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Client Care Goddess

Client Care Goddess

Scope of Work

Are you a rockstar at client care?  Do you take care of clients as if they were your own family, including making heartfelt recommendations on their best next steps?  Do you make organization, timeliness and responsiveness your top priority and “keep your eye on the ball” until you know the job is done?

Are you in the Portland, OR area?

You might be a great fit with our company as a Client Care Goddess.

Who We Are: Lead by Elizabeth Purvis (, 7-Figure Goddess, LLC is an online personal growth company dedicated to empowering conscious women in the realms of money, business, manifesting and personal transformation.

Your Role: As Client Care Goddess, you will take excellent care of our clients, create a top-notch client experience and resolve client questions in a timely fashion with love and care.

Core Deliverables:

  1. Monitor, direct, and respond to company email and support requests in a timely (24 hours or less), professional “on-brand” way, both over email and over the phone
  2. Provide a world-class client care experience at every point of a program, including the marketing and enrollment period
  3. Nurture and develop client relationships over the long term
  4. Answer client questions about specific programs, including recommending programs that are a genuine fit, and supporting them when they ask for refunds

Responsibilities Include:

  • Handle and answer support requests that come in via email, phone and ticketing system
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of all our programs and products, from content covered to the “nitty gritty” of service delivery (how to log into members area, how to use conference lines, etc)
  • Communicate with clients about program details, dates, etc.
  • Speak with clients on the phone at key points during our relationship (welcome phone calls, reminder calls, inviting them to respond to an early offer for the next program, etc)
  • Be the first point of contact and treat every interaction as the beginning of a long term client relationship (sales mindset).  Nurture these important relationships by providing world class client care at all times.
  • Engage with clients on Facebook and other group forums
  • Collecting testimonials and client results (including drafting testimonials when necessary)
  • Support clients when they ask for refunds (“save the sale conversations”)
  • Create, complete and manage tasks in collaboration systems including Teamwork, Teamwork Desk, and Slack
  • Create and manage Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

You MUST Have:

At least 2 years experience in client care in the transformation / online coaching space (or similar).

A+++ English-speaking oral and written communication skills.  Our “brand voice” is connected, friendly and engaging.  You must be able to write warm, connected (yet direct when needed) email replies.  If writing is not your “strong suit,” this position is not for you.  Coaching experience / training a huge plus.

100% personal responsibility AND willingness to do what it takes is a must.

Aligned with our mission to empower women in the areas of money, manifesting, business, personal transformation.

Ideal DISC profile: S/C

Location + Type: This is a virtual, independent contractor position based in Portland, OR

Time Zone: Pacific

Commitment: 20-25 hours per week to start, with room for growth.  Occasional weekend availability (not standard).


In an email to with a subject line of  ”Application: Client Care & Personal Assistant Goddess,” answer the following questions:

  1. How does your background and experience fit the requirements for this role?
  2. Why does this opportunity excite you?
  3. Why do you think you’d be perfect for this position?
  4. What are up to 3 examples of past experience that best demonstrate how you can excel in the role of Client Care Goddess?
  5. What are your own goals for 2017 and beyond, and how does this opportunity fit those goals?

Please also include a resume or description of relevant work experience, 2-3 samples of written communication to clients (ie., samples of client care-style messages), and 2-3 references.

You’ll receive an autoresponder to confirm your application has been received.  (Check your spam or junk folder before resending your application.)

All candidates who make the short list will be required to complete a short project so we can see your brilliance in action.

Position starts immediately; applications reviewed on a first-come, first-considered basis.  If you’re called, apply now.  :)