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That’s me leading the women of Leverage & Leadership, my very first Platinum group.

I will never forget that retreat.  I remember waiting for them to all arrive, feeling more nervous that I ever had in my life.

See those shoes in the picture?  Those were my latest pair of “priestess platforms.” I was shaking in them.  Literally.

And when they walked into the room, it only got WORSE.

Their presence bowled me over.   Experienced transformational facilitators, these women, Feminine Leaders of the highest order.

So of COURSE I’m sitting there going… Who the hell am I to be leading these women in ANYTHING?”

I will tell you, the feelings were intense.  I have never felt so much like a FRAUD as I did in that moment.

Then I realized… this is not what they need from me in this moment.  They need me to stand tall in these platforms and give them the gift of what I KNOW I can do.

That retreat and the entire program was one of the most magical experiences of my life, and one of the most successful group of clients in Goddess Business School® history.

The first time I launched what has become our Essentials Training Program, I was – no joke – a complete wreck for 3 months straight.

I had no idea how to create a container.   I soaked up my clients feelings of insecurity and, at times, terror.  I frickin’ overwhelmed them with content.  (Aye yi yi!)

We got a lot of complaints.  7 people asked for refunds.


Other women in the program took what they learned and became 6-figure business owners.  Many of them are still the very best of friends.  Many are my good friends and hang out in the Essentials Facebook group today.

I survived.  I learned.   I’ve grown into a kick ass coach and facilitator who is – if I may say so – unflappable in action.  I’ve cleaned up a lot of my own “stuff” along the way.   None of that would have happened if I’d listened to the voice that called “fraud.”

This is the gift of starting before you’re ready.

If you’re one of the thousands of women reading this who are just starting out, you may be questioning whether you’re really READY to get out there and enroll clients.  To sit on the phone in sacred space with someone and say, “Yes, I can help you change your life and here is how we can get started.”

Here’s the big secret…

A key part of transforming your own challenges is teaching others to do the same.   (Take that one in for a moment.)

Most of all, you become the Feminine Leader you are BE-coming by taking action.  Nothing else.

This week, I want you to identify ONE thing you’ve been holding back on in your business because you’re feeling like a fraud, “not ready” or however else you tell yourself you’re not capable.  And DO it.

Because you’re NOT a fraud, dear Goddess.  You are a Feminine Leader in the making, and so much more.

Love & magic to you….