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Have you noticed the pushback against our go-go-go-achieve-achieve-achieve culture?

Women everywhere – myself included – are leading the conversation about the return of the Feminine, and a shift away from “over masculine” goal-oriented energy.

I’ve heard some women talking about achievement like it’s a bad thing.  (My sense is that they don’t really believe that, but they ARE tired, frustrated and fed up.)

Some even confess that while they’re frustrated as hell with our go-go-go insanity, they’re conflicted because, well, they’re achievers.  They strive a lot. They have dreams, desires and aspirations that are important to them.

What if that “strive” to achieve is your Creative Spirit, pointing you in the direction of your purpose?

We all have a deep, primal urge to grow, expand, BEcome.  Joseph Campbell calls it your “bliss.”  Wallace Wattles, “more life.”  At a mastermind event a couple of weeks ago, I heard a beautiful expression for it – your Evolutionary Impulse.  I call it your Creative Spirit.

Just because the impulse has become distorted by the environment we’re living in doesn’t make it BAD.

Try to bury it and you’re just going to end up frustrated, depressed, and even ashamed (“Who am I to have these Desires?”).

Love you Danielle, but personally, I’m not just “chasing a feeling.”  The end results have been chosen with intention, and they matter.  You know, until they don’t.  😉

(Is this attachment?  Mm – depends.  A 3-beer conversation for another day.)

The work of creating is a dance of BE-ing and becoming.  The paradox is that in order to create any result, first you must be 110% okay with exactly where you ARE, right now.

Feeling AND forging.   Acting AND receiving.  Acceptance and moving forward.  Feminine AND masculine.

That’s what makes it so juicy.