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This morning Leland sent me a link to this interview with Mindy Kaling.

In addition to the Odysseus quote, which I loved (“I’d rather be like Odysseus than someone who was handed everything.”)… what really struck me was her refusal to be an outsider:

“And I think that it’s insidious to be spending more of your time reflecting and talking about panels, and talking more and more in smart ways about your otherness, rather than doing the hard work of your job.”

The question of otherness and outsider-ness has been on my mind a lot.

One of the basic requirements of transformation is to know, accept, and – dare I say – deeply LOVE… who you are and where you are NOW.

In The Essentials Training, we call this knowing where you are and loving where you are.  It’s the ability to hold the paradox that you can be here now AND reach for where you want to be… and the ability to stand in the tension of those two things.

That space of tension is magical, because it’s where creativity happens.  It’s the choice of inclusion and connection, rather than separation.

We can give energy to our outsider-ness of priestess, witch, shaman, wise women, healer… whatever we are… and hold ourselves as separate.

OR… we can just get on with it.

Yes, there are critics, opposition and fear. And yes, there is real danger. Light attract and there will always be those want to shut that light down. That is true of any being who shines the light, because the light in us reflects the light AND shadow in others.

We can make ourselves separate, or…. we can take a stand.   We can refuse to let others – or ourselves – hold us apart from the flow of life.

The Feminine Path is the path of inclusion.  It is the path of “yes, AND” rather than “either OR.”

This is the work.