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Now you can learn to use your hidden spiritual genius to kick money struggle to the curb, call in higher amounts of money than ever before…  and, if you’re like many people who discover this formula, shift your unconscious limitations to bust through your current money ceiling – permanently!  

Every other program I had been part of made it so difficult and time consuming to make money. It was years, not weeks. In the first month working with Elizabeth I signed on almost $25k in sales. 


I created more money in six months than I had in a whole year of my most well paid corporate job. Last month I brought in over $8,400! 


Beautiful, Phenomenal Woman –  

If you’re tired of being in the pattern of “not enough money,” no matter what you do (or how “successful” you are)… 

And you’re working your bum-bum off for the money you DO create…  

Or you can’t seem to break through to your next level of income…  

Or you’ve always wondered while some people are able to effortlessly generate large amounts of money while others struggle…  

…this letter is going to change the game for you. 

Elizabeth Purvis,
Creator of Feminine Magic®

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Purvis.  I’m a teacher of practical magic, and a master business coach to transformational leaders. 

For the past 10 years, I’ve used what I’m about to share with you to empower thousands of women to take control of the amount of money that comes into their life.    

And if there’s one thing that I know for sure, it’s THIS…  

Nearly ALL of our students and clients Desire more money!! 

(This is true regardless of how successful they already are.) 

And yet… doesn’t it drive you nuts?  Years ago, I used to get SO frustrated.   No matter what I did, I couldn’t “crack the code” of calling in financial success I really wanted.  

When I quit my J-O-B to start my business… it got a LOT worse.  In a heartbeat, I went from a near-six-figure salary to making just $10,000 per year.  #ouch 

It was so crazy-making!  I quit my job to be happier and to create MORE income than I was making before.  But regardless of what I did or how hard I worked, success stayed out of reach.  And I couldn’t understand why a woman like me (who was “so smart,” “so talented,” “Type A” etc)… couldn’t figure the money thing out. 

Like just about everyone else on the planet, I was truly BLIND to the secret metaphysical forces that govern money creation.  Until… 

The Experience That Completely Changed My Life

When I left my job, I thought I had it all together.  Making money… how hard could it be, right?  (I remember thinking this!) 

Problem was, I was no match for my brain’s inevitable response to having its source of security taken away. 

I floundered in money stress and fear for about two years.  Meanwhile, we (my hubby and I) were racking up debt like crazy! 

Maybe I “should” have gone back and gotten another J-O-B.  But that would have been like death to me… I was so ready to be living my purpose. 

Finally, I decided that I’d had enough.  While washing dishes in my kitchen sink in Brooklyn… I made an all-or-nothing-decision to CHANGE my financial situation, no matter what it took. 

And I asked myself, What does it REALLY take to manifest money?” 

As a practitioner of Western esoteric traditions, I have long studied the invisible forces that shape our world.  So when I finally asked myself that question… something CLICKED. 

The answer came flooding in.  I sketched out a manifesting process to follow. 

Immediately after that, the “HOW” of making the money showed up, clear as day. 

Of course I was skeptical… but I decided to drop the mental struggle and just follow the process exactly. 

30 days later… I’d booked $20,000 in new business, with over $10k of that in cash.   

I was blown away. 

couple of months later… I did it again.  $25,000. 
couple of months after that… I did it again.  $30,000. 

The Money Manifesting Formula was born. 

As a result of our work together, I’ve now booked more business in the first two months of this year than all last year combined… and it continues to get better and better. 


I’ve been able to release my non-serving money story and create the money that I want in my life. I am forever grateful to this program for igniting my fire for money and helping me create more freedom. 


"Making Money Is Easy..."

After those initial “manifestation experiments, I decided to go full bore in my coaching practice. I also made commitment to master money manifestation.  

Over the next 18 months, I went from $10,000 a year… to over $200,000 in a single year! 

And this was well before Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn became the giants they are today… 

I was so stunned by my transformation that I poured even more time into honing and refining my methods.  I took what began as my manifesting process (now known as the Core Manifesting Process®, taught in our popular Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting training) and adapted it into a set of specific, repeatable instructions to manifest money on command. 

Women in my industry started to come to me, wanting to know what I was doing.  I began teaching the Money Manifesting Formula to them, too… along with specific ways (i.e., “the HOW”s) to easily create income. 

Since then, I’ve created over $5m in revenue in my business using this formula.  I’ve cleared our debts, began investing, added additional streams of income… and am well on my way to creating true financial freedom for our family.  

“Making money is easy” became – and still is! – my money mantra.  My lack programming shifted completely… I became, and still am, absolutely fearless about manifesting money with integrity.  People have told me that on the outside, it looks like magic. 

Now, I’m a teacher of real magic.  (The “create your reality”) kind.    

And I can tell you that… while this formula feels like magic, there is nothing “magical” (or “magical thinking”) about it at all. 

Indeed, this is some of the most PRACTICAL metaphysical wisdom you will ever come across. 

These secrets to money manifestation are hidden in plain sight.  Once you know the secrets, learn the formula, and surrender to the process (instead of fighting it)… nothing will be the same.  

Until now, you had to be in one of our higher-priced trainings to learn The Money Manifesting Formula.  But for the first time, I’m teaching this on its own… at a VERY accessible investment… so that so many more women can benefit. 

I manifested more money than ever before, not only through my clients and programs, but also through opening to other revenue streams. And I manifested what I thought would be my last Desire: my Dream Home, my little Paradise on Earth… and to be a millionaire!  


I manifested back my initial investment in the first month, blew my bold money goal out of the water in the second month…now 5 figure months are a standard in my mind and bank account. 


So What's The REAL Secret To Turning On Your Divinely Given Ability To Manifest Money When YOU Choose? 

Within about 5 minutes, I can identify pretty closely what your current experience with money is… and the reason why is because each of us has a “financial normal,” or baseline, that has already been coded in our minds. 

This “financial normal” is NOT just your “subconscious beliefs,” or “mindset,” but… your past experience. 

Have you ever noticed that you repeat PATTERNS in your life? 

Like, you’re always falling for the same (dysfunctional!) kind of partner… you lose weight only to regain it and return to within a few pounds of where you were…  

… and you feel STUCK at the same level of income, no matter what you do or try? 

You might even think you’re “destined” to whatever level you’re playing at in your life. 

Uh… that’s a BIG, FAT NO, dear Goddess.   

Listen, you were BORN to EXPAND, to GROW, to BE fully self-expressed, to LIVE your highest ideal.  Our brains are actually PROGRAMMED to call us forward!! 

AND… at the same time…. our brains are also PROGRAMMED to keep repeating the same states over and over again!! 

You might THINK it’s your “money beliefs” or “money blocks” that are causing your heartache with money.  (“Oh I just have a limiting belief…”) 

But your beliefs are just ONE small part of a much bigger picture that your brain is playing out… 

Your brain actually doesn’t CARE about your beliefs.  All your beliefs are to your brain are a way to make you do whatever is required to keep you experiencing the SAME dang problems, over and over again. 

Your brain is going for a “safe STATE.” 

Currently, your brain’s “safe state” when it comes to money is… LACK.  Struggle.  Overwork and overwhelm.  Whatever that thing is that you’ve experienced over and over and OVER again. 

Your brain goes, “Ok, well, that didn’t kill me!” and sets out to re-create it again.  

So when you set out to make more money, you can do it one of two ways… 

You can work on your mindset (read: fight with your brain) until your head hurts, OR…. you can just go make more money. 

When you ALLOW IN more money, your brain begins to accept it as “safe.”  Do it over and over again, and…. it begins to become the new normal.  

The Money Manifesting Formula gives you an EXACT process to manifest money – WITHOUT your old programming getting in the way.  And that’s just the beginning.  You’ll understand what has been creating your CURRENT experience (it’s not what you think) and exactly what you need to do in order to create a NEW, RICH experience with money, permanently. 

I can’t WAIT to share this with you!  There is, however, ONE thing that you MUST be willing to do first… 

STOP Working On Your “Money Mindset,” Already! 

If you’ve spent YEARS working on your “mindset,” and you’re still in the same place financially… and you’re still feeling money stress and the constant “not enough” – even if you’re making more than before… 

Or you’re constantly saying affirmations, making vision boards, and doing “inner work” for more prosperity… and nothing is changing… 

Let me assure you: you’re NOT crazy for wondering WHY you’re not flush with cash… YET. 

And get ready to breathe a HUGE sigh of RELIEF! 

The first thing you’re going to do when you join me for The Money Manifesting Formula 2.0 program is… let all the extraneous “money mindset” shizzle GO. 

YES, your mindset is important.  But as I said… it’s just ONE part of a bigger picture.  And it’s NOT the real result that we’re going for. 

Think of it this way…. 

Nobody “works on their mindset” to get to the goal of “having a great money mindset.” 

You “work on your mindset” in order to allow in more money!! 

The irony is, when you get SO used to doing the “money mindset work,” it can actually pull you away from allowing in more. 

If you focus on “fixing what’s broken,” you get more of what’s “broken.”   

(Also?  You’re NOT “broken.”  Hello.) 

So let’s STOP using “mindset” as the middleman, and go straight for what you want, shall we? 

With the Money Mindset Formula… you’ll use the secrets that make mindset almost irrelevant… and focus SOLELY on what really matters: calling in more money so your brain will naturally program itself with “more money” being YOUR new financial normal. 

Can a simple change in your approach really make such a huge difference in your life? 

You bet it can. Just listen to what these women have to say…

My whole approach to business has transformed. I made $30K in one day— and it as easy, light and joyful. 


While embodying this same energy and working with Elizabeth, my income tripled (I went from charging a few hundred per session to receiving to a few thousand per client in the first month). From there I consistently manifested lucrative joint venture partnerships and I created the freedom to live and work in Bali and Europe…a long time desire for me. 


With Elizabeth’s help, I created my first $7500 offer and sold it within the first 60 days. Since then I have gone on to create 10k, 12k and even 14k packages, all while working 4-5 half-days per week. 


Are these women any different from you?  Of course not!  They represent new transformation practitioners (coaches, energy healers, course creators)… more experienced business owners… even those who are just “regular” folks, currently working in a job. 

Many are already successful… but they KNEW that they had been living with an invisible money ceiling.   

The only thing they did was put aside their doubts, fears, and ways that were no longer working, all so they could give this a try.  For some of them, learning the Money Manifesting Formula cost them thousands of dollars – and it was worth every cent! 

We have hundreds of stories from over the years from women like you who have used this process and the teachings behind it.   Now it’s your turn. 

You Can Use This Well-Tested Formula To Successfully Manifest New Money… In 30 Days Or Less!

So, there’s a good reason why I’m sharing all of this with you. 

For years, the only way you could get your hands on The Money Manifesting Formula was to take one of my programs, priced at $1000 and up (usually much more). 

Our clients and students happily paid, because they knew of my reputation – and track record – as the money breakthrough expert for conscious, ambitious women. 

Now, I’m teaching The Money Manifesting Formula in a homestudy program on its own! 

I’m going to walk you through it with laser focus, plus give you a 30-day money manifesting plan so you can begin to create a brand new money reality for yourself. 

Here are just SOME of the transformations that are in store for you, along the way… 

You can make more money than you ever imagined.  It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you’ve made or how you’ve “failed” in the past.  The Money Manifesting Formula will show you how to consciously call in a LOT more money, at a faster pace – without “magic pills” or “get rich quick” nonsense. 

You can take 100% control of the amount of money in your life.  It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are right now.  The Money Manifesting Formula will show you exactly HOW this is possible for you, and put you on the path to achieving your financial goals and living your dream life – whatever that is for you! 

If you’re already successful, the Money Manifesting Formula will show you how to allow in even more financial abundance.  You choose how much you Desire to make! 

You’ll bust past those old “money blocks” once and for all, when you know how to shift your belief system from the OUTSIDE in by creating a new experience.  You’ll discover how to make it SAFE to have more money in your life – so your mind (which only wants the best for you!) will allow it in, rather than blocking it. 

You will learn how to go from being ruled by LACK-based programming (which everyone has, regardless of success level)… to understanding and experiencing true abundance.  Imagine what will unfold for you when you trade “not enough” for “all that I Desire, and MORE.”  

Erase everything you THOUGHT you knew about “the Law of Attraction” and watered down, ineffective metaphysical teachings!  You’ll discover exactly how Universal Law works, so you can use the Laws consciously to achieve every dream. 

Turn your financial fears and frustrations into your best friends and teachers.  Money struggle will no longer dominate your life and hold you back; instead, you’ll learn to work WITH your natural wiring to begin to allow in extraordinary wealth (if you so choose). 

Discover how to KEEP more of what you call in with one of my all-time favorite tools to jumpstart your wealth building.   This system gives you a simple path to immediately get your money working FOR you – regardless of how much you make right now. 

Here’s What You Get
 When You Say Yes To... 

Homestudy Program

Recordings of my Money Manifesting Formula virtual workshop.  In just 3 hours… not only am I going to lay out the formula for you, I’m going to walk you through the process. You’ll get started attracting money immediately – no waiting! (And if you can’t listen all at once, no worries – you can listen in on your schedule.) (VALUE: $997) 

My money manifesting morning ritual!  If you’ve been in my programs before, you know that powerful personal practices – aka RITUALS – are the backbone of manifesting success.  AND you’ve likely encountered my 30-Day Manifesting Game Plan – a simple morning ritual to call in ANY result or outcome, usually in 30 days or less.  I’ve taken this ritual, simplified it even further and tailored it exclusively for your money goals! (Value: $997+) 

The to-the-core-of-you understanding of HOW to call in money, any time you choose.  Imagine how different your life will be when you have the confidence and the understanding of HOW to create money you truly Desire.  THAT’S what this opportunity really means for you – the bottom line! (VALUE: PRICELESS) 

Best Of All, You’ll Get The Same Teachings For A Fraction Of What My Highest Level Coaching Clients Had To Pay.

Listen, some of my highest level clients might be furious with me for sharing these secrets with you… especially since you’ll only be paying a fraction of what they paid. 

But I have always – ALWAYS – been committed to the financial empowerment of women, regardless of their current level of success, or what they THINK they can manage.  (Hint: You are waaaaay more powerful than you think you are!) 

That’s why after 10 years of coaching, teaching and mentoring on the art of money manifestation to small groups only… 

… it’s time to FINALLY pull back the curtain and make the investment within reach of everyone. 

Yes, if you’re totally NEW to this world of manifesting, you might still have to stretch to make it happen.  

But if you found your way here and reading this right now – you already have everything you need to say YES to this training. 

PLUS, You’re Protected By My
“Make Your Money Back” Guarantee.

Say YES to your financial future. Do all the trainings in the homestudy program, and implement the formula for a full 60 days – that’s another FULL MONTH after the program completes, just in case you’re short on time right now.

If after doing the practices (this means using the Money Manifesting Formula and the accompanying ritual for at least a month)… you STILL haven’t made your investment back… just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund.

If you work the program, you’ll get the results – it’s that simple. So if you show us that you participated fully and still didn’t manifest at least the amount you paid… then it’s only right for us to return your money.

THAT’S how much I stand behind this formula that I’ve used myself to manifest $5m over the past several years… the same one that I still use to this day. And THAT’S how much I want you to join us, if it is in your joy to do so!

Here Are The Bonuses You’ll Get For Signing Up For The Homestudy Program Right Now…

40+ Ways to Manifest Money Quickly Cheat Sheet

It’s the question I get the most often: “HOW, exactly, am I gonna call in the money, Elizabeth?”  If you’re new to this work, the Way (i.e., The HOW) can seem illusive.  I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to “get the download” regarding the specific way you’ll call in money…. AND to make it even easier, I’m gifting you with this done-for-you cheat sheet of over forty ready-made ways to bring in money quickly!!! (Value: $197) 

Manifesting Freedom from Debt training

If you’re in debt right now, and you Desire to release it in months, rather than years... while expanding your impact AND being of service in the highest way possible… THIS is the training you want.  This is the exact process I used to release over $100k of debt in 10 months.   The new perspectives I lay out will empower you to release the shame of debt FOR good, while releasing the debt itself, faster than you ever thought possible. (Value: $297) 

Future Money Master Experiential Process

This experiential process one of the most effective magical techniques I’ve ever created to speed up manifestation.  I will show you a simple, reliable way to embody the exact vibration it takes to call in the money you really want, NOW.  Best of all, it takes about 15 minutes, tops. (Value: $97) 

The Financial Freedom Kickstarter

The FIRST thing you need to get on the road to creating REAL wealth and ultimately financial freedom is a way to get your money working FOR you.  This is my all-time-favorite tool for making sure that all that extra money you’re creating goes where YOU want it to… toward your FREEDOM, while living the rich juicy life you want right now!!  (Value: $197) 

Which No-Risk Payment Option Would You Like? 

Follow This Simple Process To Jumpstart Your Journey To Financial Freedom

Countless success stories from my clients over the years show that The Money Manifesting Formula has transformed women’s lives, both professionally and personally – in fast, significant and often permanent ways. 

Women have kicked scarcity and “not enough to the curb and transformed their old money stories for good. 

Women have come to TRULY understand, and use, their Divinely given power to create money. 

Coaches, energy healers, teachers and leaders have gone from “barely getting by” to consistently high money months. 

Women have jumpstarted, then accelerated, their journey to financial freedom and never having to work again. 

And soooo much more…. 

Hand to heart, I want this for you too.  

No matter what your circumstances, or where you’re starting from right now… YOU have the power within you to make it happen… fast.  

Love & magic, 

PS:  Register now using the buttons above, while it’s still fresh in your mind.  Deep in your heart, you know if it’s time to allow more money into your life… and to master, once and for all, your ability to manifest money on command.  Please don’t let this opportunity go by, by thinking you’ll come back to it “later.” The time is NOW, the opportunity is NOW.  Register NOW using the buttons above! 

PPS: I’ve never before revealed the Money Manifesting Formula in this level of detail before, other than to my most elite clients.  For $597, you get a real chance to discover how to use metaphysical tools and practical action to create REAL money in the bank – whenever YOU choose!  I’m taking all the risk by giving you my “Make Your Money Back” guarantee.  I’m 100% on board with giving you that, because I know that when you actually USE this formula, you’ll see results – just as I have, and my clients have.  You truly have nothing to lose.  Register NOW using the buttons above! 

I was able to ease-fully and joyfully create my first high-end program AND earn $20,000 during its launch week. Now I am on my way to 7-figures AND feeling clear, on fire with passion, and standing in my heart-centered purpose. 


In the first two months, I brought in $19,220, still working part-time hours. I recouped my investment with ease and achieved my goal of creating my first $10K month straight away. 


I’m thrilled to celebrate that my client flow, and therefore, my monthly income, are now consistent. My lake house sold even though it had been on the market for years. And I recently manifested a gorgeous vacation home in the mountains for the summer.   


Working with these principles and practices has launched my work to the next level and opened up all sorts of abundance. I signed up 4 new clients for a total of $12K and manifested another $15K from my 2nd online summit — all in the same month! Then another $30K from group programs. 


Elizabeth Purvis is a teacher of magic and manifestation to thousands of women around the world, leading them to develop their Divinely-given Creative Power, especially in the realm of money. She is the creator of Feminine Magic®, a set of practices for women to magnetize their deepest Desires, and the founder of Highest Level Manifesting, where she teaches a holistic system of manifesting known for its consistent, repeatable results.

A priestess & practitioner of Western esoteric traditions for over 20 years, Elizabeth is also a master business coach and income breakthrough mentor. Using her systems, Elizabeth’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multi-six-figure launches and more. Discover more of her work and the 7-Figure Goddess community at Feminine

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