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Yesterday I hosted a brand new call exclusively for the Feminine Magic® community and WOW…what a juicy experience.

Curious about what made it so?

Well for starters… We had almost 1000 Feminine Magicians registered. Huzzah!

I’m truly honored to hold space for so many women on this path.

Second… on the call, I shared some of the most powerful teachings I know about how to BE magnetic to money.

Not the nuts and bolts-y formulas 0r “how to” action plans you’ll find on business coaching trainings (including my own)…

Actually, I wouldn’t consider yesterday’s experience a “training” at all.

This was a much deeper dive into the metaphysics of money.  An energetic download of metaphysical principles I personally work with, and what’s helped me create over $5 million in sales in just 7 years.

I absolutely loved sharing these magical teachings with the women of our community.

And, given the feedback we’ve been receiving, they really landed with them, too.

These are next level techniques and nothing like what I see being taught in the magic and manifestation realm right now.

They are PERFECT for leaders in our community who are truly ready to be SEEN, claim their SPACE and have the amount of money in their life reflect that.

That’s why I’ve decided to host a special encore for you TOMORROW:

“Advanced Money Magic: 5 Metaphysical Secrets To Manifesting Money On Command”   

Saturday, May 6th   
12 pm PT / 3pm ET 

Click here to register

To be clear, this call WON’T be about the energy required to manifest your next $5K VIP day or $10K program.

If you’ve already mastered those basics, this call is your next level of mastery.

It’s about BE-ing the one who can 10x those results whenever you choose and command $50K clients and other thriving money channels with ease.

It’s through using what I’m going to share with you on this call (plus aligned action, of course) that I’ve been able to go from swirling in scarcity (after I quit my J-O-B) to doing things like:

Creating a $20K / month money channel that runs on autopilot  

Clearing 6 figures worth of debt…   

10x’ing our savings… 

So yeah, you could say this stuff works.  🙂

If you’d like to discover the secrets to becoming magnetic to money – and amp up your ability to manifest anything in your life – then you don’t want to miss this encore.

Register to join us here now and I’ll “see” you on this special encore TOMORROW.