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One of the biggest reasons why people don’t create the life they want is… they tell themselves they don’t have the money.

Here’s the great news: if it’s money you desire – for mentoring, support, training, travel to a seminar, a retreat, or a yummy experience you wish to have – then it’s already here. The process for manifesting this money is truly simple:

  1. Decide how much you want.
  1. Ditch your doubts, judgments and excuses for a few minutes
  1. Brainstorm every idea you can think of to create the money, no matter how uncomfortable/crazy/off-the-wall it seems
  1. Take action on what you come up with.

That’s it. Ridiculously simple, but it works like magic. And if you go “all in,” it works every time.

So are you willing, dear Goddess? Are you ready to play a money manifesting game with me?

I realize that if you’re new to this, you might not know where to look for the money you want or need. That’s why I’ve done some of the work for you by giving you 10 possibilities to find the money, right now, for anything.

1. Go get a high-end client.

Hands down, the fastest (and simplest) path to new cash in most service businesses is enrolling high-end clients. Create a program and go get a client.

2. Create a lower-priced group program and enroll 3-5 people.

Does charging “those kinds of fees” seem like too much of a stretch right now? The beauty of the high-end program model is that it’s flexible and scalable – you get to start where you are.

One option: offer a group VIP day workshop (either virtual or live) and enroll a few people at a lower investment, say $297-$497. It’s easy for them to say yes, and you get the experience of creating that money. Win-win.

3. Business loan.

If you’re creating the money to invest in your business, don’t overlook the possibility of getting a good old-fashioned loan. Some institutions are still lending money to entrepreneurs, as they are doing well in this economy. You will not know until you ask. (Hint: go local.)

4. Loan from family and friends.

Your mind will give you a zillion reasons why NOT to ask for money. Question is, are you going to let that stop you? Can you move through the illusion of fear, leave the shame behind, stand in your power and ask others to support you with something you truly believe in?

The opportunity for healing here is tremendous. If you were no longer concerned about what someone else thinks, who would you reach out to?

5. 401ks and other investments.

Only you can decide if this is the best choice for you. However, an argument can be made that it’s lack-based thinking to cling to a 401(k) when the money may be better invested (key word) somewhere else. There may be ways for you to get a short term “loan” on your 401(k) without penalty. Do some research and ask your accountant.

6. Sell stuff.

I have had clients create quick cash by selling old cars, expensive gifts from past partners and other stuff (vintage comics collections, anyone?) on eBay. Personally, I came “this close” to selling my prized violin (made in 1814, worth $5000 at last appraisal) when I needed money for my business. It didn’t come to that, but you better believe I would have done it.

You can always, always create more money for a new violin or comics collection. You can never get back wasted time or income opportunities lost.

7. Part-time job.

No, it’s not my first choice. However, the manifestation process requires action and sometimes the way you’re shown is NOT going to be your first choice, or what you’d expect. Are you willing to do what it takes? This is self-reliance we’re talking about – a much better energetic position for attracting the right clients or anything else you wish.

8. Make a budget.

Yes, this is very Suze Orman (meep) but unless you’ve already looked closely at where your money is going and made adjustments, you have areas in your spending which can be shifted around and re-prioritized. A few hundred dollars adds up very quickly, plus you get to decide to put that money towards something you value more.

9. Ask.

Have you noticed how many of these possibilities involve asking for money? Nearly all of them do! And there are countless more opportunities for the asking. JVs, partnerships, past clients… who can you ask and what value can you provide in return?

10. Make the decision.

No matter what you wish to manifest, the way in which what is already here (because it’s already here!) will not show up until your decision is made. This is a BIG reason why you can’t see the money in front of you right now.

To decide means to cut off all other options – no backup plan! When you make a true decision to manifest money or anything else in your life, nothing can stop you. Hold yourself as powerful and go for it.