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This is a from-the-heart message to a certain woman in the 7-Figure Goddess community.

If you are that woman, or may be, you will know immediately.

If not, no worries at all.  🙂

Here’s the story…

A couple of weeks ago, we opened the doors to the Desire Mastermind, our mastermind for conscious women thought leaders.

The Desire Mastermind is unique for many reasons.  One, it is for thought leaders (women who are already walking that walk), and you must be at 6-figures or above to apply.

Two, it is the only mastermind I know of where magical training is as much of the focus as business.

Yes, you will will have plenty of access to my engineer’s marketing mind.  I am also going to teach you how to consciously work with Source, Universal Law and your own divinity to co-create with lightning speed and transform patterns that have been keeping you from your next level.

Consideration is by personal invite only, and I have been very discriminating as to who gets an invitation.  Until now, it has ONLY been our longtime and advanced clients.

Indeed… until now, I wasn’t going to open it up to our wider circle at all.

But the laws of Desire teach us that countless possibilities exist outside of what we see.  And I know you may be waiting for the right opportunity to work together.

So… I would like to extend the invitation to you to find out more, if you meet the requirements.

Here are the requirements for an invite: 

  • You MUST be at 6-figures or above in your business OR have been making what I call 6-figure fees (10k+ months) consistently – i.e., 6 months or more.
  • You MUST be willing to go deep and grow.  Magic is about clearing away everything that is NOT YOU and living your life from your Divine self.  Expect to have fun (read: manifesting your deepest Desires 😉 ) AND to be working on your stuff.
  • You MUST be as excited about the magical training as the business training. There are other groups for “what do I put on my opt-in?”  If you’re expecting this (or any) mastermind to replace investing in the in-depth how-to and/or support that comes with the territory of multi-6 or 7 figures, this group is not for you.
  • You MUST be called to a group experience.  The Desire Mastermind is a collective, with the well-documented benefits of a mastermind.  Don’t approach it as a stand-in for private with me.  (The short answer to “are you doing private next year?” is… no.  However, private coaching IS included in the mastermind.)

You might be interested to know that we have incredible women on board already – at the 100k-300k level.

Feeling that this might be right, Michelle?

Here’s what to do next…

Send an email to with the subject line “Desire Mastermind,” and tell us about yourself and why you are called to find out more about this opportunity.   Be sure to CONFIRM that you meet all 4 requirements above as part of your answer.

If we feel we might have a match, my team will forward you the invitation.  (Note: if you do not meet the income requirement, you will not receive an invitation.)

As I said earlier, if you are feeling this, you’ll know.

If that’s you… honor the truth of this moment and request your invite now.

Love and magic,



PS: You may be wondering… am I offering private coaching in 2016?

It’s very unlikely.  We’re launching our Feminine Magic® mystery school curriculum in the new year, so I’ve closed private coaching for now.

Also, once we fill the Mastermind, we close.  I have no idea when I will be running a group like this again.

If you’re getting a YES to finding out more, and you meet the above requirements… Send an email to with the subject line “Desire Mastermind” right now and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are called.

And don’t forget to CONFIRM all 4 requirements above!  😉