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I continue to be in deep gratitude and contemplation as I do the work in circle this week…

Soooooo much of the work around worth for women, myself included, is about dropping the addiction to struggle, relaxing into our creative flow and allowing things to be really, really good.

Because, you know what?

Things are really, really good. Even with all the craziness in the world, even when things are not OK.

Years ago when I first met my wise husband, he took me to his apartment, which of course has his studio space, which was and is a hotbed of creative energy – the energy of making.

Over his drawing table, he had a little sign that read:

“Our first power is our choice as to where we put our greatest attention.” -Leland Purvis

We can choose to let our minds be hijacked by the struggle, or we can choose to focus on what we are creating.

We can stay in the small story, or choose to step into the bigger story of our lives.

We can choose to be separate or we can choose to know the truth, which is that underneath it all, we are being held by an energy greater than us, that is not indifferent to us but that wants to love us if we’ll let Her.

You don’t need to get love or security because you already have both of those things. Will you choose them?

On another note – a niggle that is niggling in me is, how to apply the Universal and magical principles to solve the BIG challenges that this world faces.

Will be dropping into that one over time.

And finally… this quote came in yesterday. It’s a Goddess Wink for many of you:

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  -Milton Berle

Never thought I’d be quoting Milton B on my blog and Facebook page, but there we are.

Sending love from between the veils… -xoxo E