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I don’t usually publicize when it’s been a rough week, but I’ll just say it… it’s been a really rough week.  She put me through the wringer.  No, wait… I did.  *laugh*

Sitting here in front of the altar, though… as I reviewed the past 5 days, I was struck by just HOW MANY amazing people were there for me, freely giving support when asked.

As always, first credit goes to Leland, my rock.  Others include…

Terry Hickey
Gary Henderson
Maria Gamb
Jennifer Longmore
Carey Peters
Suzanne Evans
Justin Livingston
And of course Team Goddess: Michele, Shar, Kelly, Michelle and David…
And the Goddess Business School® coaching team: Sharon, Shannon, Kris, Stacy, Jolanta, and Leslie…
And my circle of sisters in Portland, who know who they are… and Linda Bard and Scott Mills
And I have to include David Neagle, whose programs have been on infinite repeat in every spare moment right now…
And I know there’s more.
(I have to include Alexandra Franzen; technically, it wasn’t these past 5 days, but we did see each other on Saturday for the first time in a few months and it was just delightful.)

Looking over this list, I’m awed and humbled and grateful beyond measure.  Especially since for every one of these amazing people, there are 10 more in my life who would have gladly done the same thing.

One of the above (I won’t share who, to respect confidentiality) shared a theme they’ve been seeing with THEIR clients: “We’ve all come so far, but in the intensity of this year, we’ve forgotten some of the basic manifestation principles.”

So true.

So here are two I’m remembering right now.

One, it takes a village to raise an entrepreneur.  You cannot, CANNOT go it alone.  Most of the people on my speed dial list are peeps I’ve first met in high end masterminds, or at JV retreats.  Your environment is your outcome and the most important part of your environment is your relationships.

Two, in order to get, first you must give.  This is where soooo many people lose their way on the magical path.  This isn’t about giving it all away or depleting yourself.  You must give to those who can receive your gifts and are committed to bettering themselves. Your giving must be of a higher standard.

And it all counts – anything that’s going OUT from you is what you’re giving to the world.  Your outgo must match what you expect to bring in.

Today, I saw where I’ve been holding back as far as giving goes.  And how to shift it.  It’s time to up my game.

To all who helped me get through this week – thank you!