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Lots of lollygagging around this weekend… perfect after the deep dive I was on last week. Love hanging out with this Girl… even if she doesn’t stay still for pictures or selfies anymore.

(That’s why I haven’t posted many pix WITH her in a while. Tried to get some today while we were tooling around Multnomah Village – the light was perfect – but NO DICE!)

That said, I can feel my molecules re-arranging… it’s all good (yes, really – I don’t just say that sh*t) but it’s damned uncomfortable. AND, because the Mother has a fun way of making us work sh*t out, I backed into a parked car while leaving the play space yesterday, *then* got rear-ended a few hours later. Love taps both, but still. And the guy whose car *I* hit (another Mazda CX-5 – ha) was a darling about it all.

The second time I left, with the babe in the car, both Leland and I had that niggle that I should not be driving. The babe hadn’t slept, and I thought, okay, maybe a car ride would help. But as I put her in the seat, Essence says loudly, “She just needs her mother to hold her.” Which I promptly ignored, in ego-mind-overdrive. Love Tap #2 ensues.

The lesson: trust your Knowing. But of course.

Okay, Ma, I’ll do better next time. Meanwhile, loving myself.

All is well.