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Tired of trading time for money?
Are you serious about creating TRUE financial freedom?
(vs. the illusion of freedom that you’ve probably been sold…)

Here’s How To Work With Me To Start Your Essential Oils Business,
Or Add Essential Oils To Your Existing Business.

Are you highly motivated to succeed, with a track record of creating real results?

Do you have a no-excuses, do-what-it-takes attitude?

Are you excited about inviting in more abundance, creating financial stability and even financial freedom?

If so, you might be a fit to join my team of transformational leaders who are creating residual income with doTERRA.

There’s an illusion running rampant in the coaching / healing world…

It’s the illusion that BIG fees + lots of clients (private or group) somehow equals “freedom.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve been in the transformation industry for a long time. Back in 2009, I was one of the first coaches outside of an exclusive handful of two or three people to teach high-end (also known as “premium” or “big ticket”) programs as a path to making phenomenal money as a coach, healer or practitioner.

The high-end model is everywhere now – and rightfully so! But here’s the thing….

High-end programs – or ANY transformational programs that require your involvement, including group programs – will NOT create freedom on their own.

As you’ve probably noticed… even “leveraged” programs are a ton of WORK to set up and manage. Automated evergreen funnels are better, but let’s face it – even with the massive improvements we’ve seen in this area, they still require a lot of WORK and upfront investment.

Working for money is NOT freedom. That’s a highly paid J-O-B.

Here’s The Two-Fold Path To REAL Financial Freedom

Part 1: Creating enough residual income coming in from cash-producing investments to cover all of your living expenses. This is the straightforward, standard definition of financial freedom.

Part 2: The knowledge and ability to create the exact amount of money you want, whenever you want, regardless of your circumstances. (This is exactly what we teach in our Be A Money Magnet program.)

As a teacher of magic and manifesting, I’ve often heard Part 2 put forward as the “real” definition of financial freedom.

Being able to manifest money on command is crucial. Indeed, this is what’s going to fund your cash-producing investments!! Plus, having the to-the-core-of-you knowing that you can create money when YOU choose is truly life-changing.

But make no mistake…

The ONLY thing that creates REAL financial freedom is cash to “buy your time back”
– i.e., money coming in from passive or residual income streams.

The sooner that we surrender into this truth, the sooner we can get on with the business of creating real wealth.

And that’s where doTERRA + my mentorship comes in.

How Does doTERRA Fit In To The Financial Freedom Picture?

While doTERRA is not an “investment” in the traditional sense (i.e., buying stocks), it behaves very much like one on a certain level: fund your investment, and your investment pays you back.

We fund traditional investments with cash. With a doTERRA business, you leverage the resources of others to fund your investment.

It’s a win-win for all, because as you provide value to others through doTERRA, the resources of those people fund YOUR business growth as well as their own growth.

You will be investing your own time, energy and attention into your doTERRA business. (The monetary investment is very low, especially compared to all the “hidden fees” of a coaching or healing business.)

But instead of trading time for money, you are investing those resources into a residual income stream that will pay you for years to come, WITHOUT always requiring your physical presence. Even better – you can easily integrate doTERRA into what you’re already doing in your primary business.

Why Join Us?

  • Proven track record. Our leaders, including myself, are experienced business owners with a track record of creating 7-figure and even 8-figure businesses.
  • High wealth consciousness, high success consciousness. Your income is a direct reflection of who you spend time with. You’ll connect with women who truly walk the path of abundance and success without sacrifice. (Our money mindset shows in the results we’ve created!)
  • Master-level business coaching. I’ve been a master business mentor and coach for the past 8 years. Many of my clients are now highly visible multi-six and high-multi-six-figure business owners.
  • Proven business models. doTERRA’s system for growing the business is tested and proven – many leaders make high ranks in 24 months or less. In addition, you’ll learn new, duplicable strategies that work to grow your business online.
  • Proven training systems. doTERRA provides tons of FREE oils education and business education.
  • Fits in with what you’re already doing – I,e, your primary business. You’ll learn how to leverage what you’re already doing to create an additional, lucrative revenue stream.
  • Create residual income. If you’re in a place where you NEED to fill programs, you’re still trading dollars for hours! The time is now to learn how to invest your time and energy in a way that will pay you back down the road. Build a financial pipeline, instead of “hauling buckets.”
  • “Woo”s and “Not-woo”s working together, side by side. Are you “woo?” Or are you “not-woo”? Both are amply represented, love, and respect the heck out of each other on our team. You will be accepted and appreciated for who YOU are.
  • Highly respected, financially stable parent company. doTERRA began in 2008 with seven founders and no debt. Since then they have grown to well over $1 billion in annual revenues and over 4 million customers worldwide, and have demonstrated through their actions that they are a commitment to being around for the long haul.
  • Generous compensation plan that rewards leadership. Rather than cluster all the earning potential at the “top line,” doTERRA rewards those who help others. The deeper your organization, the more money you make. (Note: this is often the opposite of what other direct selling companies do.) Plus you get paid weekly.

For more on why doTERRA, read my article here.

Think You Might Be Right For Our Team?
First, Ask Yourself These Questions…

  1. Are you currently enrolled with doTERRA? (If so, contact your upline for support. This opportunity with our team is ONLY available to new members.)
  2. Are you willing to invest time into your doTERRA business – 10 hours per month? (What sorts of low-payoff activities will you have to say no to, so you can create residual income for your freedom?)
  3. Do you have long-term financial goals, such as paying down debt, putting children through school, or creating financial freedom? Are you willing to show up for yourself to meet those goals?
  4. Are you willing to participate in team activities and be an active leader on our team? (Expect 1-2 hours each month.)
  5. Are you willing to lead others on YOUR team? (Hint: you will learn as you lead – no putting it off until you know more. 😉 )
  6. Are you willing to teach essential oils classes OR offer short, easy-peasy online programs (we’ll show you how) and speak with potential customers 1-on-1? (An active builder shares with 10 or more people per month, either through classes, 1-on-1s, or online marketing activities.)
  7. Are you willing to invest in your business and yourself, by placing a 100PV (“personal volume”) order every month – which is around $100 – so you can qualify for checks and bonuses?
  8. Are you willing to do it all imperfectly, and take action BEFORE you have everything all figured out?

You Already Have What It Takes To Succeed.
If You’re A Big YES To Those Questions, You Also Have The
Willingness To Succeed!

Here’s what to do next…

CLICK HERE to go to my store and get started right away.

NOTE: Go to “Join & Save” in the top navigation, then scroll to the bottom, click “Join dōTERRA” and follow the process. Be sure to sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

CLICK HERE for a detailed walk-through of how to open your account, and the Enrollment Kits available. Set up your first Loyalty Rewards Program order. (Required for commissions. You can always change it later.)

Once you’ve registered, send me a note at letting me know that you’re joining us as a builder!

We will add you to the appropriate mailing lists and Facebook groups at that time.

Still have questions? Simply email our team at!

Love & magic,