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Gave a consultation to the coolest woman today…

She has been coaching since the early 80’s after doing a 2-year full time coach training in London – this is pre-Thomas Leonard days. Has been teaching on Universal Law for longer than some modern teachers have been on the planet. Lives the principles in a way that would fry the synapses of most of us. For years.

I have always been a big nerd for magical history, and lineage.  Felt like I was talking with someone tapped into the energy that has been trying to make its way forward for some time. And also aware of just how far forward these ideas have come.

5 years ago, I was told by the Goddess, “Your whole big point here is to bring magic to the mainstream.” Well, the new mainstream is already here and there is a whole ARMY of people out there, many of them heart-centered entrepreneurial women, who are doing just that, whether they know it or not.

There was a time when I was triggered by this, big time. “But… but… *I* want to be the Goddess!”

Now I’m just excited.

In our little insulated world here in the coaching / marketing “fishbowl,” it’s easy to believe that everyone and their mom knows this stuff. That “it’s all been done” or there are “too many” people teaching the same old thing.

I say, not so. There is a TON of consciousness out there that needs changing. If we want to create that ripple effect we all keep talking about, we all have to step up to the frickin’ plate.

And that means – know your stuff. Study. (And by that I mean, implement and create a new experience.) Question. Make a commitment that you’re not going to just pay lip service to “becoming who you really are” but that you’ll do the challenging, gratifying work of shedding the layers and coming from Essence.

We are all being asked to be the best teachers and best models we can possibly be. #‎bringit

Meanwhile, on that new mainstream thing, this article is pretty interesting.