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Picture This … (Stunning Photos Inside)

Imagine working with a photographer whose expert skill is matched by her grace and presence… 

Who can easily do what so few photographers can, which is… to record your Essence on film… 

Imagine feeling confident and powerful in front of the camera, as she captures THIS moment in time.  You, as you really are – in all your magnetism and light. 

And not just for any reason, mind… so that you can transmit and impart your Light to others through your photos… so that they receive aspects of your most healing energy without you having to be there. 

Now imagine that it’s all going down during your sacred initiatory journey… in Egypt. 

IF you choose … you won’t have to “just” imagine. 

Because it’s actually happening, on our upcoming Feminine Magic® initiatory pilgrimage to Egypt in September.  (September 22 – October 5.) 

My personal photographer of many years, Jessica Daniels, will be joining us – as participant AND official photographer! 

This means that you will have the ENTIRE trip documented, by a woman whose photos rival anything out of National Geographic.  PLUS… you will also have your own mini-photo shoot, which means you’ll have your OWN set of branding photos… of you, in EGYPT… that you can use in any way you like. 

Here’s a photo of Jessica and I, taken during one of my favorite shoots, in 2016: 

If you’ve ever thought my photos are a distinct cut above most “branding photography” out there… I agree.  😉 

Jessica has the goods, which is why she has been my primary photographer
since 2013. 

Jessica’s photos (including YOUR mini photo shoot) is just ONE of the things that make this upcoming initiate’s journey to Egypt so special, and 
truly unique.  

You’ll greet the sunrise at dawn, standing between the paws of the Sphinx. (We have a private visit.) 

Guardian Sphinx guarding the tombs of the pharaohs in Giza - Egypt

You’ll activate your inner magician and receive the blessing of the Great Mother, Isis, She of 10,000 Names, at her temple at Philae. 

The Philae Temple on Agilkia

You’ll sail through the Egyptian countryside in our own private luxury yacht, experiencing the banks of the Nile as it has been for thousand of years. 


You’ll experience a private initiation in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid (if you so choose, in alignment with your highest good)… 

Sunlight over grate Giza pyramids.

And so much more. 


  • Plenty of ceremony with me and our expert tour guide, Halle Eavelyn (who is also a past client, colleague and dear friend) 
  • Concierge service to book your travel 
  • Door-to-door service when you arrive 
  • Luxury accommodations and transportation, all the way 
  • Sumptuous meals 
  • PHOTOS of it all, by my personal photographer Jessica Daniels 

All designed to activate your spiritual gifts and usher you into the next expression of your highest purpose. 

And all with an intimate group of ambitious, generative, successful spiritual women from the Feminine Magic® community. 

However you choose to activate your calling this year… it’s imperative that you
do so. 

We are all being called to step up in new ways.  In this Universal 11 year, now is the time. 

Some of the women in our community are being called to do the deeper work of magic in a BIGGER way. 

This means dis-creating that which no longer serves, and re-creating yourself on the physical plane in alignment with the multi-dimensional spiritual BE-ing you really are.  

For those of us who are called, there is no better place than Egypt for
this process. 

That’s our mission – while having an INCREDIBLY FREAKIN’ FANTASTIC time along the way!! 

Are you being called?  Do you have an inkling that YOU are to be a part of this one-time ONLY, Feminine Magician’s journey to Egypt? 

Honor that knowing, by requesting your private INVITE. 

Send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com, and tell me a little WHY you are called, and why NOW. 

We’ll send you the invite and all the details. 

We are down to our last few spots, so you’ll need to act quickly.  Send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com to personally to request your invite. 

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: We have an incredible brand NEW bonus for those who are claiming these last spots, and do so NOW.  

I can assure you, this will be my ONLY first tour to Egypt, and the ONLY one where all the perks – private visits, an extra-long Nile sail on a private boat, photos from my personal photographer of amazing-ness – all come together in this way. 

In other words, this opportunity will not come again.  If it is calling you,
honor that! 

We’re almost full.  Send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com to request your private invite! 

Here’s a sneak peek at our Egypt itinerary (with pics)…

Over the weekend, I began my energetic preparations for our upcoming trip
to Egypt. 

Part of that included reviewing our itinerary.  And I’ve got to say… 

This is going to be a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME a Feminine Magician’s activation! 

Want a sneak peek?

Here are just some of what we’re going to be up to… 

We begin at the world renowned Mena House Hotel. a luxurious, one-of-a-kind hotel with a rich history… and the Pyramids will be literally right outside
our door.

Mena House

The Mena House has played host to kings and emperors, heads of state, countless celebrities… and now us! 

Then we’ll kick things off for real with a private visit to the Great Sphinx at dawn.  Nobody will be present but our group – we even get to stand between the paws of the Sphinx (that’s our amazing guide Halle in the photo – this will be her 21st tour of Egypt… 


The next day, we’re off to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, to immerse in the spiritual legacy of queens, scribes and healers.   

The museum is home to over 120,000 artifacts, and of course… the Goddess herself resides here, rendered in hieroglyphs and reliefs, brought to 3-dimensional life in stone. 

From there, we head to Aswan, where we’ll board our main source of transport on our journey – our own private yacht, the Alfandina.


Nile at Sunset

We’re going to be sail the Nile, experiencing it as it was thousands of years ago… for a full EIGHT days. 

Of course we won’t be sailing the entire time.  We have plenty of visits, ritual and magic along the way, including the one that I am probably most looking
forward to… 

… private sunrise meditation and the Temple of Isis at Philae.  

Philae Temple


Isis is known as the Goddess of 10,000 Names because she has so many aspects.  She is Great Mother (to Horus), Lover (of her beloved Osiris)… and – of course – THE master magician.  And WE get to commune with her in her own
inner sanctum.   

Yes, the master magician is a WOMAN.  I often marvel at how we have lost sight of that… 

Isis is also the trickster… the master healer… she truly encompasses the depth and breadth of the archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.

Ancient Egyptian goddess Isis

Isis is, and has been, the guiding Goddess for the creation of Feminine Magic® and all that we do in our community.  I can’t wait to lead ritual here! 

Then we sail the Afandina, through the Egyptian countryside to Edfu where we get to see landscape that has barely changed a
thousand years.   

The Nile’s edge is the essence of Mother Nature and her untamed beauty. 

Then it’s off to the Temple of Horus.


Horus was married to the Goddess Hathor, and his temple is a mirror image of Dendarah, dedicated to Hathor.  His myth and symbol, the Eye of Horus, contains both lunar and solar energy, representing the balance of masculine and feminine that must be present for co-creation and true power.   

In a private ceremony, we will work to balance the lunar and the solar energies within us, and awaken our intuitive centers to new levels and access. 

Then it’s the magnificent temple of Karnak, followed by the Temple of Luxor, where we’ll work with the brilliance of the human body.  The temple is built like a human body, and is the perfect place to focus on physical healing. 

Our ceremony here will focus on the Goddess, igniting parts of you that are sleeping, activating Divinity codes and turning on your inner light. 


Throughout our journey, we will have plenty of opportunities to rest, integrate, and be nourished by the Great Mother as we continue to sail the Nile in our private yacht. 

We’ll also visit Dendera, in an exquisite temple dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of abundance, love and joy…


Then it’s off to the bazaar at Khan El Khalili in Cairo, in one of the oldest shopping districts in the world… (our guide, Halle, says that this is like going back to the time of Ali Baba…) 

And finally we’ll finish up at The Great Pyramid, where in the early morning we’ll have a special private visit… and a culminating initiation in The King’s Chamber. 

If this sounds like a journey that will wake up your DIVINE GIFTS… you’re right. 

Magicians have come to Egypt for years to do just that. 

And there’s a reason why so many seekers, teachers and leaders are
called here… 

The land changes you.  The stones change you.   

Egypt is THE place to activate your full-on awareness of your Divinity. 

Have YOU felt the call of Egypt, like so many priestesses, healers and magicians
before you? 

Do you FEEL and KNOW that there are parts of you that are waking UP? 

YOU get to choose the experience you want to have… 

If you want an intimate, ritual-rich awakening experience in Egypt, with other high-level women leaders… with unique PRIVATE visits that other groups simply do not get… 

THIS is your opportunity. 

Send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com. Tell me a little about why you are called.  And the team will send you your personal invite. 

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: When we get those inner promptings… we have two choices. 

Ignore them, or… follow them. 

Only ONE path leads to the magnificence that comes from being FULL-ON YOU, powerful and completely self expressed, spiritual gifts and all. 

You can WAIT to answer the call… but I know from experience (and you probably do, too)… that there is a lot of pain in waiting. 

And I can promise you, this will be the only initiate’s journey exactly like this. 

Send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com to request your
private invite! 

How to Bust Through Your Current Ceiling (Weight Loss Update)


First things first: let me just speak to the fact that it’s very difficult to do “business as usual” when thousands of children are getting separated from their parents at
the border.   

It’s on my mind constantly.  I have soooo much to say about it. 

AND, as a leader to you, I must continue leading and continue serving you. 

We all need to stand strong; transformational leaders need to rise to their Highest Level. 

And so, I’ll continue to teach, to show up, to model for you what magic in action
looks like. 

But know, right here and right now, that I feel it.  Deeply.   “Outraged” doesn’t even begin to cover it. 

Now then… 

What I have for you today is … some FIERCE wisdom on busting through plateaus, stalls, stalemates, stuck spots, what-have-you. 

Yes, we all have them.  That money shizzle that never goes away.  That relationship issue that you keep repeating on autopilot, unconsciously.  The stuff that you keep attracting no matter what you do. 

A couple of weeks ago I did a FB Live on the manifesting lessons from losing 40 of the 100 pounds I’m in the process of losing.  

Fact is, I was at that “40 pound lost plateau” for almost FOUR WEEKS. 

No weight lost for 4 weeks.  Ghah!  F**k!! 

For me and my ambition and my creation superpowers and just how I’m WIRED… that is a crazymaking amount of time for “nothing” to be happening. 

And it was crazymaking.  I was keeping my calories down.  I was doing
everything “right.” 



I wasn’t doing everything right.   

I was letting things slip.  

I was doing things MOSTLY right.   1200 calories a day instead of the 1000 required to continue dropping the weight via ketosis.  A leee-tle SNIDGE of processed food.   

Staying up too late.  120oz of water instead of the required 150oz.   

So! Close! 

So it was really flippin’ easy for my brain to say “Hey, you’re doing it right.” 

Plus: drama.  I’ve had a lot of “circumstance” pop up in those past 4 weeks.  Things tugging on my time and DEMANDING my attention. 

And meanwhile I’m going, “F**k off!  I’m trying to manifest over here!” 

(Yeah, so… have I ever told you all that I swear like a sailor in my personal life? 
I do.)  

Some of this, I just had to ride out. 

Circumstances come up.  They occupied time and space.  They need to
be handled.  

So it LOOKS like you’re not moving. 

But here’s the thing… 

It’s in THESE moments that you’re MOVING the MOST… if you handle it in a certain way. 

It’s no accident that all this hoo-ha showed up at the 40 pound mark. 

We are now FIRMLY in “lose any more weight and you’ll be the lowest you’ve been since your early 30’s” territory. 

(And when I lose more weight after that, I’ll be in “lowest I’ve been since my
early 20’s”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since college”) 
(Then “lowest I’ve been since the eighth grade.”)

This is the point where, in the past, it has gone off the rails. 

Where, in the past, “circumstance” has taken over…. some of them very dramatic, such as the transformation of my marriage.  

AND, hey – 40 pounds down on a ketosis-based diet… you’re gonna stall, unless you know what you’re doing. 

So WHAT do you do? 

You STAY in the room.  You shift into your Higher Self – what I call “magician brain” – so you can SEE these excuses and ego mind machinations clearly. 

You SEE that shizzle for what it is… and then you use your magician’s power of CHOICE to do what your HEART wants.  To choose your DESIRE, over the same state that your physical body has been keeping you in, in a loving attempt to keep you alive on
the planet. 

Believe me, I felt the tug and the pull of the old way. 

I teach on the art of transforming resistance so much because I LIVE
it, intimately. 

But I said, no, no thank you. 

I said, no… instead of listening to lies, I choose to keep my food log with the truth.  And meet my calorie counts as best as I possibly can for where I am right now in my growth. 

And then I challenged myself FURTHER… because at this point, that’s an
excuse too. 

I CHOOSE the macros. 
I CHOOSE the best food. 
I CHOOSE the water. 
I CHOOSE the sleep.  (Ghah!  This one is the HARDEST.) 

About 3 weeks in to all this, this dance… I noticed that my body composition had changed.  But the scale was showing the same number. 

“This is just the remnants of your body, Heart and brain duking it out.  That weight is already gone.” 

Sure enough – got on the scale this morning and… a DRAMATIC 4 pound drop. 

Elizabeth Purvis

Now, if you’re sitting there all up in your weight-loss-expert mode going, “Well, it could have been this-this-this and you need to do this and OH your body needed the rest, and and and …” 


Don’t let your ego get in the way of what you need to HEAR. 

And we ALL need to hear this, over and over again. 

Everything you want is already here. 

You will hit resistance.  Your BRAIN will attempt to pull you off track. 

Your MASTERY point in that moment is to make YOUR Highest Level choice and follow through.  No. Matter. What. 

Yes, it might take you a little while to figure out what’s going on and acclimate. 
That’s OKAY. 

That will subside the more and more you practice the principles and use
the tools. 

You’re doing something hard.  Manifesting is easy – AND these moments are hard.  Any manifesting teacher or coach or mentor who tells you otherwise
is lying. 

There’s no way around this bit. 

THIS RIGHT HERE makes the difference between allowing in what you want…
and not. 

I want you to get what you want.  It’s why Feminine Magic® exists. 

So let me ask you… what do you want? 

Not the little stuff.  The BIG stuff.  The stuff that really MATTERS. 

Those sacred commitments you’ve made to yourself are getting tested,
aren’t they? 

Yeah, me too.  I feel you. 

Stay in the room, Goddess.  Stay in the room. 

You got this.   

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: When my relationship was tested, and I was staring down THE hardest transformation I have ever made in my life… I still stayed in the room. 

Yeah, I gained back the weight I’d lost at that time.  And a LOT more. 

But I knew it was happening.  I knew why.  I gave myself a lot of leeway, compassion
and love. 

My physical energy and attention needed to go somewhere else, OTHER than what it really takes sometimes to use your power of choice. 

SO I allowed that. 

“No problem, Goddess,” I told myself.  “When more space opens up WITHIN YOU, and your ability to choose gets even stronger, you will get right back on it.” 

And here we are. 

PPS: Staying in the room is a KEY PIECE of attracting and enrolling ultra-premium clients – the clients who hire you for $25k, $50k and up. 


Because your rockstars that are investing at that level don’t want more “strategy” from you.  (Except when they do.) 

What they REALLY want is your leadership.  Your modeling.  Your energy.   

They want you to hold yourself to certain standards – and those standards are NOT what you think.  

They want YOU walking the world at your Highest Level. 

To me, THAT is the real Highest Level Transformation of stepping into ultra-
premium fees. 

The money is awesome.  But the real gold is the Highest Level Transformation
of YOU. 

Are you ready to truly set yourself apart in your industry, by EMBODYING your Highest Level, and then commanding the ultra-premium fees you really crave? 

I will tell you – this is NOT just about throwing a program together and selling it. 

Anyone can do that. 

You are a transformational leader.  You Desire more.   

Which means you must become more. 

And that means no longer allowing yourself to shrink, contract, make excuses, or otherwise head for the hills when the shizzle-storms show up. 

If you’re ready to go to your next level of manifesting MASTERY, and achieve that through the very practical application of enrolling $50k clients… 

Then HIT REPLY and request your invite for Highest Level Transformation. 

And if you’ve already got the invite, now is the time to get that application in. 

Here’s to your next breakthrough!! 

7 Inner Game Reasons to Come With Us to Egypt

Elizabeth PurvisAre you feeling the EPIC energy pattern of this Universal 11 Year? 

Have you been feeling like THIS is the year, and NOW is the time… to pull out ALL the stops, shed what’s been holding you back and CLAIM your Desires, your place at
the table? 

This is a year of HUGE rebirth… especially for women leaders. 

Women are being called to spiritual leadership like I’ve never seen before in my ten years in the transformation space… 

Which is why I’m taking a group of them to EGYPT this fall!! 

This is an intimate circle of no more than 14 women, with… 

Private mediation inside the Great Pyramid!
Private visit to the Sphinx at dawn!
Private sail down the Nile in a luxurious cruise ship…
The Mother Temple of Isis…
4-star accommodations throughout… 

And so much more… 

ALL documented by my personal photographer, Jessica Daniels (whose images I feature in almost every email)… 

Including your OWN mini photo shoot… 

Even MORE epic! 

Now, you might be thinking… “Why THIS journey to Egypt?  Why NOW?” 

I’ll give you SEVEN “inner game” reasons… 🙂

1. Spiritual REBOOT. If massive transformation is UP for you this year, then it’s time to say YES.  Saying YES requires a reboot of sorts.  To raise your frequency at the cellular level.  To expand on your practices and magical skills.  To drop OUT of your head, and into your HEART.  That’s exactly what our ritual work will focus on.

2. You want a small, intimate group. Yes, there are other tours to Egypt.  You may have seen some of them.  But how many of them are for 20, 40, even 50 people? Most of them.  Smaller journeys aren’t “better” – they are just different.  And harder to come by.  If you want an intimate circle, this is it.

3. Deep connections with other outside-the-box transformational women leaders. Let’s face it… it can be HARD to make deep connections with other women.  Especially ambitious, generative women like you… with everyone so busy, doing their own thing.  Those connections happen automatically, when travel is in the mix.  Add ritual and magic, live and in person… and it’s even more so.  Our longtime client and dear friend of mine, Rachel Headley, put it best: “A trip like this creates lasting bonds.”  Indeed, it will.

4. Special access, and cool stuff that nobody else gets. Our guide, Halle Eavelyn (another longtime client and friend), has lead TWENTY tours to Egypt.  Twenty!  She has scored us private time for rituals at some of our sacred sites, including the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx.  We’ll also sail the Nile in a private yacht, apart from the big cruise ships.  (As a small group. Of transformational women leaders.  With TWO experienced magicians at the helm.  😉 )

5. Near instant vibrational shift. We’ll be doing plenty of initiations and activations during our time together.  But the REAL initiation is the land itself.  Egypt is an energy all its own.  It changes you.

6. You’re ready to release the brakes. Big goals … big visions… big dreams coming to fruition all require surrender.  To drop the struggle.  We can “try” to do that with our conscious minds.  But the shortest, fastest way is to create the experience FIRST.  Initiatory experiences like this one are a way to bypass your conscious mind and get the “new way” in your cells.

7. You yearn for MORE, and that yearning won’t let you go. You’re feeling the call for more because there IS more. But here’s the thing…  

You can’t allow in more if you do things same old way.  

And there is no place like Egypt to permanently release any last vestiges of your old life and remake yourself and your own image.  

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer
serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your highest frequency, including your wealth and power? 

We have just a few more spots before the trip is filled. 

And one of them may be meant for you… 

Just send an email to teamgoddess@goddessbusinessschool.com to request an inviteand the team will send it on over. 

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: Keep your eyes peeled for my next email, where I’ll give you a sneak peek of what we’re going to be up to… including pictures! 

My Biggest Manifesting Lessons From Losing 40 lbs… (just so far)

It’s been a while since I posted any kind of update on my weight loss journey.  

So here’s the news…

I’m down 40 lbs today!  #w00t  

Elizabeth pic down 40#

This is a “just so far,” as my husband would say.  I have 60 more pounds to go.  

40 pounds in 4 months is a significant amount, so I thought it would be cool if I did a special Facebook Live for you to let you in on some of the biggest manifesting secrets that are allowing me to ditch this weight fast.  

Manifesting Weight Loss, Part 1
My Biggest Manifesting Secrets From The First 40 Pounds 

Replay of LIVE on my Facebook Business Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethPurvisFan/

For me, this weight-loss has been a manifestation experiment, just likeany other.  

And it has also been unlike anything I have ever done before.  I find myself drawing on Universal Laws and magical techniques that I don’t talk about as much (as some of the biggies on money).  

Do you have a BIG manifestation that you are calling in?   

One that requires you to move through a lot of physical matter?  

Or maybe you need a shot of inspiration as you move to your next level…  

Love & magic, 

Elizabeth signature



PS: Are you feeling the EPIC energy pattern of this Universal 11 Year? 

Women are being called to spiritual leadership like I’ve never seen before in my ten years of coaching… 

Have you been feeling like THIS is the year, and NOW is the time… to pull out ALL the stops, shed what’s been holding you back and CLAIM your Desires, your place at the table? 

This is a year of HUGE rebirth… especially for women leaders. 

Which is why I’m taking a group of them to EGYPT this fall!! 

This is an intimate circle of no more than 14 women, with…

Private mediation inside the Great Pyramid!Private visit to the Sphinx at dawn!Private sail down the Nile in a luxurious  cruise ship…The Mother Temple of Isis…4-star accommodations throughout… 

And so much more… 

ALL documented by my personal photographer (whose images I feature in almost every email – when I’m not taking selfies 😉 )…  

Including your OWN mini photo shoot… 

Even MORE epic! 

We have just a few more spots before the trip is filled. 

Do you KNOW that it’s time to permanently release and clear ALL that no longer serves you? 

Are you ready to release all resistance and truly step into your highest frequency, including your wealth and power? 

One of the LAST FEW SPOTS on this once-in-a-lifetime journey may be meantfor you… 

To request an invite send an email to elizabeth@goddessbusinessschool.com with the subject line:  Egypt Mystery School Tour.

And I’ll tell you more soon…