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Were you with us for the 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show yesterday?

Our discussion was entirely devoted to income breakthroughs – in other words, making more money in a shorter period of time than you ever have before.  Sounds awesome, right?

On the show we talked about why income breakthroughs are so powerful, and how you can create one for yourself.

The truth is an income breakthrough is about more than just the money. Sure the money is nice, but what an income breakthrough really does is give you a new experience of yourself.

Suddenly you see that you ARE a powerful creator, and once you have a felt sense of that, it can never be taken away from you.

In fact, the first income breakthrough I created for myself totally changed the course of my business and my life. And you can create the same experience.

In the show, I shared my top 5 ways to create an income breakthrough  – these are all things I’ve done myself and that are available to you right now.

There are times when slow and steady does not win the race, and when you listen in you’ll also discover why sometimes the most effective and lasting change happens quickly.

All it takes is a decision on your part to claim this for yourself.

It’s all here in the latest episode that you can listen to, or download for listening at your convenience!

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