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Our mission is to empower YOU to be financially successful. That starts with a thriving business – 6-figures in income and impact.

6-Figures is a major milestone because…

  • You’re starting to make real money – you have the means to go beyond your basic living expenses
  • You’re having an impact – warning this teaching may  have some triggers 🙂
  • Of who you BECOME in the process – 6-figures requires  a significant personal growth

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Love and magic,

carolinI learned everything I needed to know about how to find, attract and enroll clients. I generated 16 Breakthrough Sessions and increased my sales by 50% in the first month of the program. Using the skills I learned, I have been able to repeat this consistently. So far I have generated $18k from what I learned from Elizabeth. She is the best coach ever!

The energy of my business has completely changed. Now my ideal clients are finding their way to me, bigger opportunities are coming to me, and I am well on my way to six figures this year!


nadToday I confidently charge and receive $30,000 for one semester of individual coaching. After having had the third client sign at this rate, I know it is not “luck” but I now trust in my ability to lead transformational enrollment conversations.

This source of income frees me up to be selective about which corporate engagements I accept, and has given me the space to finish the last two chapters of my forthcoming book and video course, which I am really excited about!