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One of the biggest frustrations I hear from the women in our community is around how to break out of masculine mode and manifest in a more feminine way.

It’s awesome to be a high-achieving woman, but we’re all far too familiar with the go-go-go, do-do-do driving that eventually drains our energy and burns us out (and usually leaves us without the results we want). This doesn’t work well for most women, never has.

The good news is there IS a better way to approach manifesting – one that deeply honors your feminine gifts and energy.

But first we need to understand what causes that driving (aka masculine) energy, so we can work with it in a new way. True achievement in our achievement-driven society doesn’t have to equal hard, hard work and exhaustion.

So what causes it to be so hard?

1. Our conditioning: Let’s face it, we live a society that’s built on pushing and striving. Even if you grew up in a bubble, I’m sure you’re aware of this prevailing consciousness that “hard work equals results.” So for many women our default patterning is to shift into this mode.
2. Our mind: We all have an ego mind that’s primary job is to keep us in the land of the safe and familiar. Therefore, when we are attempting to create a new experience for ourselves, the ego mind will create resistance. And this resistance makes it much more likely that our conditioning will take over and shift us into pushing and driving.

So the very first thing we need is a way of manifesting that addresses the resistance that will inevitably arise. (Most trainings on manifestation fail to address this!)


Here are my top 3 ways to shift into the Feminine way of manifesting and melt away resistance:

1. We have to employ Feminine tools of surrender and trust.
What are we trusting? We are trusting in a higher Truth than what we see in front of us with our senses. We’re trusting in the fact that the Universe is set up to support us, and surrendering to that process with faith.

And no, that does not mean abdicating responsibility or not doing your part. The Universe works within co-creation, which requires us to act on the opportunities that show up.

It’s also important to realize that manifesting from the Feminine is not simply about receiving. Many women make the mistake of thinking that to manifest in a Feminine way they just need to sit back and engage in self-care and wait to receive. They reject action because it feels “masculine”, but then get frustrated that they aren’t ever getting what they want.

There is action involved, always. But when you know the right kind of action it’s so much easier than trying to strong-arm your way to results, AND you receive far more, with far more ease.

2. We must understand the difference between “DO-ing” and aligned action.
Where most women go wrong is they allow that conditioned mind to shift them into doing a bunch of stuff that really doesn’t take them closer to their goal. (For example, fiddling with your website for weeks instead of picking up the phone and asking someone to work with you.) Aligned actions are those actions that actually bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and are aligned with the outcome you desire. And they are often the actions that are uncomfortable to take!

The interesting thing is, we spend far more energy and time resisting the aligned actions than it would actually take us to perform them – and this is where most of the exhaustion comes from.

A power question to ask when you find yourself stuck in ‘doing/pushing’ mode… “What is the aligned action I’m resisting?”

3. Learn to be with uncomfortable feelings.
There are times when we do slip into doing, striving and resistance – we are human, remember? At these times, my go-to Feminine power strategy is to simply check in with myself, and even take a break if I need to. You can’t create much of anything when you’re triggered.

Realize what’s going on and see that it’s simply your subconscious drama at play. You can choose to step out of it. Take a break to be with your feelings, honor them, do something nourishing for yourself, then return your attention to the outcome you Desire and the higher Truth that’s supporting you in creating it.

Honoring our feelings, without indulging in them, is one of our Divine Feminine gifts. And when you activate this gift you become a much more powerful creatrix!

I invite you to practice this new approach to manifesting starting right away, and be ready for more ease – and more receiving of what you truly Desire!

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