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My clients often comment on how I run my life – the business, being a mom, a mentor and a Feminine Spiritual Being.  You navigate it all with such grace and ease, they say.

It’s true, I do… except when I don’t.  😉  Things can get kinda crazy.

Right now, I’m creating the program that will be the foundation of Goddess Business School® for years to come.  I’m training coaches, managing team and serving clients.  I’ve got a very busy 13-mo old and a Hot Husband I love.  I’ve been in feminine-deep-dive mode for months, gathering tools and experiences for what will be the next iteration of Feminine Magic®.

All that would be more than enough – and then there’s all the lovely curveballs that have been coming our way over the past 3 months.  (Astrological shenanigans, anyone?)

So things have been kinda crazy.  And without some basic self-care practices, my head would have exploded by now.

It’s soooo easy to toss out the self-care when things are crazy.  But that’s when you need it the most!  The key is making the mindset shift from “fitting it in” to non-negotiable.  Here’s how…

You have time for the basics.

The basics are breath, nourishment, movement and sleep.  These are your core foundation. The non-negotiables.

I used to tell myself, I don’t have time to eat well.  Now I tell myself, I’m going to eat anyway, so I might as well eat well.  

You’re going to breathe, no matter what.  So take 1 minute and breathe consciously.  (Practice: as you breathe, notice how you are being supported and that the important stuff is taken care of.  After all, you’re breathing.)

I’m going to be with my daughter for part of the day.  I can pull on the Ergo and take her for a walk around the block.  15 minutes of walking+breathing can change your entire day – and it gets better with a little beautiful creature strapped to your bosom.  😉

So what are YOUR non-negotiables?  One of my favorite old-skool coaching exercises is a list of daily habits.  Make a checklist of 5 things that are your non-negotiable foundation when things are crazy.

Mine are: eating clean, 30 minutes of movement, morning altar time, 7 hours of sleep, 15-minute downtime breaks throughout the day, accurate self-talk (see below) and gratitude.

You have time.

Want to know how I stay relaxed?  When the babe relaxes, I relax.  That time we spend in the chair before she falls alseep is my zone time too.

And then when she’s asleep, I take time for myself before zooming on to the next thing.  Even if it’s just 5 minutes.

You have 5 minutes to make good food.  So make some good food.

I tell my clients: Time is the great equalizer.  We all have the same amount of time.

Also?  Nobody controls your day but you.

So take some time.  It’s there.  Things become non-negotiable when YOU decide that they are.

Create simple systems in advance.

I hired a personal chef because it would force me to create systems around eating.  We created a cooking manual, including a collection of recipes I can throw together in 5 minutes and I don’t need a personal chef for.  (You know, because things get crazy.)

What are 10 simple recipes that can be your go-to and what do you need to have on hand to make them?  Put them in your Evernote or print them out and have them in the kitchen along with a shopping list.

Want some resources?  Check out the Goddess Heather Pierce – I was looking for something like her Go Feed Yourself system for years, going, “Why the hell hasn’t someone created something like that yet?”  (It saved my bum-bum post-baby, before the chef thing.)

That system came about because I knew that when things get crazy, my eating is the first thing to tank.  Maybe for you, it’s exercise.  Whatever it is, create a system for it.

Ask yourself: what’s the first thing to go when things are nuts?  OR – What really supports me when things are nuts?  Then, what structures can I put into place to make sure I give this gift to myself? 

Above all, stop telling yourself that things are crazy.

Your words are Words of Power.  Always.  So stop telling yourself that things are crazy, that you don’t have any time, or whatever the story is.

This doesn’t mean you ignore your experience!  It may be really crazy right now.  Of course it’s okay to feel really frustrated.

Taking a moment to slow down and feel your feelings is an awesome self-care practice.  But the running commentary of I-don’t-have-time-for-XYZ-everything-is-crazy only serves to bring you more of the same.

So set an intention that you’ll catch yourself.  When you do, be gentle with yourself.

Breathe.  Give yourself a hug.  Remember that a million possibilities exist in this moment, and that you create your own experience.

Even when things are crazy.  🙂