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Why you CAN sign up a Highest Level client right NOW (if you choose)

Elizabeth Purvis

Ever noticed that the minute you’re leaning in to the idea of something NEW… 

… and BIG… and freaking EXCITING… and WAAAAAY outside your comfort zone… 

Then, you’ll immediately feel the resistance. 

And then your mind goes, “nuh-uh”… 

“I can’t have THAT”… 

“It won’t work because…” 


Yes, the “comfort zone” is a real thing. 

Your mind is actually programmed since birth to BLOCK YOU from going full bore
toward what you want… when what you want is something different than what you’ve
had before.   

So what does this mean? 

It means that all those “yeahbut”s… all that contraction… all that resistance… 

… is just a trick of the mind. 

It’s NOT true, and it’s definitely not Truth. 

So when it appears, you have two choices. 

OPTION ONE: You can battle with your mind, get into push-pull arguments with yourself, and spin your wheels on how frustrated you are, in this state of wanting and not
having, OR… 

OPTION TWO: You can surrender to the TRUTH that… you want what you want.  And then allow yourself to have what you want. 

I know, I know.  Sounds crazy.  But it really IS that simple.   

The drama your ego mind creates is NOT the Truth.  It FEELS like it… because that’s exactly how your mind is TELLING you to feel. 

So you can stay stuck in the battle, or… 

 you can just surrender, say YES and allow. 

Now, in those moments… those moments when you Desire The Thing, and your head is going “no,” and you’re doing this pinball push-pull thing back and forth with yourself… it’s really helpful to know WHY you can actually SAY YES, without fear. 

So here’s WHY you can have what you want right NOW. 

First of all, you always know the difference, deep down, between your Ego mind bullshizzle and what your Essence, Soul and Higher Self really want. 

You always know. 

So when your Soul is saying YES, I Desire THAT… 

… what you’re really following is DIVINE Desire. 

You’re following the Universe’s first law, which is: MORE LIFE. 

If you want to reach your full self-expression… you need to really GET this. 

Like, not an intellectual, I’ll-stay-in-my-head-to-avoid-the-discomfort kind of “getting
it,” but… 

… an UNDERSTANDING that only comes from experience.  From living it first hand. 

Let’s say you want to massively uplevel what you’re charging, and who
you’re serving.

You’re tired of “dialing it in” in your Zone of Excellence.  You’re TIRED of the scramble to “make money.” 

And it’s no surprise, right?  Because it’s NOT WORKING. 

That urge you have for expansion is your Highest Level Self saying… “Hey… it’s time to let go of what you’ve outgrown.  It’s time for the next iteration of the Highest Level version
of US.”   

“It’s time to allow in MORE.” 

And here’s the REALLY wild part… that your “rational mind” or Ego does NOT want you
to know… 

You can ONLY have that Desire from your Highest Level Self when the WAY for that Desire to come into your life is ALSO present. 

This means that… what you seek is also seeking you. 

And you already have everything you need. 

If you want to serve clients at your Highest Level, and receive incredible money
in return… 

… you ALEADY have enough knowledge / training / wisdom. 

… you ALREADY have something you can offer (even if you don’t know what
it is… yet)

… you’ve ALREADY charged enough before now.   

… you ALREADY have enough leads. 

… the people are ALREADY on your list and in your world – even if you don’t
have a list.

… they ALREADY Desire to pay you, because they ALREADY Desire the highest expression of your Divine Work. 

This is Law. 

In other words… the money, clients and full self-expression you really want is HERE, and it’s here RIGHT NOW, and you can have it, right now. 

The TRICK, of course… is to SAY YES instead of falling into the illusions of the mind. 

The trick is to just MOVE FORWARD despite what your mind is saying, or whatever else is being presented to you. 

Because the Mind will DENY DESIRE every time that it can get away with it. 

And the more you let your mind get away with it… the more time slips by, the more you long for what you really want… when you REALLY can just have it already.  

Every day you wait, is a day you miss out – on income, service, extraordinary satisfaction … and so have your people. 

Every day you WAIT is another day being stuck in the longing and the frustration – not just for you, but for THEM too! 

Which is just plain silly, since you both can just Have The Thing already. 

So the next time you think you CAN’T… 

I’m going to challenge you to cut through that crapola. 

Instead of getting lost in it… just allow it to be. 

And then go STRAIGHT for what you really WANT. 

If you Desire ultra-premium clients, say… and by that I mean, show up in YOUR Highest Level Self, that exists already, and do the deepest work you’ve ever done for the fees you REALLY want… 

YES, it’s going to require getting uncomfortable. 

You might have to use money you’ve set aside for something else to invest in yourself.   

You might have to be willing to put some things out there, not knowing if they will “work” or not. 

You absolutely WILL have to make yourself visible to the clients who want to PAY you, so they can hire you. 

You WILL have to let go of attachment to the outcome. 

You WILL have to CHILL OUT and HAVE FUN… instead of bumming around in the tension of “not having,” like you are right now. 

And really… what’s the alternative? 

Years ago, I was challenged by by a priestess in this way. 

“Are you WILLING to claim who you really are, and show up as that?”

I whined.  “I can’t!”  Blah blah blah. 

To which she said… “How on EARTH is where you are now any better, than showing up as who you REALLY are?” 

And I would put that to you, too. 

Whatever you’re holding back on is causing you some MAJOR discomfort. 

So how is that any better than the discomfort of BE-ing who you are, and ALLOWING the kind of results you really, truly Desire at a Soul level? 

So take a deep breath… 

The Divine has your back. 

You wouldn’t have the Desire were it not ALREADY here for you, in All the Ways. 

Now all there’s left to do is say YES. 

And really, that’s about as simple as it gets.   

Big LOVE and so much MAGIC to you,

Elizabeth signature



PS: If you’re Desiring to make a HUGE leap in what you offer, and what you charge… and fully step into BE-ing the version of you (that already exists!) who easily calls in clients at $20k… $30k… $50k… and UP…  

… for THE work you’re here to do on this planet at THIS time… 

It’s time to apply for Highest Level Transformation.  Email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com now to request
your invitation.

Highest Level Transformation is an immersion experience where you will UPGRADE every aspect of how you’re showing up as a Transformational Leader. 

So you can DO the work you’re really here to do… CLAIM your space in a
noisy marketplace… 

… and make a MASSIVE leap in income by the end of the year. 

Our clients regularly double their investment, at a minimum, and then go on to make more.  Some have done 6-figures in just a few weeks / months. 

  • If you don’t know what you would offer – we’ll figure it out.  (One of my geniuses is discerning exactly what your peeps want and will pay for, then channeling that into an easy YES offer.) 
  • If you don’t know WHO your peeps are – we’ll help you SEE them and CALL
    them forward. 
  • If you’ve never offered anything that big before – well, of COURSE you haven’t, otherwise you would have done it already! 

All of these things are “reasons” your mind is throwing up, to get you to STOP. 

Don’t fall for it.  🙂 

We only have a few weeks left in the year.  Where do you want to be, come
January 1

Still churning and wondering if you can have THOSE clients, at THOSE fees, doing your Highest Level work? 

Or loving up THOSE clients, at THOSE fees, with that money in the bank…  🙂 

I know which one I’d choose for you, if I could… 

Email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com now to request your invite to Highest Level Transformation now. Then get the application back to us right away. 

Time’s almost up for this year!!  Email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com now to request your invite.

Why Frequency Matters So Much (Mini Magic Lesson)

Elizabeth Purvis

“Frequency” and “vibration” have always been hot topics in the create-your-own-
reality conversation.

Everyone knows that it’s important to raise the vibe.

But do you know WHY it’s so important for you to consciously create your frequency so you can effortlessly create your results?

Knowing the WHY behind the principles is important.  Because it’s the distinctions that make the difference.

(A decade as an engineer taught me that one.  😉 )

So here’s the deal with frequency…

You’ve probably noticed that we live in a mirroring universe.

As one of my teachers says – there is NOTHING in our life that we do not create, promote
or allow.

This is NOT about blame and shame.  It’s about understanding this principle, and how energy actually works, and taking 100% ownership of your experience.

I’m going to share this from a spiritual perspective, as that’s my current language, and spiritual teachers have been sharing these principles for years.

But we know that they are starting to be demonstrated in the realm of science, too.  (Check out Lynne McTaggart’s works as a starting point, if you Desire more on this.)

Everything is energy.  We are surrounded by, and made up of, Creative Substance.

We are OF it, and we live IN it.

We couldn’t get away from it if we tried.

And it – Creative Substance – responds to us.

The first great law of the Universe is that energy just is.  (“All is mind, the Universe is mental.”  This is from one of the great works of Western esotericism, The Kybalion.)

And energy is always moving from a non-form, into FORM, and back again.

Whether you call it God, Goddess, Spirit, Creative Substance, “The Thinking Stuff” (Wallace Wattles), Creative Life Force Energy, or the Field…

… this vast SEA of energy that we all come from, and swim in, is constantly responding
to us.

And it responds to us in the ONLY way it can, which is… by feeding you back the SAME form in which you broadcast your energy OUT.

The Field functions by receiving input from us in the form of frequency, and giving us that input BACK.

But what FORM does it come back in?

Perceptions.  Opportunities.  Things “showing up.”  Things you can ACTUALLY see.

Manifestation is NOT about creating “stuff” out of thin air.

Manifesting is about becoming aware – or being able to perceive – things that already exist in your environment.

So… whatever you’re broadcasting OUT…

… is going to be reflected BACK to you, in the form of stuff showing up in your life.

The things you see mirrored back to you can be viewed as “good” or “bad” – it really depends on your perception.

Want to “see” different “things?”

Like NEW opportunities to call in money, clients, a new house, the right school for your kids, or whatever you’re Desiring to attract?

Shift your FREQUENCY to be in alignment with that which you Desire to attract.

Where “attraction” really means “ability to actually SEE opportunities to be-do-have what is already there.”

There’s more to this – a LOT more.

But this is the KEY piece when it comes to frequency.

With this ONE awareness and then understanding… you can change everything.

Your frequency touches EVERYTHING in your business…

  • Your ability to be SEEN and VISIBLE, so that opportunities can find you
  • Your perception in others’ eyes as an expert or an authority
  • The people you attract – clients, friends, lovers, team (this is HUGE!)
  • Your ability to have relationships
  • Downloading and channeling new bodies of work, including programs at all different price points and levels
  • Being fully booked 6 months out (as one of our Highest Level Transformation clients was, by the end of 10 weeks in the program)
  • Effortlessly enrolling your programs (including group programs – like another Highest Level Transformation client, who started signing up $5k group clients when she never could before)
  • Creating six-figure income breakthroughs in a few weeks (our clients have done it)…
  • And, you know… how you FEEL on a day-to-day basis…

And more.  Like, everything.

You can use your frequency to predictably control exactly what shows up in your world.

Don’t like what’s showing up in your world?

(Lack, debt, codependent or manipulative peeps, anything…)

Shift your frequency, and you’ll start to experience the world a lot differently.

Of course, this is easier SAID than DONE.  Because our HUMAN selves want to pull us back to the old way.

(It’s a lot simpler, and easier, when you have systems for it, like those we teach in The School of Manifesting and Highest Level Transformation.)

But nonetheless… your awareness is powerful.

Awareness is the catalyst for change.

So the next time you have RESULTS in your life that you DON’T want, get curious and
ask yourself…

“What frequency (or frequencies) am I broadcasting OUT, that this circumstance is mirroring back to me?  

And what do I now choose instead?”

Just asking these two questions is going to shift your energy!  (Hint: curiosity is a frequency. 😉 )

And then stick with me, and watch for future trainings, where I’ll go into this in
more detail.

Have a beautiful day!

And remember… frequency matters.  Choose one that’s empowering.

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: If you want to attract clients who will happy pay you the ultra-premium fees – $20k – $50k and up – for YOUR unique sacred genius work, the work you were BORN to do… 

… then Step Zero – the foundation of everything – is showing up at the FREQUENCY that allows for that. 

Your Highest Level Frequency allows for a lot MORE than just those clients to find you, come to you, and pay you.  (As you’ve just seen above.) 

Nonetheless, if you Desire those clients, and a new experience with money… 

… FREQUENCY is where it all starts. 

Without your frequency being where it needs to be… all those checklists, templates, scripts and blueprints might as well be blank pieces of paper.  (Or PDF’s. 😉 ) 

Not to mention the fact that when you’re serving clients at those fees – the “blueprints” usually need to go bye-bye. 

Highest Level Clients don’t want the “blueprint” they can download off the internet on their own. 

They want YOU, operating at YOUR Highest Level. 

And that’s exactly what I show you HOW to do, in very practical ways, in Highest Level Transformation – our money magic immersion where you’ll sign up ultra-premium clients for your soul-level work. 

I’ve identified the KEY areas that affect your frequency the most, when you’re embodying your transformational leadership… 

(Kinda hilarious that I’ve SYSTEMATIZED frequency, but… what can I say?  That’s my engineer’s mind for you. 😉 ) 

Of course, YOU will make it your own.   Because you’re YOU, not a cookie-cutter-clone… and that’s the POINT.  😉 

We have just a couple of spots available for Highest Level Transformation
THIS month.

Enrollment is by invitation and application ONLY.  (This is to preserve the energy of the group, and because it’s not a fit for everybody.) 

If you want your income breakthrough SOONER rather than LATER… email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com to send me a message, requesting your invite. 

Make it a high vibe day!!

3 Ultra-Premium Clients In A Weekend (New LIVE)

Penelope Jane Smith and Elizabeth Purvis

Sometimes, dear friends become clients.  And then rock it out. 

Such is the case with this Goddess, Penelope Jane Smith… 

Penelope and I have been in each other’s circles for years.  (That’s a picture of the two of us together at a retreat in 2014.) 

First she was on MY radar… way back in 2008, when I was still struggling, trying to find my place and my work, after I quit my J-O-B. 

I heard her on a podcast, talking about what she knows best – financial freedom
for women. 

We met soon after that.  And over the years we became friends. 

This spring, Penelope stepped into Highest Level Transformation.  (In fact, she was our very first client.) 

At that point, Penelope had been busting a move with 1-on-1 clients, after having her little one.  And like many new moms, she was beginning to feel burnt out. 

Once in the program, she realized (as many of our clients do) that the burnout was really a question of having the right business model. 

Plus, she was READY to claim her space in her Highest Level Brilliance –  financial freedom creation for entrepreneurial women getting a late start. 

So she designed a suite of programs, that all work together, with an ultra-premium option at the very top – her Highest Level Transformation. 

By the end of the program, she hosted a small event, where she made $120k in sales, including THREE brand new ultra-premium clients! 

And now she has a repeatable system to do it again… 

Best of all, she is fully in her ZONE, as a master teacher of wealth creation. 

Come join Penelope and I, as we jam together on Facebook Live, TOMORROW… 

How To Enroll 3 Ultra-Premium Clients In A Weekend
with Elizabeth and Penelope Jane Smith 

Wednesday, October 24 at 3pm PT (tomorrow) 

The Feminine Magic® Facebook Page:

This is going to be a JUICY session! 

Join me LIVE tomorrow at 3pm on Facebook  and prepare to be inspired… 

(And oh yeah – be sure to bring something to take notes on.  😉 ) 

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: Think you’re not “ready” for that kind of success? 

Think again! 

If you Desire it, it’s possible for you. 

If ONE woman has paved the way, it’s possible for you. 

And having taught income breakthroughs with high-end sales for a decade now… I can assure you… that many, many women in our world have created success, well beyond what they ever hoped for. 

And that makes me SO happy, because what our clients in Highest Level Transformation are REALLY up to is… breaking through their self-imposed limitations around what’s possible – with money, for themselves, and for their clients. 

The first step to busting through your income ceiling is getting REAL about what you
really Desire. 

If you truly Desire to make a massive leap in how you SHOW UP in the world, who you serve, and HOW you serve…  

If you’re ready to STOP HIDING the juiciest parts of yourself, CLAIM them FULLY, and ALLOW in the income you Desire and deserve, doing what you know you were put on this planet to do… 

… then email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com right now, to request your invitation to Highest Level Transformation.  Review it, then get your application back to me.  We’ll then have a conversation about next steps. 

Requesting your invitation does NOT commit you to anything.  But it does send a powerful message to Creative Substance that you’re really serious about what you Desire. 

And THAT can only be met and reflected back to you, in kind.  (Energy follows energy and intent, always.) 

Also?  We only have a few spots available this month.  So the longer you wait, the longer you’re putting your income breakthrough off.  (Power tip: the energy of waiting will get reflected back to you, too.  😉 ) 

Email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com to request your invite now.

She Made A Huge Leap In Income (And Frequency)… Here’s How

Michelle Orwick

Recently I got to hang with one of our amazing clients, Michelle Orwick.

Michelle is one of our Highest Level Transformation clients who created epic results in a very short period of time – including doubling her income in under 90 days.

We did an interview and recorded it for you. You’ll find the replay below…

How Michelle Doubled Her Income In 90 Days
By Embodying Her Highest Level Frequency
Case Study with Michelle Orwick

REPLAY Available now on the Feminine Magic® Community Facebook Page

You’ll discover…

  • How Michelle made the shift from local (read: best-kept secret) healer, to impacting her clients worldwide while doubling her monthly income in under 90 days
  • The key factors that empowered Michelle to claim her space as the epic healer she already is, and quickly shift into much higher fees (2x – 3x what she was charging before)
  • How to inspire your clients to ELEVATE their own frequency and call forward the very best in them, so they get amazing results
  • How to amplify your results well past the end of the Highest Level Transformation program (hint: Michelle didn’t make just one program… 😉 )
  • The blessing of being in a high-level group with other rock star
    ambitious women…
  • And a lot more….

This interview rocked. Watch the replay now and prepare to be inspired.

Is it time for you, too, to stop hiding out, leave “best kept secret” status behind and claim YOUR space as a highly influential, highly paid LEADER of transformation?

Do you know deep down that it’s TIME to make your soul-level work THE highest offering you have – your Highest Level Transformation – and receive EPIC fees ($20k, $35k, $50k and UP) you know you Desire and deserve?

We have just a few spots available in Highest Level Transformation for October enrollment.

AND, it’s very very likely (not guaranteed, but likely) that this is the LAST enrollment campaign to our community this year.

Highest Level Transformation is NOT for everybody.

It’s for coaches, practitioners and healers who are ready to be true LEADERS, and living examples of the change they wish to see.

If that’s you, email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com now and send us a note requesting an invite.

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: If you get your application ASAP… you’ll be a part of this brand new, just
added bonus…

… a workshop where I’ll walk you through creating your Highest Level Downsell.

WHAT is your Highest Level Downsell?

Well, imagine you’re talking to new clients about your Highest Level Transformation, and they are NOT YET a fit for your $20k-$35k-$50k program.

What do you do?

You’re going to want to enroll them into something. So you can still serve them, and
get paid.

This is where your Highest Level Downsell comes in.

It’s the offer for the peeps who are JUST BEFORE being ready for your Highest
Level Transformation.

It’s a way you can double your service, and double your results.

Until now, I’ve covered this HOT topic in group coaching calls. I haven’t yet done the
deep dive.

NOW, it’s time. And I’ll be gifting the workshop to anyone who joins us for Highest Level Transformation during the October enrollment period.

SO… if you’re READY to pull out all the stops and ALLOW your soul-contracted, best-of-the-best clients to PAY YOU the Highest Level Fees you know you’re meant to be charging… for the epic work you know deep down you already deliver (NOT what your “monkey mind” says, but what you know in
your HEART)…

… then EMAIL teamgoddess@femininemagic.com NOW to request your invitation. The invite has all the details of the program, including what you’ll get and the results you can expect.

Then get your application back to me right away.

PPS: 88% of the women who have taken Highest Level Transformation so far have made DOUBLE their investment back within a few weeks.

Email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com to request your invite now.

Time to CLAIM Your GAME (You Already Rock – Goddess Wink®)

Elisabeth Purvis Highest Level Transformation

Let me guess… 

You want better clients. 

You want MORE of those clients. 

You want financial abundance. 

You want full self-expression. 

You want to do what you love. 

You want to manifest everything you freakin’ want. 

You want to RECEIVE more because you ARE more. 

You want it to be easy…. 

… and you want it yesterday. 

Am I right, or am I right?  😉 

Well, the good news is… you can have all of that, and more. 

Indeed, it’s all already here.  

(You wouldn’t have had any of those Desires, were that NOT the case.) 

But there is ONE IMPORTANT THING you need to STOP doing first, and that’s… 

STOP telling yourself that you suck.  🙂 

… STOP discounting your talents.
… STOP discounting your skills.
… STOP discounting your amazingness.
… STOP discounting YOUR GAME. 

All of that… 

“I’m not good enough yet” / “I don’t have the right background” / “I don’t have enough training” / “I need to go get some publicity” / “I need more credibility” / insert-your-“I NEED”-of-choice here… 

ALL of that gets to go now. 

See, if you think about it… the things your ego mind has you doing and thinking are kinda CRAZY.   

(And I mean that in a loving way, because here at Feminine Magic® we love up the ego.) 

On the one hand, you’ve been doing your thing for a while (whatever it is you do – be it coaching, teaching, healing others on [X])… you’ve gotten people great results… 

Or if you’re not in business, think of all the things you’ve already accomplished. 

You have TONS of evidence of how smart, loving, capable and AWESOME you already are. 

You already have PROOF of how you’ve helped people in epic ways. 

And then yet… 

As soon as you want something… very, very much… 

Your monkey mind sends you on the “I SUCK” loop-de-loop.  

The self-doubt, “I can’t promise results,” “I need XYZ,” the fear of “what if you might f—up”, what-if-someone-finds-you-out crap. 

If you really think about it… 

This shizzle is CRAZY.  CRAZY. 

Which is why… if you’re Desiring to go to your Highest Level, in business and life… 

If you want to claim your space as a Leader, and truly receive all that goes along
with that… 

… then first, you have to get REALLY disciplined about cutting this sh*t OUT. 

(In a loving way, of course.) 

See… in Universal Law (spiritual law)… there’s this thing called The Law of Sacrifice. 

It’s one of the little-known laws.  It’s not as s-e-x-x-y as, say, the Law of Attraction (yeah, let’s pretend that’s a thing for a moment, even though it’s actually the collective’s imagining of a few other Universal Laws)… or the Law of Polarity (which tells us that you have it all already – see above). 

The Law of Sacrifice kinda gets a bad rap, because it basically says… 

To receive something of a Higher Nature, you must first give up something of a lower nature. 

To receive something MORE, you must first let go of something that’s dragging you down. 

To the uninitiated, this sounds, well, sacrificial.  Like you have to GIVE UP something important to you. 

Because you DO have to give things up, you see. 

But oh my!  ALL THE THINGS you GET to give up! 

The self-doubt! 

The second-guessing! 

The crazy-as-hoo-hoo EGO MIND contortions, the fighting and grasping at the idea that you somehow SUCK or are not good enough! 


And if you’re ready to embody your Highest Level… you get to let it ALL go. 

So today… just for today, maybe… just as a thought experiment (as my husband likes to call them)… 

Just for a day, consider… 

What would be available to you if holding on to whatever form of “I SUCK” your mind is running… was just no longer important to you? 

What if you decided that you were never going to believe ANY form of “not good enough” / “ready enough” / “capable enough” / whatever-enough …. EVER again? 

I invite you to try it on.  Really, truly. 

Take it for a test drive. 

Because when you do, you’re going to discover… that you actually have to work REALLY HARD to hold on to these disempowering beliefs about yourself, your talents, your skills. 

It actually takes a TON of energy.  And you only do it now, because it’s what you’re used to, and maybe what you’ve always done. 

And that’s okay, because you’re already awesome – flaws, negative beliefs, and all. 

But you don’t have to put up with what’s dragging you down.  You don’t have to believe what the ego mind tells you. 

Especially if you Desire more… and are ready to receive it. 

So what would open up for you if you CLAIMED your GAME? 

Only one way to find out… 😉 

You game? 

I lovingly dare you.  🙂 

Love & magic,

Elizabeth signature



PS: Highest Level Transformation is OPEN for enrollment for October!  And I’ve got a brand NEW bonus… (keep reading) 

We’ve got 5 spots available, for more experienced coaches-practitioners-healers-experts who are READY to claim their Highest Level offering, delivering the soul-level work they were BORN to do… for their Highest Level clients… and receive EPIC INCOME in return. 

(Think: $20k… $35k… $50k… and UP.) 

This is for you if you know you’re MEANT to be a highly paid transformational leader, and you’re ready to CLAIM YOUR GAME – the skills and talents you’ve spent years developing – instead of being a best-kept secret. 

It’s for you if you won’t accept anything less than SHOWING up and SERVING in your business in the Highest Way. 

It’s for you if you’re ready to FINALLY release low-level energies like playing small, hiding out, discounting, undercharging, letting clients walk all over you, putting others’ needs before your own… and EMBODY a whole new FREQUENCY of the Highest Level version of you, that already exists right now. 

It’s for you if you want to stop working so freakin’ hard, and have sooo much satisfaction in your business. 

Whether you want an EMPIRE with programs at all different price points, or just a few $50k clients… or something in-between… 

Identifying and offering your Highest Level Transformation – your “very top of your pyramid” offer – is THE place to start. 

(And in the program, you’ll get clear on ALL of it – and more.) 


If you get your application in by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19… you’ll be a part of this brand new, just added bonus… 

… a workshop where I’ll walk you through creating your Highest Level Downsell. 

WHAT is your Highest Level Downsell? 

Well, imagine you’re talking to new clients about your Highest Level Transformation, and they are NOT YET a fit for your $20k-$35k-$50k program. 

What do you do? 

If you’re like 100% of the clients we’ve worked with so far this year… you’re going to want to roll them into something.  So you can still serve them, and get paid. 

This is where your Highest Level Downsell comes in. 

It’s the offer for the peeps who are JUST BEFORE being ready for your Highest Level Transformation. 

It’s a way you can double your service, and double your results. 

Until now, I’ve covered this HOT topic in group coaching calls.  I haven’t yet done the
deep dive. 

NOW, it’s time.  And I’ll be gifting the workshop to anyone who joins us for Highest Level Transformation during the October enrollment period. 

SO… if you’re READY to pull out all the stops and ALLOW your soul-contracted, best-of-the-best clients to PAY YOU the Highest Level Fees you know you’re meant to be charging… for the epic work you know deep down you already deliver (NOT what your “monkey mind” says, but what you know in your HEART)… 

… then email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com to request your invitation.  The invite has all the details of the program, including what you’ll get and the results you
can expect. 

Then get your application back to me right away. 

PPS: 88% of the women who have taken Highest Level Transformation so far have made DOUBLE their investment back within a few weeks. 

Making this one of the lowest risk, highest RETURN investments you can ever make in
your business. 

But you have to be willing to trade WAITING and SOMEDAY and WHEN-I-HAVE-XYZ
for results. 

You willing to make that exchange? 

If you’d like to be considered for one of them, email teamgoddess@femininemagic.com to request your invite.