New Moon Manifesting Ritual Template

Consistent practice is the key to manifesting 

A consistent manifesting practice is at the heart of getting BIG results.

A New Moon Ritual is the foundation for manifesting your deepest dreams. Every month, claim a new intention and start seeing huge changes in your life.  

This will help you:  

  • Identify what energies are present each month and what goals will get the best results 
  • Understand what you really want and how to get it 
  • Discover the tools that make your manifesting WORK 
  • Create a Sacred Space for your ritual 
  • Tap into your Divine power to do anything 
  • Develop best practices to make your Desires a reality 
  • Create a regular manifesting practice  

Download your free New Moon Manifesting Ritual template.  

“WORKING WITH ELIZABETH’S PRINCIPLES I INSTANTLY FELT A SHIFT IN MY ENERGY. BE-ing in this new vibration has helped me consciously create and attract incredible results. I’m thrilled to celebrate that my client flow, and therefore, my monthly income, are now consistent. My lake house sold even though it had been on the market for years. And… I recently manifested a gorgeous vacation home in the mountains for the summer.” 


ELIZABETH PURVIS is a mentor and teacher of magic to thousands of conscious women around the world. She is the founder of the founder of the Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting, where she teaches a holistic system of manifesting known for its consistent, repeatable results. Elizabeth is also a master business coach & founder of Goddess Business School®, which delivers a proven path to create a 6-figure lifestyle business for coaches, healers and change agents.

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