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WHY Essential Oils?

WHY Essential Oils?

Those who know me know I’m a BIG fan of essential oils.

Aside from the fact that they’ve been by magicians, priestesses, healers and wise women for centuries, in different cultures around the world…

…today, I share essential oils wisdom with all our clients and students for ONE main reason:

Essential oils are one of THE most powerful tools available to you
for empowerment and conscious co-creation.

These days, essential oils can even empower you financially! (More on that later.)

But even if you never use them as a vehicle to create wealth (most in our company never do), these “Gifts of the Earth” are priceless tools on your journey of evolution. And here’s why…

When it comes to manifesting your big dreams, goals and visions…
there is ONE thing above all that determines your success:


In other words, “who you BE” on all levels:
physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and beyond.


Essential oils can help you…

  • Support and transform countless health symptoms and conditions (essential oils are well-known for their therapeutic benefits for just about every area of health under the sun, from headaches to hormones to digestion to common colds to everything in between)
  • Elevate your moods – no matter what is going on
  • Help you release + shift the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Cleanse & release toxins from body & mind
  • Cultivate the positive emotions that fuel your manifestations
  • Support your wellness in just about every way (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – their effectiveness for all of this is well-documented)
  • And soooo much more.

When you are healthy, happy, and an energetic match for your Desires,
you will create them in your life with ease.

Can essential oils help you get there?
You better believe they can.


Personally, I’ve used essential oils to help me…

  • Lose 25 pounds (which have stayed off)
  • Completely transform my moods (before, every day was another “downward spiral” – not exactly a good time for an entrepreneurial Goddess on a mission)
  • Eliminate “brain fog”
  • Cut sugar cravings (this was a big one!)
  • Shift longtime habits and patterns. Essential oils are the perfect compliment to my favorite transformational modalities, including energy healing, neuro-linguistic programming, change work, and coaching.
  • Turn off nightly “busy brain” and get some flippin’ sleep 🙂
  • Dial up my natural feminine radiance
  • Bond with my daughter (she loves them, and our nightly oils routine)
  • Stay centered, grounded and in a high vibration while running a 7-figure company with a pre-schooler in tow
  • Conduct highly effective rituals and magical workings – but of course

I could not imagine my life without essential oils, and neither could the 400+ magical women in the 7-Figure Goddess essential oils community! That’s why I am thrilled to share them with you!

Here’s how to get started in our magical sisterhood
of essential oils enthusiasts…

Purchase Essential Oils

I’m proud to partner with dōTERRA, the largest essential oils distributor in the world, to share oils with you. For my answer to the question “Why dōTERRA?”, click here.

If you’d like to purchase essential oils for your own use, then simply visit my store by clicking here.

Important need-to-know info:

  • The biggest POWER tip for users: open a Wholesale account instead of buying retail. That way, you can save BIG on your oils – 25-55%.
  • To open a Wholesale account, you’ll pay a simple $35 membership fee, OR go with my favorite way to get started, which is to purchase one of the essential oil enrollment kits. With an enrollment kit, your $35 fee is waived for the first year, and you’ll get the best pricing on a slew of oils.
  • NOTE: There is ZERO monthly obligation with a wholesale account.
  • With a Wholesale account, you qualify for a ton of additional benefits.
  • Once you’re loving your oils and using them all the time, there is a hella sweet Loyalty Rewards program that offers even more savings. But it’s not required – you never have to join.
  • I highly, highly recommend getting an essential oil kit (enrollment kit) when starting out. This way, you get a variety of oils and blends and will be able to use your oils in many different situations. PLUS your $35 membership fee will be waived for a year, and you’ll save even more money. (The price of the kit is always much less than it would be if you bought everything separately.)

So are you ready to start your essential oils experience with the 7-Figure Goddess team?

CLICK HERE to go to my store and get started right away. (Go to “Join & Save” in the top navigation, then scroll to the bottom, click “Join dōTERRA” and follow the process)

CLICK HERE for a detailed walk-through of how to open your account.

Once you’ve registered, we will receive a notification of your order and will reach out within 24 hours with all the info for our team, and add you to our private Facebook Groups! (You can email us at to let us know, too.)

If you have questions or need some extra guidance, simply email our team at

Join Me For A FREE Manifesting Program

Would you like the basics of my well-tested, real-world, results-attracting process for using spiritual and magical principles to manifest your Desires?

I’ve taught The Core Manifesting Process to thousands of women, in The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting and our free trainings. Now, I created a program to show you how to amp up your manifesting abilities with the help of essential oils.

Best part? If you’re new to dōTERRA, you can have the program FREE as my gift to you when you join our ever-growing essential oils community! Go here for all of the details on how to join us.

Essential Oils As A Business, or
Add Essential Oils To Your Existing Transformational Business

First things first – you can be a part of dōTERRA and never “do the business.” (75% of our peeps are users only – because dōTERRA is a product-focused company.)

AND… that said…

If you know you want to create financial freedom, owning your own business is (practically!) a must. Why? Because with your own business, you write your own ticket and decide your own income. With dōTERRA, you can design the business YOU want for the life YOU choose.

And are you already a coach, healer, practitioner or transformational teacher with an existing business?

dōTERRA is the PERFECT complement, allowing you to provide even more value while diversifying your revenue sources and building residual income.

Most of the women on my team are integrating the products into their existing business, just as I do. Why? Because the oils already sell themselves, and when you create your own programs to bundle with the oils, they become irresistible. (I can show you how!)

A thriving business is absolutely a possibility for you – when you decide and take action.

As a master business coach, I’ve mentored women to $500k and beyond in their transformational businesses. If you’re serious, the kind of person who leaves all excuses in the dust and have a track record of creating results, I would love to mentor you in your dōTERRA business.

Here are just some of the juicy benefits to starting an essential oils business or adding oils to your existing business:

  • Create additional income, or replace your full-time income… and then some
  • Create a thriving residual income stream (wealth channel) outside of your transformational business, if you are already a coach, healer, etc. I cannot stress enough how important this is!! The transformational industry makes coaching/healing bizzes to be the “end all”… but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating true wealth.
  • Be a part of a ROCKSTAR team of 6-figure, 7-figure and even 8-figure entrepreneurs, including some of the woo-est, coolest, high vibrational women you will ever meet!
  • The opportunity to mentor with me personally, a master business coach and 7-figure entrepreneur (others have paid up to $50k for the privilege)
  • Receive the BEST teaching and training materials out there, including the equivalent of a FREE education in essential oils for their therapeutic benefits
  • A product that truly sells itself. dōTERRA’s commitment to quality product is like no other; they are a product-based company above all. (Note: they reached $1 billion in annual sales in 7 years as a company. Why? Because the product freakin’ rocks, that’s why.)
  • The BEST compensation plan you’ll find in the direct selling space (dōTERRA’s comp plan has a well-earned reputation for being just that)
  • Crazy-generous savings on all of your product (25-55%), plus FREE product every month
  • A super-low monthly minimum to earn commissions (around $125 per month – and believe me, you’ll easily go through that, every month)
  • FREE shipping
  • An amazing company and movement to be a part of. dōTERRA’s mission is “a healer in every home” – how cool is this?

Ready To Start Your Business?
Let’s Do This!

It’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to get started as a dōTERRA Wellness Advocate as a part of our team.

CLICK HERE to go to my store and get started right away.

NOTE: Go to “Join & Save” in the top navigation, then scroll to the bottom, click “Join dōTERRA” and follow the process. Be sure to sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

CLICK HERE for a detailed walk-through of how to open your account, and the Enrollment Kits available.

Once you’ve registered, we will receive a notification of your order and will reach out within 24 hours with next steps. (You can email us at to let us know, too.)

If you have questions or need some extra guidance, simply email our team at!