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Every entrepreneur goes through a dark night of the soul. During mine, I was blessed by the Goddess with the awareness of a powerful magical principle.

In order to change your life, gratitude must come first.

It was giving that gratitude FIRST that opened the space for the way to solve the problem of creating a thriving business to finally show up. Without gratitude, I never would have seen my way clear to a solution. And I never would have healed.

Gratitude is a practice.

When you make the commitment to LIVE in gratitude, it will create a space for you to experience the ultimate blessing: to change your life while transforming the lives of others.

Here are 10 simple ways to practice gratitude, every day.

1. First thing in the morning.

My very first step with gratitude was to choose gratitude first thing in the morning – to condition myself to be in gratitude the very second I opened my eyes. To this day, “moment of awakening” gratitude is still my favorite practice. May it transform your life as it has mine.

2. Last thing at night.

If your last thought at night is the thing your mind is going to work on all night long, it only makes sense to choose gratitude as your last thought, as often as you can.

3. Keep a journal.

There are so many ways to keep a gratitude journal! One way is to make a list of at least 10 things you’re grateful for, every day. My favorite sentence starter: “I feel rich because _____________” .

4. Bless the jerks.

One of the most powerful business and life lessons I have ever received is this, from my mentor Maria Gamb: people are in pain, and you have a choice as to how you react.

The next time someone cuts in front of you, cuts you off on the highway, says something nasty or whatever it is, I invite you to take part in the ultimate gratitude practice: remember that this person is a human being, and as a human being, they are in pain. Bless them.

5. Smile at strangers

What’s free to give, fun to give, and a joy to receive? A smile. Yes, I know that may sound corny. Try it. ) What’s also fun about smiling at strangers is that it’s a little subversive. Forget about what the other person will think, and give freely.

6. Thank your clients.

Your clients have given you a great gift: out of everyone they could have worked with, they chose you. Thank them. Your gratitude will come back to you (in the form of referrals, repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing) as it expands and enriches them.

7. Thank your team.

Your team has given you a great gift: they chose you. Thank them. You gratitude will come back to you in the form of amazing contribution on the part of your current team, and perfect team members showing up in your life.

8. Thank your mentors and mastermind.

What you create with the help of brilliant mentors and mastermind partners simply cannot be created on its own. Thank these people for enriching your life.

9. Call home.

Have you told your family you love them lately? Whether it’s your family by birth or your “heart family,” there is nothing that can shift experience and put you in a state of grace like thanking and honoring those you love. (For those closest to you, one of my favorite ways is to tell them at the end of every day, “You did great work today.”)

10. Give back.

The power to give is one of the greatest joys of being in business for yourself. Freely give of your time, energy, attention and money, in a way that is in integrity with yourself and supports you… so you can continue to give and receive.