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So there you are, on the phone with your latest potential client.  You’ve had a transformative conversation.  You both know that working with you is the best next step for them, so you make the offer of your services. And then it comes… “I’d love to, but… I just don’t have the finances right now.”

Uh oh – the door of possibility has been slammed shut by the money concern. Or has it?

Many conscious women coaches, mentors and practitioners hear concerns like “I can’t afford it” and take them at face value.  And of course you don’t want to be pushy or try to get your client to do something against their best interest.  But here’s the problem… most of the time (think 80-90%), the words

“I can’t afford it…”

“I don’t have time…”

“I have to think about it…”

… are a smokescreen.

So there’s something else going on, and it’s one of 3 things.

1. It’s not a fit.  They truly don’t need what you have right now.  This one is pretty unlikely, especially if you’ve gotten to the point in the conversation where you’re making an invitation. (Indeed, you wouldn’t be making it in the first place if it wasn’t a fit, right?) But it happens.

2. They haven’t seen the value – yet.  In other words, they don’t really know why they need it, or why they should invest with you.  That doesn’t mean that they don’t need you, just that they don’t understand how what you do will help relieve pain or solve a pressing challenge that they are experiencing – yet. :)  (Closely related: they don’t know why they should invest with you right now.)

3. Some form of fear.  Now this is the biggie.  Stepping up, going out on a limb, making a powerful shift – even when your client sincerely wants to change her life, it’s still going to trigger fear.  That part of her that wants the safety of the status quo will kick in – you can count on it.

And then there are other fears: fear of turning you down, fear that they can’t get the results, fear of not being liked, fear of being judged… the fears go on and on.

So how do you uncover the REAL issue… without being pushy?  The answer is to get curious, stay detached, and ask questions.

When your client is standing at the threshold of changing their life, their “squishymind” is doing everything in its power to sabotage them.  They need you to take a strong stand for their truth.

And this is soooo important, because when people give into their fear, they miss out getting your help to get what they really want.  And you miss out on – literally – thousands and thousands of dollars in income over time… not to mention living your purpose.

The Next Time You Hear “I Can’t Afford It,” Try This Script…

“I hear that [finances, time, etc] is a concern for you. May I ask you a question about that?”

People are rarely challenged when they bring up the money concern.  You’re going into uncomfortable territory when you bypass the socially acceptable move.  So before going there, you want to be respectful.  Otherwise, you may lose your potential client’s trust (and the sale).

At this point, you want to find out if it’s really about the money.  If it’s about value, back up in the conversation and return to their problem and the cost of not getting it solved.  If it’s truly about the money, you can refer them to someone else, or help them find the money.

It’s easy to take “I can’t afford it” personally or break the tension to ease some discomfort.  But remember, this conversation is about your client’s decision to truly change their life.  By not buying into their excuses, you take a strong stand for them and empower them to make a different choice, the next step along their journey to health, wealth and happiness.