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Up early working on a new program. Well, it’s actually a program I did 3 years ago – the Feminine Magic® Master Class. We’re doing a reboot with a new title and updated content.

Some of you may remember this program – we offered it at right around this time of year. (3 years ago, we were right in the thick of it.)

What you probably don’t know is how much of a NERVOUS WRECK I was about offering it. I was sure I didn’t know what I was talking about. “OMG what if I get it wrong? What if I don’t know BOO about these Laws after all? What if I don’t know BOO about magic? I’ll be outed as a fraud! The elders will smote me down with thunderbolts!”

I was paralyzed writing the sales page. I remember calling up Julia in a panic and she talked me off the ledge (as well as clarified what the lead should be – thanks again for that, lady 😉 ).

And then… nonetheless…

People went GA-GA over the program. Listened to it over and over again, posted breakthrough after breakthrough in the Facebook group, and started manifesting their Desires left and right.

Re-reading & re-listening now, there is more I want to add and some important changes I wish to make for clarity. It’s also time to get the information into the hands of a lot more people.

But the core of it? Still right on the money.

So. Couple things…

1. Your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are not truth. Ever, ever, ever.

They represent what you currently *believe* is possible in any given moment. And in any given moment, an infinite number of alternative possibilities exist simultaneously. Soooo ironic that I missed this when I was teaching about it! (It’s covered in class 2 of the program.) Ah, but so human, too.

The “what if I’m a fraud?” running commentary was complete crap. And had I let it take me out, I would have cut short the countless miracles that came as a result of that program – including mine.

2. Your energy matters more than anything.

Despite the “fraud” story on endless loop in my head, I said, “F*ck this, this is my purpose, I am doing it anyway.” Then I laced up the priestess platforms every night and gave it 1000%.

There was a transmission in those classes that was far more powerful than any of the content – and the content is pretty dang powerful. (I should say “there IS a transmission” because you can still hear it in the recordings.)

THAT is what really mattered, and impacted our peeps the most.

3. No amount of success changes your human-ness.

I’ve heard that Johnny Carson would get nervous before his monologue right until the curtain came up… and that this went on until his last show.

Every person who you think has it all together has their moments of being a nervous wreck, especially when they are about to do something that cuts to the core of who they Are. Hell, I could barely get out of bed for the 3 months that I was launching Goddess Business School® for the first time. Why? Because I outed myself as priestess, that’s why. Very loudly and publicly. In 2010.

Remember, your thoughts, feelings and perceptions are not truth. Instead of putting someone else on a pedestal, pour that energy into ANOTHER part of your human-ness, which is – you have everything you need, within you and with Her (or Him, or Source, or Spirit, or the Infinite Creative Life Force, or whatever you call it) to BE who you are meant to be.

So what are you holding back on? What are YOU not saying, doing or launching because of the running commentary?

None of it is true, and there are ways around it, and ways to release the story once and for all, so you can experience the growth and expansion you are wired for, while changing everything and everyone you touch along the way.

I know “your people are waiting for you” is an industry cliché.

But you know what? Cliché only become clichés when there’s truth to them. 🙂

If you’re curious about the Feminine Magic® Master Class, you can get it here:

(And yes – I admit it! That sales page STILL makes me cringe!)