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Who We Are

Estate-7Elizabeth Purvis, Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Purvis is an award-winning business coach who specializes in teaching awakening women how to make phenomenal money while doing good.

She is the founder of Goddess Business School®, which delivers a proven path to create a sustainable 6-figure lifestyle business for coaches, practitioners, healers and change agents. Through her highly acclaimed programs, she’s mentored thousands of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world, teaching them how to price, package and sell their services so they create extraordinary income and impact.

Elizabeth created her first 6-figure income in under 6 months as a certified coach and today runs her 7-figure company from home while raising her daughter. Using her systems, Elizabeth’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multiple 5-figure launches, launching and filling their own high-end programs, and more.

A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions, Elizabeth is also the creator of Feminine Magic®, a set of practices for women to develop their ability to magnetize their deepest Desires.

Above all, Elizabeth is a stand for the creative and financial empowerment of women through conscious entrepreneurship. She is dedicated to creating a world where conscious women are the new models for wealth, influence, power and success.

Elizabeth lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband Leland and daughter Brigit. Want more of Elizabeth’s story? Go here.


m-dubMichele Wiwchar, Operations & Finance Goddess

Affectionately known as “M-Dub”, Michele is the superstar who makes everything tick at 7-Figure Goddess. She has an incredible ability to switch between the ‘forest’ and ‘trees’ views to bring projects and day-to-day activities to fruition, and an intuitive strength of knowing what needs to be done – and what people will need – next. She’s a true systems genius, and we are constantly in awe of how poised and effective she is at juggling multiple balls at all times without missing a beat. Michele has contributed in organizations from huge to small (as a solopreneur), and has discovered that her favorite place is with a small, dedicated group of like-minded entrepreneurs moving from ‘the little engine that could’ to ‘the powerhouse engine that IS’.


MichelleLeathImgMichelle Leath, Partner Goddess & Client Success Strategist

Michelle comes to the 7-Figure Goddess team with over 18 years of marketing and client care experience, as well as an extensive background in coaching and women’s empowerment. Michelle plays a key role in spreading our 7-Figure Goddess message to the masses, and she’s a fierce champion and mentor for our clients. You can always count on Michelle to hold you in your power and brilliance. She’s a master with words and has an uncanny ability to remember 80’s movie lines and song lyrics. When she’s not writing, strategizing or coaching, she can usually be found at yoga, on the beach or scoping out the hottest wine bars.


S1zICchCpXTTo3sCmb1ukq71vHWs1QRGn1jMVEMYGvUNancy Farris, Client Care Goddess

Nancy joined the 7FG Team in Nov 2014, bringing with her a wealth of previous experience in client care with a large coaching organization. She is a highly intuitive idea person with the ability to hold the big picture vision, while digging deep and understanding details. As a Client Care Goddess, Nancy loves enriching the client experience, and enjoys occasionally playing in the role of “investigator” taking a deep dive into problems while looking at how situations and solutions affect the big picture, both for the company and our clients.

She has long been a student of metaphysics, and was delighted to become part of the amazing team of professionals that support Elizabeth’s work. In her words, “I love being part of an organization, that truly cares about providing value, marketing with integrity and transparency, and transferring the wealth of the world to the Divine Feminine. I also love the clarity that Elizabeth brings to all the content and resources she shares.”


The Goddess Business School® Coaching Team

We are proud to have an outstanding team of coaches supporting our clients. Each of our coaches have been personally selected and trained by Elizabeth, for their expertise in supporting conscious women entrepreneurs on both the strategic level and on the level of personal transformation and growth.


Shannon McLeanShannon McLean, Lead Coach

Shan McLean is a Transformational Coach who is deeply committed to helping women entrepreneurs create the business and life that allows them full expression, fulfillment and financial success.

After a long career of sales, marketing and customer relations, Shannon decided to shift towards a more spiritual and holistic approach to life. It started with the study of yoga 13 years ago, which was the beginning of a life journey that includes studies in Energy Psychology, psychic development, intuition, and mindset, along with continued expertise in business development and investment strategies.

She is a trained EFT specialist, licensed Passion Test Facilitator and participated in a year long Transformational Leadership program with NY Times bestselling authors Chris and Janet Attwood and Marci Shimoff, and is published in their latest book.

As Elizabeth’s Lead Coach, Shannon brings intuition, whipsmart intelligence, uncanny ability to read between the lines, the business savvy from working behind the scenes at a million dollar coaching company and powerful tools to align your consciousness to work for you instead of against you.   Her warmth, humor and ability to empower results make her a cherished coach among our top clients.


Kris_McLeodKris McLeod, Goddess Business School® Coach

Kris is deeply passionate about coaching and helping people live better lives, and she believes that being empowered in their health, work and life makes that experience richer. Her commitment is to help Goddess Business School participants be full, whole, happy and actualized, and still have a rocking business without sacrificing wellbeing, family, friends or self.

In addition to coaching Goddess Business School® participants, she has been running a successful Remedial Massage Clinic for 8+ years where she resides in Australia. She is faculty member at a natural health college, where in addition to massage and anatomy and physiology modules, she has taught business subjects and assisted students in developing their businesses for the past 5 years.

Kris’s extensive qualifications and training include Bachelor of Science, Remedial Massage Therapist, Certified Health Coach, Trainer and Assessor, training and certification in many health and nutrition subjects and modalities, as well as formal business studies.

A session with Kris is fun, energetic and positive. She will delicately stretch you by asking questions (yes, even the tough ones), exposing and reframing limiting beliefs, and holding you accountable to your vision, while sharing her unique gifts of building rapport, trust and partnership. She loves to get excited and celebrate with her clients.


Jolanta BazyteJolanta Bazyte, Goddess Business School® Coach

Jolanta was born in Lithuania and describes herself as a born teacher and entrepreneur with a passion for creativity. In college years, while earning her MA in Education, she created her first business selling her own ceramic jewelry. She soon discovered Yoga and became a certified instructor, and realized that she had a unique gift for helping people live into their fullest expression. Her interest in personal development and wellness began to grow, and she went on to earn her certification as a Holistic Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Through her successful health coach practice, she further developed her ability to help her clients balance both the inner work and outer action that is required to achieve their goals, and extended her realm of coaching to help her clients achieve their highest potential in all areas of life. She is a certified Passion Test Facilitator and a Certified MONEY Coach. She believes that in order for women to truly make conscious choices they have to be financially independent, and she loves working with women smart, intelligent women who value self-growth and invest in themselves and who are have a vision that they are ready to bring into reality.

Jolanta is masterful at encouraging her clients to own and honor their present situation with full awareness (don’t make it worse, don’t make it better), and empowering them to take the most needed and aligned action towards the amazing business and life they want to create, no matter what. She is known for creating powerful mindset shifts in her clients and for her loving but bold ”tell it as it is,” action-oriented coaching style. She creates the safe space where her clients want to show up for themselves with all their integrity, power and creativity.