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There’s a bit of wisdom I share with our clients that brings them a lot of relief…

“Every act of commitment is really an act of re-commitment.”

Maybe you don’t have all the clients you want right now, or you’re “still” undercharging, or your business isn’t growing as fast as you want… and you’ve been beating yourself up about it.

Maybe you’ve had that experience of setting a goal – like attracting a certain number of clients – and then not meeting it… and in your heart you know it’s because you didn’t follow through.

In those moments, I want you to remember…. every act of commitment is really an act of RE-commitment.

We entrepreneurs love the visioning phase of business.  We’re tapped into our creativity.  We love saying yes to a juicy transformation.  We’re masters at dreaming and then saying, “I will do this.”

We are also human.  Being human, we kiss up against resistance.  We are wired to have that giddy idea stage or passionate declaration stage, then quickly descend into doubt and fear.

That’s where we ALL stop, until we master the learned skills of re-commitment, moving in spite of fear and following through.

Yep, I said “learned skills.”  We’re not born with this!  In fact, just the opposite.

Which is why if you’re going to be a Powerful Feminine Creator, you’re going to have to be gentle with yourself, love yourself and forgive yourself..  You’ll make mistakes (some big, some financial), you’re going to trigger the sh*t out of people, sometimes clients will get mad at you….  and yet, you have to keep going.

Because as conscious women, we have a ginormous job to do.  It’s “all hands on deck” time.  We’re being called to service and to model a new, conscious way of BE-ing, spiritually and financially.

The great news is, when you forgive yourself and pile on the self-love, the act of re-committing happens easily and without struggle… every time.

So my question to you today is simple.

Will you recommit?

Because when all is said and done, that’s what growing your business – and making any dream come true – is all about.

Love & magic to you…