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Do you ever get stuck in the “HOW” when manifesting?

When you go for something really BIG, I mean. Like a new level of income.

You want it. You really do believe that it’s possible, but…

… you can’t see exactly HOW it’s going to happen. So you over-think, spin your wheels… and stay in the same place.

Exhausting, right?

This is a common manifesting sticking point, especially for ambitious women who are used to rolling up their sleeves and making things happen.

Which is why I want to introduce you to our amazing client, Rachel Headley…

Rachel is a powerhouse. She was part of the NASA/USGS Landsat satellite mission for almost a decade, after 10 years as a scientist on a variety of teams including the United Nations’ environment program.

Now she’s a leadership and executive coach, working with women and organizations around the world.

Rachel came into one of our programs last fall and had a big income breakthrough. So she enrolled in Be A Money Magnet as an early bird (we start in June) and has been honing her manifesting chops ever since.

Rachel has some BIG money goals. Like… BIG big.

But, being the scientist that she is, at first she was getting stuck in the “HOW.”

Over the past couple of months – all of that has changed. And the results have been flying fast and furious, from her biggest coaching client ever to snagging a spot as a TEDx speaker.

So HOW did she do it? 🙂

And HOW do you let go of the HOW?

That’s exactly what we discuss in today’s Feminine Magician Spotlight.
Rachel and I jam on HOW to let go of the HOW… and some other big manifesting learnings along the way.

Watch the replay here and let me know which of her lessons speak to you in the comments.

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