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It’s hard to believe we are about to complete 2015. What an incredible year of learning, growth and expansion for our community!

Like me, you may be carving out some time this week to plan & set your intentions for 2016. That might include personal goals, business goals, and very likely some money goals.

Would you like to set yourself up to joyfully meet and then EXCEED your money goals this year? (I hope the answer is yes. 😉 )

Here’s how…

Rather than lump your money goals into a lengthy list of other intentions, break them out and give them some very focused attention. Because what you focus on expands.

Hands down one of the biggest factors for women who aren’t where they want to be financially is money avoidance. We become afraid to really look at the truth because of guilt and shame, and this actually blocks the flow of money into our lives.

Instead, if there’s a new experience you want to create with money you need to start with taking an honest and judgment-free look at where you are. When you are clear on where you are, and clear on where you want to be… you can create (or receive, because you don’t have to be the one “figuring it out” 😉 ) a clear plan to make it so.

Follow through on your plan, and your money leap is practically inevitable.

At 7-Figure Goddess, that’s exactly what we want for you. So here’s a powerful set of coaching questions to help you get crystal clear on where you are now with your money and set a powerful money goal for 2016.

  1. What was my intended income for 2015 – i.e., my money goal?
  1. What was my actual income for 2015?
  1. What were the sources or streams of that income? (Where did it come from, and how much from each source/stream.)
  1. What was my theme with money in 2015 – intended, and actual?
  1. What went well in my money life in 2015?
  1. What did not go well in my money life in 2015?
  1. If I met my money goal, what was the biggest contributing factor?
    If I didn’t meet my money goal, what stood in the way?
  1. What lessons was I asked to learn through money in 2015, and how did I receive those lessons?
  1. Where are the money leaks in my life and business (discounting, bartering, not paying myself, no savings, clients who owe me, vendors I owe, etc) and what steps to I need to take to clean them up?
  1. What is my Money Goal for 2016, and WHY? What will having that income do for me?
  1. Who do I need to BE in order to create this money experience in 2016?
  1. What beliefs do I need to energize to reach my goals?
    What beliefs do I need to release?
  1. What tangible money-making opportunities are available to me? Which do I know I need to take action on?
  1. What support do I need to allow in?
  1. What’s one powerful action I can take right now to begin calling in my 2016 money goals right now?

Want to take it up a notch? Create a powerful money mantra for the New Year, or borrow one of our favorites here at 7-Figure Goddess:

Making money is easy.
Clients are everywhere and abundant.
Money flows to me from known and unknown sources.
I joyfully receive money without judgment of the source.
I expand in abundance and prosperity every day.

Just a little time invested in these questions will create a huge breakthrough for you. I will be right there with you, answering them myself.

Here’s to extraordinary growth & expansion in all areas of your life in 2016!