Ready for a proven system to create phenomenal money in your
transformation business…without breaking the bank??

Hi, Im Elizabeth Purvis. Over the past 8 years Ive become known in the online space as the go-to Business Coach for the conscious, ambitious woman who wants a massive income breakthrough as a Transformational Coach, Practitioner or Healer. 

Living up to the street cred," our clients have created massive success and MILLIONS of dollars in income through business masterminds, private mentoring and group trainings. 

And… amidst all that transformation… the urge to grow and expand in my own right, has become too real to ignore.  

We've been switching gears all year and now its time to close certain aspects of our business… likely for good.  

Which means  

Were officially closing the doors to our MOST POPULAR business training, Goddess Business School®, and offering you an opportunity to access this comprehensive, mega results generating, curriculum for a very short window at a really screaming deal.  

You Want In On Goddess Business School® Home Study Program IF Youre Ready For A Proven  System To 

  • Start receiving $3,000… $5,000… even $10,000+ from private clients who are seeking YOU out to hire you. Consistently. 
  • Build a sustainable 6-figure+ business thats structured to include time and money for ALL of the things that are important to you family, friends, a healthy lifestyle, travel— without sacrificing the growth you Desire. 
  • Finally impact and transform the lives of tens, hundreds or even thousands of people… doing exactly what you were born to do while being paid well to do it…  
  • Stop working soooooo hard without ever creating consistent results.  

What Sets This Training Apart?

The Goddess Business® School Difference

When you’re looking for business training online, there are A LOT of programs to choose from.  

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I was just one of three or four business coaches serving coaches, practitioners and healers back in the day. There is just sooooo MUCH out there! 

And I love that the industry is exploding BUT it is becoming really hard to tell, at first glance, which programs are smoke and mirrors and which actually create results.  It’s become increasingly difficult to know you’ll actually receive on the other side of a $4997 investment, or even a $497 one for that matter.  

Goddess Business School® is different.  

Several years ago, back when Goddess Business School® was created, the online training landscape looked much different. There were far fewer Coaches offering this kind of material online at our original price point (almost $10K!). This meant I had to work REALLY consciously to build a training that I knew would deliver results.  

And that’s exactly what we did.   

At the heart of Goddess Business School® is tried and true path To creating a thriving 6-Figure business— a curriculum that’s unmatched in the business coaching industry for its depth, clarity and track record.   

It includes the step-by-step training you need to create a 6-figure transformational service business designed around your lifestyle.  And nothing you don’t…   

This includes the tools you need to kickstart your success by signing on  a new high-paying client in the first 30 days to move that double your investment (when you do the work)! 

Originally this program was taught live and content was dripped out each week which was great for our clients who were just getting started, but truthfully, a little frustrating if you’ve already got a bit of momentum going.

As a home study program you’ll get instant access to EVERY single module in the Goddess Business School® program RIGHT AWAY so you can start where you need to, when you need to and implement at your own pace to fill-in-the-gaps and start creating results immediately. 

With The Goddess Business School® Home Study Program

You Receive…

  • A proven, step-by-step system to create $10,000+ per month in your transformational service business, consistently. 
  • The simplest, most effective strategies to grow a 6-figure business online and off (including tactics you can adapt for social media) 
  • The speaking formula that I still use today to gross 7+ figures in my business. 
  • The exact transformational selling system our clients have used to generate millions and millions of dollars. 
  • High end program training that has allowed our clients to successfully launch $30K programs right out the gate. 
  • Mini mindset and manifestation teachings that create unstoppable confidence.  
  • Systems that automate your business and attract clients FOR you. 
  • Training modules that you can easily fit into YOUR schedule (broken down into 10 - 20 minute chunks  available in video, MP3 and PDF, so you can dig in however feels best to you.) 
  • Lifetime access download and add these modules to your library to use over and over for years to come 

Your Goddess Business School® Home Study Program Includes: 

Immediate Access To All 12 Video Modules Covering the Goddess Business School® Curriculum. 

Featuring the tools, systems and mindsets you need to take your conscious business to 6-figures and beyond: 

  • Client Attraction Essentials: Where To Find Clients & More 
  • Secrets of Transformational Selling: How To Seal The Deal” With Integrity 
  • How to Create Your Branded Unique Process For Client Transformation 
  • Money Mastery 101: How To Set Your Fees, Make More & Keep More 
  • How To Automate Your Business & Free Up Your Time 
  • 6-Figure Speaking: How To Craft Your Talk & Get Booked 
  • How To Get Clients Online (Turn Your Website Into A Client-Attracting Machine) 
  • How To Build Your List To 1,000 (… and then 10,000+!) 
  • How To Create Compelling Content That Creates Raving Fans 
  • How To Attract and Lead a Rockstar Team 
  • Referral Systems & Strategic Alliances 
  • Consistent Cash Marketing: How To Grow Your Business on Autopilot 

12 Step-By-Step Action Guides 

Each training module comes with its own Action Guide which lays out exactly what to do to implement the strategies you’re learning, step by step. You’ll always know what action to take next and stay motivated as you take action on what you learn and see results! 


12 Feminine Leader Coaching Videos 

You’ll have instant access to 12 “Feminine Leader Coaching Minute” videos from me, where I’ll coach you on a key topic around mindset, money, manifestation or personal mastery. These powerful and inspiring videos will help you shift your consciousness and empower you to action.  


Done-For-You Resources For Quick Implementation 

Our clients tell us that we set the standard with our done-for-you materials: proven templates, checklists and scripts that make it easy to take action. This is the same stuff I still use in my own business (yes, even now), saving you thousands of dollars in wasted time and effort. DFY materials are released with the appropriate training modules. 


Members-Only Facebook Group  

Connect with a virtual community of conscious women (and a few men, too) as you move through the program. When it’s time to share a success, attract an accountability partner or collaborate with others as you move through the curriculum, this is the place to be. 


PLUS… Enjoy AccesTo These Bonuses  

  • The $250K Business Plan (Value: $497) This roadmap outlines exactly where you need to focus in each of the 4 stages of business. You'll be able to identify where you are right now and what you need to put into place to create a thriving business that generates $250K+ on your terms. 
  • How To Discover Your 6-Figure Niche (Value: $497) Get clear and confident on who you help, what problem you solve and how to craft a compelling marketing message that attracts clients consistently. 
  • Your First 3 Clients Fast Start Training (Value: $497) Discover exactly what to do to attract your first – or next – 3 clients in 30 days... or less. With this fast start bonus, you'll have everything you need to make your investment back right away. 
  • Conscious Business Resources Rolodex (Value: $297) This regularly updated Rolodex of conscious business resources includes our best recommendations, including all the vendors, support and "techie" stuff we use to keep our biz flowing. 
  • WITH Lifetime Access (Priceless!) 

This Program Is My Most Popular Business Training For A Reason...  

It WILL Transform Your Business! 

The entrepreneurs in my world are ambitious, conscious women who are here to serve and create a really BIG impact with their gifts.  For years they’ve come to ME when they’re ready to  stop spinning their wheels and start doing what works.  

In fact, there's been a wait list growing for Goddess Business School® for well over a year! 

Even though I'm moving into a new direction that doesn’t currently encompass business coaching, I'll ALWAYS be called to support the personal growth path that is entrepreneurship. And I'll always believe in the power of creating a solid foundation for your business, first.  

The Goddess Business School® Home Study Program is my gold standard for creating a sustainable, scalable 6 Figure+ business that is of high service to you and the world 

It's a well-tested system that can dramatically shorten your learning curve and save months – even years – trying to achieve similar results on your own. 

If you’re ready to lay the foundation for 6-figures and beyond 

If you want to speed up your timeline and begin creating impact and income really quickly...  

Saying YES to the Goddess Business School® Home Study Program (at this incredible savings) might be the best move you’ll make all year.    

More than $20K in of proven, results producing business training for only $1197 - OR -  5 easy payments of $297 

This is a no-brainer, Goddess!  

About Elizabeth Purvis,
Founder, Feminine Magic® and
Goddess Business School®

Elizabeth Purvis is a mentor to thousands of conscious women entrepreneurs around the world, teaching them how to use magic, manifesting and proven business strategies to create extraordinary income and impact. 

She is the founder of The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting, Be A Money Magnet, and Goddess Business School®, which delivers a proven path to create a sustainable 6-figure transformational business that can change the world. 

As a mentor and online entrepreneur, Elizabeth created her first 6-figure income in under 6 months as a certified coach, then went on to create a total of nearly 7 million in revenue in just 5 years. Using her systems, Elizabeth’s clients and students have achieved phenomenal results, including quadrupling their incomes in just a few short weeks, multiple 5-figure launches, launching and filling their own high-end programs, and more.  

Above all, Elizabeth is a stand for the creative and financial empowerment of women through conscious entrepreneurship and personal transformation through the art of magic. Her work is dedicated to creating a world where conscious women are the new models for wealth, influence, power and success. 

Carolin Hauser

$18,000 within the first two months!

When I first came across Elizabeth I had been able to consistently make $4000 per month, but I was stuck at that level and not able to break through, and I was making that money with 1-1 clients mostly but selling single sessions, so every month I would start at zero and just hope that by the end ofthe month I would have that $4000. I’m a single mom and I had no other financial support, so it was super stressful, to say the least.

When I joined Goddess Business School®, within the first month I was able to almost double that, and I made $18,000 within my first two months of the program!

Ever since then I’ve been able to bring consistency and predictability into my business. I’ve shifted out of the single session model to programs and high-paying clients, which so much more peace, ease and freedom to my life. Now I have a 6-figure business within 6 months, and I’m on my way to growing that into hopefully a quarter-million next year.

Before Goddess Business School® I had spent a lot of money and taken a lot of programs, but they hadn’t worked for me. Elizabeth’s approach brings both to the table, the inner work and the strategy that it really takes to be successful – it’s like magic!

Joining GBS is the sole reason I made it as a full-time coach.

Before joining Goddess Business School®, I was a part-time coach while in corporate America for over 25 years earning nearly 6-figures. When I was liberated from my full-time gig in late 2013, I joined GBS in 2014. This was the best decision I made AND is the sole reason I’m still self-employed as a full-time coach to this day. Everyone said you’re not going to make a profit in your first year - I did.

With what I learned in GBS, I was able to earn over 60% of my corporate income back. The step-by-step process gave me the necessary knowledge and structure needed to have powerful sales conversations and follow-ups that produced my first $10,000 month in my 6-months in the GBS program.

I also went from a 5% conversation rate in my sales conversations to a consistent 33%. Learning to create packages and programs allowed me to frame my offerings to potential clients in a clear and concise manner. This was a critical element in motivating potential clients to say “Yes”.

Perhaps the biggest shifts have been in my mindset, charging what I‘m worth, and cleaning up money leaks in my business. Every time I’ve plugged my money leaks, money shoes up in the form of new clients!

Now I have a pipeline and structure to consistently attract high-paying clients. I have clear monthly money goals and a process to deliver sustained income. I’ve now hired a Virtual Assistant and I’m building my team for sustained growth. I’m growing my brand and becoming known for my seduction and intimacy coaching, which has allowed me to evolve my program offerings.

Stacey Murphy 
Queen of Juicy Love & Feminine Allure

Vanessa Long

OFFICIALLY a 6-figure international business coach.

Before Goddess Business School, my business was doing okay financially but I had hit a plateau and couldn’t work any harder without proper systems and structures. I was definitely on an income roller coaster with a really good month ($10-$15K) followed by several not so good months. I knew I needed to build a solid foundation or my business would drain the life out of me.

Now, I am having my best year-to- date ever and am OFFICIALLY a 6-figure international coaching business! I have more ease in my business and trust that the money is coming. I also had my first $20k month, which allowed me to pay off the program in full. I’m up-leveling my web presence and branding and I love having a step-by- step path to follow. It just feels easier. With access to the GBS modules, I have the resources I need. I have the $250k Lifestyle Business Plan on my wall and I love having the reminder to stay focused on what matters. I can share vulnerably on the GBS Facebook group when I need, and get tons of support. I love being part of a community where we lift each other up and co-operate and co-create instead of competing.

I came out of a different program last year that left me feeling pretty beaten and unclear of my value. Now, I’m clear on what I bring to the table (what sets me apart from other coaches) and it allows me to show up powerfully and authentically in the online space – my Facebook group (which I’d kept hidden before GBS) has become a huge source of power and joy in my life. I have the courage to be visible and authentic about the fact that I do kinda kick ass. :)

I’ve been following Elizabeth for 3 years now and her power and grace continue to inspire me. That she shows up vulnerably and authentically AND powerfully make it so much easier for me to do the same.

In first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)

While I had a successful business doing what I loved, I was totally trapped in the ‘trading time for money’ model which made me feel limited and frustrated, especially because as a full-time Mum, the time I had to trade for the money was limited to part-time hours.

I found Elizabeth’s free program online and applied what I learned straight away. As a result I immediately created my first Virtual VIP program adding $5397 to my income that month with NO additional overheads. I then went on to double my income that year. That was just using her free resources.

That’s when I realized it was time to invest in Goddess Business School®. In first two months, I’ve brought in $19,220. (Still in part-time hours.)

I’m also doing more of what I love OUTSIDE my business, including taking my son on a holiday to New York. (I’m typing this from my hotel room as we speak!)

While I’m truly grateful for the additional income, it’s not just about the money. It’s about creating programs for my clients that truly serve and satisfy them, that give them results way beyond what they’ve invested, whilst giving me the personal fulfillment, financial abundance and time freedom I’ve been looking for.

Lisa Page
Sacred Intimacy & Relationship Coach

Amy Sedgwick

3-5 new clients per month at fees 4x what I used to charge!

Thanks to Elizabeth’s teaching, I learned a valuable system for generating leads and converting them into clients. I created a free gift that has become an integral and highly effective part of my enrollment process, and it essentially does the work itself!

I also learned how to package my services into programs that create amazing value and results for my clients without creating more work for me. This new way of working enabled my sister and I to move our business fully online without any loss of clients. Today I am easily registering 3-5 new clients per month without having to do almost anything and my program fees are 4 times what I used to charge for my services!

I've had $10k clients, $20k clients, $30k name it.

Before Goddess Business School, I felt great about my coaching, but NOT great about enrolling new clients. I struggled to get out the word about my business, and I got really discouraged when potential clients thanked me for helping them so much… but then said no to working with me.

In GBS, I learned how to talk about my work so people see the value and say YES. I also learned to shift my emotional state so I don’t get paralyzed by fear--and how to stop the “spin cycle” of worry, inaction, and low income. And all of that has translated into real money. Before GBS, I was in the low four figures each month. Since then, I’ve had $10k clients, $20k clients, $30k days… you name it.

Before GBS, on some level I didn’t believe I could really make money doing transformational work. Now I KNOW deep in my body how valuable my work is--and I get paid accordingly. And as I step up the level of my service, my clients are getting bigger and bigger results too--doing their TRUE heart’s work, having FUN in their businesses, and having their own $10k+ months.

I can’t express how grateful I am, or how much my life has changed. I have a thriving business, doing what I love, with clients I love.

Emmeline Chang
Founder, The JoyFULL Path

Dr. Theresa Camozzi
Naturopathic Doctor

My income has increased, patients are getting better care, and I’ve learned to manifest money.

I was in a point in my career when I was almost ready to quit.

Now I have concrete, workable templates for all the aspects of my business, including attracting amazing patients. I am getting clear about who I am as a healer. And, most excitingly, I am creating the transformational programs that my clients have been asking for for ages! I am now empowered to give a level of care that is not possible in the 30-60 minute appointments that we are conditioned to think are the only way to deliver service. So exciting!

The investment for Goddess Business School® was a major stretch, but I took the leap and here’s what’s happened after consuming only 10% of this course: anxiety has taken a back seat to enjoyment, my income is increased, patients are getting better care, AND I’ve learned to manifest money, so that the entire investment required for GBS was recovered within 30 days! I am really looking forward to getting programs up and running and really digging in to what this course has to offer!

Deep personal transformation for my clients and myself...

Before working with Elizabeth, my acupuncture business was busy but stagnant. I was undercharging and doing single sessions, and I was stuck at the same income level fluctuating between $6k-$15k per month, so I knew I had to do something different.

I quickly increased my rates and discovered that people will invest at higher fees. I enrolled 8 people in my 90-day program for fertility patients, for which I’ve increased my fees 3 times already. Now there is so much less “selling myself” as I have more confidence and I’m no longer working session-to-session.

I’m now consistently making $15k-20k+ per month, working with people in deep, transformational ways, and I’m attracting more and more committed clients who are happy to invest.

Personally, I’ve been transformed as I’ve uncovered so many limiting beliefs that were affecting my life and business. Having all the resources and the support of the community available when I need them has been invaluable. I’ve really stepped into my leadership in a much bigger way.

Tsao-Lin Moy

Kelley A. Joyce
MBA, CPCCEO & Founder

​8-10k per month, and my first vacation in years!

Before working with Elizabeth in Goddess Business School®, I was experiencing difficulty in selling effectively, establishing programs and systems for my business, charging higher fees, and generating consistent income.

Thanks to what I learned, I now have two Executive and Career coaching programs The Exec Whisperer and True Work. I regularly achieve $8-10K per month in revenue and I am confident in my ability to fully support myself on my coaching income. I've also just taken a two-week vacation to Europe - the first in several years.

Now I'm looking forward to further automating my marketing, growing my readership, securing profitable JV relationships, and hiring more professional assistants.

More ‘yes’s at higher investment levels…

I have two VIP Day clients and three 6-month clients who are prepping to begin their healing journey. This happened, by the way, simply by making a decision to step into my true value level of pricing. I am getting more 'yes-es' with my higher investment levels than when they were lower. Once I stepped into my power, my ideal peeps were able to recognize the 'true me.' This was invaluable.

I was surprised at how fast I would raise my rates.

GBS will forever impact my business and life. From how I handle speaking to potential clients to holding a space for their breakthrough to how I value myself and my services. I'm grateful everyday for the ability to stay in my power WHILE helping someone else stay in theirs.

Dr. Stacy Mobley
Integrative Doctor for Go-Getter Women

Fon James
The Emergency Business Coach

​The most money I have ever made in my business, period!

Since starting the program, I have made the most money I have ever made in my business, period! I made over $20k in one month, and that was just from the first couple of modules of the program!

I have helped more clients than ever to replace their job income with clients. My prices have increased with confidence and I have sold programs at my new price.

What has shifted for me the most is my ability to believe ALL that is possible for me and my business, and Goddess Business School® is the blueprint that can be used over and over in my business forever. Now I feel like I OWN my business and I am the kick ass coach that I always knew I could be.

I’ve stepped into my soul’s full longing...

Goddess Business School® was exactly what I needed to step off the sidelines, get my business together, and make my vision a reality. I’ve launched Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond, a business to bring deep support, ceremony and connection to pregnant and postpartum mothers. I have four private trimester-long programs as well as a long-term vision of how I’m going to grow my business with group programs, Within the first two weeks of my launch, I registered my first client at an investment equal to what I’ve made in six months of private sessions in the past!

I thank you in more ways than I can say, Elizabeth, for you have provided this beautiful container that allowed me to step in fully to my soul’s longing, where I now have the tools to support women in their journeys and create the freedom in my life that I have been dreaming of!

Kelly Lubeck

Zahra Haji

Earning amazing income while working less...

Now I’ve transitioned to a different way of working that than enables me to create amazing income while actually working a lot less. I turned my Moon Goddess fertility-enhancing yoga & meditation practice into a digital product that creates passive income. My private fees are 3x what I used to charge, and I have clients from as far away as Sweden who happily pay to work with me because I am the author of my own signature system.

Now I’m crystal clear on who I'm talking to and what problem I'm solving. I also know what it takes to create revenue and I keep implementing the strategies I learned in Goddess Business School® over and over to create consistent results. It has really given me a clear focus, as well as the step-by-step roadmap for where I needed to go next in my business.

A six-figure business is totally do-able and I just had a baby 2 months ago.

I gave myself a raise by creating a high end offer that I confidently charge (and receive) 5 figures for. I traded all the “doing” for massive clarity around the 2 or 3 marketing activities that create a steady flow of opportunities every month and I kicked my fear of enrolment conversations to the curb, allowing me to create more revenue in a single month than I did in a whole year.

The biggest shift is my upleveled confidence -- in my ability to create a new experience, in my offering, in its worth, in putting myself out there and most of all in asking for business. For the first time, ever, a six figure business is totally do-able for me this year AND I just had a baby 2 months ago.

I didn't think it was possible but I'm finally relinquishing my perfectionist habit and loving the flow of just making a decision, taking imperfect action and course correcting along the way. I also got really clear on some self-sabotaging beliefs I didn't even know I held, am now so self-aware that I can quickly shift who I'm being and I formed so many incredible, supportive friendships with fellow GBS alumni who are generous with their time, wisdom and connections.

I’m ready to birth my six figure business into existence this year! Through GBS, I've learned how to make this once lofty goal so achievable without sacrificing my family life. My shifts around self-worth, confidence, clarity and leverage have changed me and my business forever.

Tamika Auwai
Founder of Show Up & Speak Elite Speaker Service

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