source as your partner in co-creation.

I’ve created Be A Money Magnet for you to deliver everything you need to break free from the “I AM the Source” paradigm that we’ve been conditioned to operate within so you can shift into permanently into BE-ing the one who trusts her role as the contribution and magnetizes money with ease and grace as a result.

You can choose this for yourself.

Apply to Be A Money Magnet here