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My heart is full.  We’ve had so much juicy feedback on yesterday’s 7-Figure Goddess Radio Show.
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We had an amazing discussion on why it’s actually safer to ditch your backup plan and go all in on your dream.

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that it’s risky to do so. That it’s safer to dip your toe in a little at a time.

But in truth this kind of one foot in/one foot out energy actually creates MORE risk for you, and I explained 3 reasons for that during the show.

For many of the women in our community, that Dream involves creating a thriving transformational business that provides a big impact in the world and phenomenal income for you.

And you WANT to commit 100% to that Dream. But without a solid plan you are not quite sure what to do next, and the doubts and waffling start to creep in when you don’t see results.

We know that 6-figures+ is not everyone’s dream.  And that’s fine!  But if it IS your dream… and you’re not there yet… we can help.

The only “catch” is – you have to be willing to go all-in.  And you have to be ready to take action.

Always remember that you are a powerful creator.  The Divine always wants you to have what you Desire – but it can only match the level of commitment that you’re willing to put in. Make the decision to go all in.

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