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Welcome to the 7-Figure Goddess Circle!

I’m Elizabeth.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I believe that our power to manifest – to create or call in exactly what we wish, when we wish – is the #1 skillset we must cultivate if we want to have a happy, fulfilled, successful life.

It’s not about “manifesting stuff” but rather consciously creating the outcomes we choose, instead of living on autopilot or being ruled by circumstance.

I also know, from my own journey and coaching thousands of women over the years, that there is no empowerment without financial empowerment.

And that’s why I’ve chosen money as the uber-practical, real-world application for the spiritual tools that I teach.

This site is full of resources to help you be, do or have anything you truly Desire. Here are some things you don’t want to miss…


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If we’re just meeting for the first time (hello, and hooray!), I invite you to go here to find out more about me, my background and how I came to be a teacher of manifesting, magic and money.

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If you’re new to magic as a personal growth path, read this short introduction.

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Ready to use what really works to manifest your Desires in record time? Download your 4 Manifesting Tools cheat sheet. You’ll also get a short video breaking them all down and how to use them.

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Ready to manifest something big in 30 days or less? Sign up here for our free Manifesting Masterclass. Our clients have used the 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan to create money windfalls, fill their programs, find love, boost their health and so much more.

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Once again, I’m thrilled that you’re here.  Got questions?  Send the team an email at and they’ll be happy to help!

Love & magic,