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In 2007, I quit my J-O-B on a wing and a prayer because it was just too painful to stay there any longer.

I had ZERO clue about how to get clients.  Truthfully, I hadn’t even thought about it!  So of course I was freaked out about money, right from the start.

During that time, ONE thought dogged me constantly, every day.  It was some form of…

Can I REALLY do this?

Then the day came (two years later!) when I’d decided I’d had enough.  While washing dishes in our little sink in Brooklyn, I vowed to make my business work – period.

In that moment, I realized that I had to trade “Can I really do this” for I AM doing this.  Because anything other than following my true Desire was not an option.

Within 30 days of that all-or-nothing decision, I enrolled 9 new clients and created almost $20,000 in new and booked income.   That quickly became 20k months, consistently.  Then on to where we are now – a near-million-dollar company serving thousands of women all over the world.

Of course there have been many, many steps between there and here.  But here’s why I’m sharing this story…

The first step in any manifestation is trading “Can I really do this?” for I AM doing this, no matter what.

How do you do that?

Find evidence – the proof that your squishymind needs – and then make that evidence more important than ANY stories you’re telling yourself, or any past failures.

I could have chosen to stay in that “Can I really do this?” place.  After all, after 2 years of floundering, I had plenty of evidence of my “failures.”

But my Essence self knew that that was, frankly, a load of crap.

When standing in Essence, of course I knew those “failures” weren’t who I was, or what I was capable of.   I also had evidence of success.  I had plenty of evidence of my own power and ability to help others – when I chose to look.

And even though this was 2008 – a very different scene in the transformation space than now! – there were TONS of powerful, feminine women who were making phenomenal money in their own business, living their purpose.

There will always be evidence of why you can’t do something.  And there will always, always be evidence of why you CAN.

And the HOW is right there in front of you.

The most important decisions we make in business are NOT the decisions of “what’s my tagline” or even “what’s my niche?”

The most important decision you make in your business every DAY is the decision that you can do it.  That you’re doing it – right here and right now.

Will you make that decision TODAY?

Know that you’re not alone.  I’m right there with you, as are hundreds of your sisters – our clients in Goddess Business School®.

Every day.