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“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is right now.“

The election and inauguration of the new President of the United States has initiated an awakening, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Love, hate, rage, disgust, horror, compassion, hope… my Facebook feed has it all.  I’m sure yours does, too.

A question-behind-the-question runs through nearly ALL of the posts…

“What are you a stand for?”

On Facebook, the answers come pouring in.  Eloquent, passion-filled answers.  Some of them have moved me to tears.

We’re awake now.  We’re taking a stand.  The question is…

Now what?

As a collective, we have activated TWO of the most powerful, potent, must-have forces for manifesting.

The first is urgency.  No significant change or new reality happens without the fire inside.  For example, think back to your last enrollment conversation that ended in I can’t afford it or it’s not the right time.

The real reason they didn’t sign up?  No urgency.  (No judgment here; just naming the energy for what it is.)

Then there’s tension.  The feeling of being between point A and point B, when you really really (really) want to be at point B already.  The stretch, often occurring at the point of decision. Will you go this way, or that way?

Again, think back to your last sales conversation.  That moment after you’ve stated the price of your program and before they respond.   What did you feel?   The tension.

Everything on earth is created by tension seeking resolution.  Your power as a creator comes in being absolutely conscious of what tension you want to resolve, and in what direction.

Without urgency, you won’t have a reason to resolve it at all.  Instead, you’ll just put up with it.  And things will stay then same.

So we’ve got tension.  We’ve got urgency.  These two things are not exactly easy to manufacture.  We’ve got ‘em.  In spades.

Now what?

That is the work of the conscious manifestor, the Creatrix, the Feminine Magician.

And that is the invitation before you now.  To use the energies present and what is stirring in you, consciously, deliberately, and with direction.

1. Decide, very specifically, how the stand you’re taking is going to show up in your thoughts, your energy and your actions.

In other words… decide who you’re going to BE, and what that’s going to look like in the real world.

For example, I’m a stand against hate in all its forms.  I stand against the destruction of freedom and any kind of messing with the Constitution.

I am a stand for free speech and full self expression.

My parents are both hardcore conservatives. I am a stand for BEING with different points of view, and always recognizing a person’s Divinity, no matter what their opinions and actions.

I am a stand for Truth and Love.

I am a stand for women and their creative empowerment, especially in the realm of finances.

I am a stand for 1000% personal responsibility at all times, AND for the understanding of how our actions and manifestations impact the collective.

I am a stand for “we” AND “me.”  I am a stand for the “Yes, AND.

So how does this all show up on the physical plane?

Clearly letting my community know where I stand.  Using my voice and being visible in support of all I mention above.   Calling out bullsh*t where I see it.


Welcoming differing belief systems and religions into our community with open arms, as I always have.  Creating safe spaces for you to BE more powerful than you’ve ever been AND be in your softness and vulnerability too… as I always have.

(While you’ll see more of my personal views on my personal Facebook page, as always our communities and business Facebook page will be free of politics and current events.)

And, of course… creating content, programs, and services that reflect what I’m a stand for.

How will YOUR stand show up in YOUR life?

You don’t have to have it all figured out right now.  Just be willing to be in the question.  Be willing to discover and BE who you are here to be.

2. Get very clear on what you wish to create.

There are things your soul wishes to be, do, have and experience.  Urgency and tension are on your side.  Now is the time to hold yourself accountable to discovering what you’re meant to create, and doing it.

Now is the time to fully develop your Divinely-given Creative Power.  As a fully awake, sovereign BE-ing on a journey of personal growth, and with all of your resources and conscious awareness, it is your responsibility to do so.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is right now. 

3. Now add “money mastery” and “financial freedom” to your above list.

There is no empowerment without financial empowerment.  We cannot be truly free and make the difference we are meant to make until we have the money thing handled.

Several of my friends in spiritual leadership have been receiving very clear, very strong downloads that we MUST take full control of our money by creating our own economy – a business, investing, other money channels.

(I’ve been getting the same message from the Recordkeepers, my guides in the Akashic Records.)

Of course, we don’t need our guides to tell us that getting our money house in order is a prudent thing to do.  We just need to say yes, drop the shame or whatever other story is getting in the way… and commit.

4. Empty out, and listen.

It’s that classic spiritual seeker’s question: how do we listen to the voice of Spirit, over the voice of ego?

The answer is to empty.

Feel your feelings fully, without feeding them.  Understand that your emotions are powerful energy sources that point to your truth…  but they are not THE truth.

Create and maintain conscious boundaries.  Know when too much input is too much.  A big part of emptying out is disengaging from other people’s egos.  (This does not mean shutting yourself off from the world.  It does mean knowing your boundaries and honoring them. )

Then listen.

It’s imperative that we stay connected to our truth.  You always know.  Create space, set a clear intention to hear… and you will.  Every time.

5. Focus on what you are creating rather than reacting to what others are doing.

Magicians know that what you energize, manifests and that your energy is your most precious resource.  Don’t turn it over to chaos.  Keep your energy with you, where it belongs.  Return what is not yours to the sender or to Source.

6. Stay awake.

No matter what your stand, the one thing we cannot do is go back to sleep.

I’m an empath; I get how easy it is to check out.   But urgency is the fuel for transformation; without urgency, nothing moves.  Nobody can give you a sense of urgency but you.

Consciousness and connection is the ultimate work of the spiritual seeker.  Awareness is the catalyst for change.  Stay connected instead of checking out.

7. Live into the question of “Who am I BE-ing?” daily.

Years ago, when I was just starting out as a marketing coach, I taught a simple strategy called Just One Thing.  Every day, do just one thing to move your business forward.

Today we have the same opportunity.  You don’t have to change the world in five minutes.  This isn’t about “doing” more.  Just one thing.  Daily.

We have all been given a glorious opportunity to BE who we are truly called to BE.

No matter what you’re feeling… or what your stand is… don’t let that precious gift go to waste.  Consciously choose what you are a stand for, what you are creating, and how you will show up.   Every day.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second-best time is right now. 

With all my love and soooo much magic,