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When I first started down this path of Feminine Entrepreneurship, I was pretty confused about what that really meant.

I spent alternating periods of “being in my feminine,” and then slipping into lack thinking that drove me to do, do, do… but expending my energy on the wrong things.

And meanwhile my business and my bottom line were getting nowhere.

This is the same confusion I see a lot of women struggling with today, because there’s a misunderstanding in the wider community as to what the Feminine Way of doing business actually IS.

On yesterday’s Episode of 7-Figure Goddess Radio we talked about how being a Feminine Entrepreneur is about more than self-care and allowing and receiving.  It also takes a certain kind of action in order to create outer results.

But even more than that it takes a certain kind of thinking.

So many well-intentioned women trying to “be in their feminine” fail to create what they want.  There needs to be an integration of the masculine and feminine in a really authentic way in order to create tangible results.  There’s a simple and powerful shift to make in how you view your business that changes everything.

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!
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It’s time more gifted women entrepreneurs learn these powerful distinctions so they can see their dreams manifest in the physical realm.

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