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It was so great to be back with you live on the 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show yesterday!

We had such a juicy topic – This may have been our most powerful episode yet…

“The Magic of YES: How To Use The Most Powerful Word In The English Language To Get Everything You Want”

On this episode we covered:

  • Why YES is perhaps the most magical word in the English language
  • What stops women from saying YES and what to do instead
  • How to discern when something is a YES and when it’s a NO

And so much more…

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!

Click Here to Listen    |    Click to Download

We’d love to know your takeaways from this episode.  Be sure to join us in the 7-Figure Goddess Facebook group  for the juicy post-show discussion.

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