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Want to know one way that soooo many women block their money flow?

It’s judgment.

Judgment of yourself.

Judgment of others.

And especially… judgment about how you THINK money has to come to you.

In the transformation industry, we can get tunnel vision.

Your primary business (coaching, healing, practitioning, etc) can generate big time amounts of money.

I mean, when I think of where we were when I got started 8 years ago, and where we are now… it kind of blows me away.

Back then, 7 figures was a pipe dream. Now, it’s pretty common.

The problem is, the awesomeness of this ONE possibility (your business) can cause you to conveniently block out the zillion other possibilities that exist right now for calling in the money you want.

Unless… you train yourself to see them. AND surrender to them.

Enter my dear friend and client, Halle Eavelyn.

When Halle stepped into Be A Money Magnet at the end of last year as one of our early adopters, she had a BIG goal (and a BIG why) when it came to her income.

She didn’t know how it was going to happen.

She just said YES.

Since then, her income has tripled – something that seemed unimaginable before.

And a major piece of the puzzle has been an unexpected opportunity that fell into her lap.

In this week’s Feminine Magician Spotlight, Halle and I have an inspired conversation about opportunities.

How to call them in, how to spot them, and how to say YES to them (when your rational mind pitches a fit).

Halle and I make also a BIG announcement towards the end of our conversation!

A longtime dream of mine is finally coming true, and in this interview, I share the full scoop with you.

Watch the replay here:

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