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Soooo loving my clients right now….

In one of our private groups, there is a candid, juicy discussion about those “edgy” parts of ourselves that are calling to be expressed, and the fear letting those parts be really SEEN and out there.

One of my clients practices the paradigm of open relationships. Another is a shaman. I challenged another to discover “the thing” that she’s not sayING, yet.

As for me, well… I’m a witch.

A lot, LOT of women ask me about how I found the courage to integrate the Goddess into my business. The answer is, I couldn’t NOT.

I had spent over 10 years hiding from my family, and it was incredibly painful. I can still see myself sitting on our bed in our Brooklyn apartment, me with my Caroline Myss archetype cards and Leland laying there reading his book and our two black cats (yes, really) as I flipped through the deck trying to find what I was supposed to call myself.

I said, “I can’t be a Queen, that’s already taken.” (Note the mindset.)

“And besides, I’m not a Queen. The only thing left here is Goddess. And I can’t call myself Goddess, because that’s ridiculous.”

He said, “That’s the only thing you CAN call yourself.”

And he was right. Thou art goddess, Goddess.

This was in 2008 when I was a hot mess. The Feminine was markedly NOT everywhere in the online space, like she is now, what with all these amazing women being seen and visible and sharing their secret selves, gifts and superpowers.

So yeah, it was a little more edgy.

But being open about it in my business was a stand I had to take for myself. Ten years was my limit of being in the closet. I remember feeling, “Enough is enough.”

At the same time, I also made the conscious decision NOT to flaunt it. As it just IS, so it is in my marketing. Little winks, here and there. Natural, no big whoop. Because it just is.

When you are open about who you really are, you inspire others and give them permission to be who they really are. It’s one of the greatest ways we can serve our peeps.

AND at the same time, you can’t make it about you. At the end of the day, nobody cares about the witch thing. Yes, I’m an initiated priestess. So is every other woman out there right now who is ready to walk through the gate, claim her lineage, creates a practice and BE that.

We are all beautiful and unique snowflakes.

So how do you incorporate those parts of yourself that are crying OUT to be expressed in your business?

Here’s how you DON’T do it. You DON’T turn yourself inside out trying to find a “so what do you do?” statement that lets everyone know you’re a 3rd Degree High Poobah or whatever. Or cling tightly to your idea of what it HAS to look like. Remember, your – ahem – inherently limited perspective is just one of a zillion that exist simultaneously.

You do it by just doing it.

You do it by NOT hiding it, whatever “it” is.

You do it by doing the work of removing the layers so your Divine Self – your Essence – can come through, and go about your business from that place.

You do it by bringing in the wisdom and the knowledge and the life experience you’ve gained, when it’s in service to whatever you happen to be doing, designing or delivering for your clients.

And that’s my challenge to you, this day. To drop the struggle of self expression and instead just express yourself.

If your lineage is meant to be part of your niche, message, or tag line, or logo, or whatever… it will emerge. I promise.

And either way, you will be free. You will inspire. Others will SEE you and what many of my colleagues call your “Divine Right Clients” will be naturally drawn to you.

Your presence and Essence is enough.