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Yesterday on our 7-Figure Goddess Radio show we had a rich and juicy discussion about women, Desire, asking and receiving.  “The Art Of The Ask: How To Make Powerful Requests And Receive All The Support You Need.”

So many women try to do everything themselves, and end up feeling stuck, struggling overwhelmed and discouraged.

The good news is, everything you want is already here – the way for it to be made manifest is already present – and it’s right there for you on the other side of the ask.

If you don’t ask you don’t get!

In this episode we explored:

  • Why so many women resist asking for what they really want
  • Where they go wrong in the process
  • My 5-step process to making an empowered request that dramatically increases your likelihood of you receiving what you want

Listen to this powerful episode here:

Click Here to Listen | Click to Download 

Empowered Feminine women have the ability to ask AND receive.   With the tools shared in this episode, you can start practicing – and mastering – this right away.

Did this episode open something up for you? Please post a comment in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook group and let us know what new request you’ll be making!