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As we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, we pause to reflect on what we are most grateful for.

As always, what emerges is my deep gratitude for YOU.

Yes, I’m grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of the 7-Figure Goddess circle.   But even more, I’m grateful to you for the work that YOU are doing in the world.

As a conscious entrepreneur,  you are part of the healing on this planet that is desperately needed.   We need no more evidence of this than the recent events in Paris.

The change we seek simply would not be possible without courageous women and men like you, and I deeply honor you for what you have chosen to say yes to yes to over and over again by being on this path.

We all know that the entrepreneurial journey is not an easy road.

The challenges… the setbacks… most people don’t get you or what you’re doing…. it can be all too easy to go into self-doubt, to call into question your own power or influence or whether or not you’re good enough.

Yet the truth is that you ARE a Powerful Creatrix.   You ARE worthy of all the love, success and abundance your heart Desires.

And the biggest, most impactful difference you make?  It’s the one you make just by BE-ing you.

Showing up every day in your full power, delivering a transmission that is just as transformative to those you’re meant to help as anything you could say or do.

There is an energy you deliver that is unique to you.  It’s what your clients want from you, more than anything.  Keeping that light dialed up is among the most important work you can do.

So as my Thanksgiving gift to you, I’ve created a special meditation to help you remember who you really are, and the depth of the power and impact you possess now and always.

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This is how I see you… And it’s my wish for you that you see yourself clearly today too.

Love & magic & soooo much gratitude…



PS: A special shout-out to Michelle Leath and my dear friend Dr. Scott Mills for their assistance with this powerful exercise (Download Listen )

PPS: I would love to hear what the meditation sparks for you.  Join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook Group to send me a personal message.