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“The world will be saved by the Western woman.”

You may remember this now-famous statement spoken by the Dalai Lama at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summit.

Much time has passed since then and around the globe we’ve seen the truth of those words in action.  The question is, as conscious women entrepreneurs, how do we answer this call without giving up our relationships, our self-care and our lives to do it?

Early on, I made a conscious decision to follow a Feminine path: to think outside of the box and create a business that supports and encompasses ALL of who I am.  I coined the term “Divine Feminine Lifestyle Business” to describe a business that…

  • Creates a generous income (think 6-figures or more)
  • Creates a big contribution (women business owners giving back)
  • Truly supports you and your feminine spirit
  • Truly supports the life you wish to live

When I’m asked what it really takes to create a business that hits the “sweet spot” of all four elements above, certain key pieces immediately come to mind. Here’s a quick checklist of 7 essentials:

1. Solve a pressing problem for a specific person. Yes, I’m talking about your niche. It’s important to have a compelling niche because people invest in problems they want solved. If you’ve been hearing, “Sounds great, but…” from your potential clients, chances are you’re not solving a problem that’s pressing enough for your peeps.

Bonus tip: Don’t get hung up on this idea of having to choose the perfect, forever niche just to get started. The only way to discover your niche is to make a decision and get into action!  In The Essentials Training, we teach our clients to focus simply on choosing a pressing problem and make that your focus for the next 30-60 days… we call it a “next step niche.”

2. High-end offers. Offering 1-on-1 work at low fees (or giving away too much of your time) is a recipe for burnout, frustration and resentment. It’s also a guaranteed way to keep yourself stuck at a low income level.  Instead, as soon as you can, create a high-end offer that preserves your time and creates financial leverage, fast.

Not sure what kind of program to offer?  Consider a 90-Day High-End Intensive.  90 days is long enough to create significant results, and yet short enough so that you’re not holding the energetic container fortoo long.

3. Systems. Certain tasks need to happen in your business consistently in order for you to generate income, such as marketing, follow-up and client care. You need systems to make sure that they don’t fall through the cracks. The beauty of systems? They can be handed off to someone else, freeing you up for your brilliant work.

4. High-service team.  Nobody creates a 6-figure business alone! And really, why would you want to? Creating community is a natural strength for women (what I like to call your Divine Feminine Gifts); you may not realize that you create community by way of your team, too.

Most entrepreneurs wait to build their team.  Instead, the time to bring on your first team member is… now!  The key is to have your team pay for itself every month by having clear systems and giving them income-generating tasks, right from the start.

5. Your email list. You don’t need a big list to create multi-six-figures – I’m living proof!  And once you’ve got the basics of your offers and “getting out there,” it’s time to grow your circle and tap into the leverage a list of ideal, qualified potential clients.

While you don’t want to put your email list before creating income, you do want to give it serious attention if you wish to create a business that generates a lot of income without you having to work all the time.  Plus, communicating with your list is an opportunity to build relationship – another one of our Divine Feminine gifts.

6. Strategic alliances. A single partnership with the right strategic alliance can fill your business with clients, add thousands to your email list, and much more. No matter where you are in your business, start creating these relationships now. And if you know some movers and shakers already, now is the time to ask, “How can I create a win-win-win partnership?”

7. The mindset of a Feminine Leader. The distinction between the woman who consistently creates high-income months and the woman who just gets by is… who she is BE-ing.  So consciously approach your business as the Feminine Leader you truly are.  Not someday, but right now.  (Yes, that part of you exists right now!)

When you are BE-ing in your higher self, or Feminine Leader self, you’re aligned with your Creative Spirit. You’re tapped into the Divine.  Yes, challenges arise and yes, sometimes you’re putting out a lot of energy.  But it’s different than overwork and overwhelm.  You are on purpose, and your actions are intentional.

In the Essentials Training, all of our clients start the process by consciously claiming their leadership and crafting beliefs of a Feminine Leader – then quickly shift into them by taking action from that place.

If you’re like the majority of women in the Goddess Business School® community, you’ve got BIG dreams, an even bigger purpose and a commitment to a life you love.

Making it happen gets down to implementing the Essentials – exactly what you need, when you need it, and nothing you don’t.  Focus on these 7 essentials and soon you’ll experience more of the ease and spaciousness you long for in your business – while creating generous income and impact along the way.