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Had to share one of my new favorite pictures of my two greatest loves…

I love this shot because Brigit is radiating her Essence and her name, which is the name of the Goddess and means bright arrow.

Plus, the look on Leland’s face is priceless.  😉

Speaking of Leland, here’s a story that perfectly captures his Essence, his massive contributions to Goddess Business School® AND a manifestation lesson for you.

My physical space – my environment – is a BIG deal.  I love, love, love beautiful spaces and mine MUST support my frequency.  (Translation: I do a lot of space clearing.  😉 )

The irony here is that… creating that living space is really tough for me.  I’m definitely NOT an interior designer… and I literally CANNOT SEE how to set up a physical space.

(Energetic space, as in ritual?  No problem.  But physical space, as in rooms?  My brain goes all static.)

So this becomes a great way to deny myself one of my greatest pleasures.   When I’m in withholding mode, this is where it shows up.

We have a beautiful room in our house that I’ve wanted to transform into a sanctuary where we can gather together and where I can sink into “temple time” after a long day.

So our good friend & GBS client Linda Bard of came over because she does have the design thing going on.  We planned the space.  We even shopped for a new sectional sofa!

Two months later, no sofa.  Because “life gets in the way,” don’t you know.

One night this week after a full day of coaching, I mentioned offhand to Leland (let’s not call it complaining 😉 ) that I wished that space was done already.

Two hours later – in the middle of the night, no less –  it was.

Well, okay, not DONE-done.  But done in a way I never could have imagined that made the whole thing POP.  And will definitely serve as Mama’s sanctuary with the current couch until we get that sofa ordered!

So WHY am I telling you this?

Because I’m sure there are Desires in YOUR life that you’ve been waiting on for two months, two years or more… that you can easily have in two hours… when you ask.

Leland is a professional illustrator.  His whole world is visual creativity.  The man knows how to set up a space.  I could have had my new temple space two months ago… if I’d just ASKED him for help.

What a glorious reminder of magical principles!

To my amazing husband, I say, thank you, my love, for walking this path with me and helping me deepen into all things magical.  (This is just one of a zillion such stories I could share.)

To YOU, my question is… where are you denying or withholding your Desire because you haven’t asked?

Remember, Universal Law teaches that everything we Desire is already here.  What you want comes from the Divine and through other people.

What would it take to ask for help?

What would it take to ask for exactly what you Desire… and know that you can have it?

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.  Also, you get what you ask for.  Every time.

This week, my coach’s challenge to you is to ASK at least 10 times.  At least 10.  Because it’s only in the asking – and always in the asking – that we receive.

Here’s to your asking… 🙂