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Have you noticed something different in my world over the past couple of months?

A rather big change took place in January, but I never really announced it.  🙂

I launched  a brand new website… and with it, a bold new direction.

After 8 years as a master business coach, I’m coming forward with my true calling…

…to teach you the art of magic and manifestation, for personal and financial empowerment.

Truthfully, this direction is nothing new.  I got the “cosmic 2×4” from the Goddess years ago to make teaching magic the focus of my life.  And for years I’ve been working the teachings into my business coaching, behind the scenes.

At the end of last year, it became clear that now is the time to lead with this powerful work, not hide it in the background.

And that’s what I’m doing.   Woo hoo!!

I’m SO excited to finally share with you some of the magical and energetic tools that have been behind my success.

To that end, I want to be sure you download this…

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

Over the years I’ve noticed that people get REALLY confused about what they need to amp up their manifesting abilities.

“Your thoughts create your reality” is accurate… but incomplete.

Candles, crystals, vision boards and the like can be powerful tools… but they can also be worthless to you.

You already have everything you need inside you to create ANYTHING you truly Desire in the world.

(I’m talking about soul-level Desires… those things that are truly in alignment with your path.  And yes, things like a new house or new car can be among them.)

BUT… you have to understand the RIGHT tools… and you have to understand how to use them.

That’s why I created this PDF download and the video that goes with it.  So you can get clear on how you’re creating all the time, right now… and how to use these tools to create what you want.

You can download them here:

The Only 4 Manifesting Tools You’ll Ever Need To Call In Your Every Desire

I am so excited to continue our journey together in this new way.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a part of the Feminine Magic® community.

Love & magic,

PS: When you download the 4 Manifesting Tools cheat sheet, you’ll receive an invitation for my workshop on how to manifest your juiciest goals in 30 days or less.  Don’t miss it!