Empower Yourself With The Deepest Level of Healing And Divine Guidance Available And Manifest More Easily, In Full Alignment With Your Soul’s Purpose
Introducing... The Akashic Records Masterclass & Certification: A 10 month LIVE Immersion Certification Program with Elizabeth

Learn to... 

Have Endless Access To Divine Guidance You Can Trust  

Make Decisions Quickly – Without Second-Guessing!  

Manifest With Ease And Flow, Aligned With Your Soul’s Unique Purpose  

Transform Deep Patterns & Blocks For Yourself And Others  

Channel Soul-Aligned Offerings That Sell 

Help Your Clients Find & Fulfill Their Purpose

Add Endless Income Streams To Your Business  
As A Certified Akashic Records Consultant

Attention: Feminine Magicians​

I’m thrilled that you’re called to learn more about my brand NEW offering, The Akashic Records Masterclass & Certification.

As a priestess of Western traditions and teacher of magic, I’ve got a few metaphysical tools up my sleeve. ;) 

They all have their place in my tool kit, of course.  But few have had the positive impact on my life and business as learning how to receive wisdom and healing from the Akashic Records.  

What are The Akashic Records? 

The Akashic Records are akin to what some traditions call “The Book of Life.” 

Think of the Records like the Divine’s all encompassing, highly detailed, book of knowledge The Records contain information about all human actions.   

The Records document the journey of YOUR Soul’s Unique Path.  Every thought, word, emotion, deed and intention – across all dimensions, planes, spaces, times, levels of consciousness and beyond – are all recorded in the Records. 

Anyone can learn to access their Records and be taught how to access the Records of others.    

When you know how to access the wisdom of the Akasha, you have have instant access to guidance on ANY topic you wish, as it relates to your soul’s journey.   This includes business success, career, finances, relationships and more!  

You also gain access to some of the deepest healing and guidance available to you in this lifetime to help you manifest in alignment with our Soul’s Purpose. 

Imagine being able to quickly pinpoint the origins of the patterns of limitation in your life, such as the inability to manifest money, extreme scarcity, inability to call in a life partner…  (HINT: very often, these originate in lifetimes OTHER than the one you’re living in now.) 

Now imagine being able to clear and release those patterns, once and for all… 

Now imagine being able to do that for your clients… 

You’re starting to understand why Iso excited to bring this training and certification to our community! 

In this new 10-month immersion program, I’ll be your  
teacher and guide as you complete Levels 1 through 3 of  
The Soul Journeys® Method of Akashic Record Consultations,  
founded by Jennifer Longmore.

Why The Soul Journeys® Method? 

As a 7-figure business owner and teacher of esoteric wisdom, the choice of who I learn from matters.  I ONLY choose programs that have a proven track record of results, and have been sourced from individuals who have been walking their path for 10 years or more, have a high level of formal education, are living their purpose and have a rock solid financial foundation.   

Jennifer Longmore downloaded the Soul Journeys® method in the 1990’s and has taught it to thousands of people worldwide.  A serial entrepreneur, Jennifer has also created multiple (as in more-than-one) 7-figure businesses, including a $20m++ real estate empire.  Her main tool for co-creating these successes is the Akashic Records, using the same skills you’ll get in the certification. 

Upon completion of The Akashic Records Masterclass & Certification, you’ll have the option to be certified and internationally recognized as a Soul Journeys® Certified Akashic Records Consultant.  

If you already have a business, this is a huge opportunity to set yourself apart and offer life-changing transformation to your soul-mate clients.  And if you don’t (yet!), this may be the first step on your Divinely-guided entrepreneurial journey.  

In The Akashic Records Masterclass & Certification, 

You’ll Discover How To… 

  • Effortlessly access your own Akashic Record, the unique blueprint of your Soul, across all dimensions, planes, spaces, times, levels of consciousness and beyond. 
  • Activate all of your divine gifts and co-creative abilities that you’re meant to use in this lifetime.
  • Receive and interpret guidance and healing to align to your soul purpose, accelerate your soul’s journey, and amp up your ability to attract and magnetize anything you Desire.
  • Facilitate deep healing in the Records; release, heal and clear limiting patterns and blockages and shift energy for yourself and others.
  • Receive specific guidance from your Recordkeepers to heal your inner child.
  • Download fully aligned new programs, courses, offers in your business, information on your Divine Right Clients.’
  • Access and read the Records for others to create a new income stream and a deeper level of transformation for your clients.
  • And so much more!

Why Learn To Read The Akashic Records?

Well… it gets down to THIS 

The #1 thing that stops most people from manifesting what they Desire with ease (provided that they are following a proven manifesting process) is difficulty discerning or trusting exactly what aligned actions to take next to bring their Desires into reality.   

And that’s where the Akashic Records are a game-changer.  

Working in the Records gives you a direct line to your next aligned actions and more importantly, access to a greater field of wisdom than you can connect with on your own.  

When you ask for guidance in the Records your next aligned action is revealed with clarity and certainty.  

You get to skip the constant churning and second guessing that comes with most other intuitive modalities that leave you in your head.  

Personally, I was drawn to learn the Records when I was navigating a really unfamiliar and pivotal time in my life. I was working through some heavy stuff within my marriage to my husband Lelandand upleveling my business— leaping from multi-6 figures to 7.   It felt like a lot, and it was…and I wanted the most ease-filled ‘way’ to have both.   

This was really difficult territory to move through, and the intuitive tools I usually relied on for guidance were not working.   I was still in my head— churning away.   Overthinking, second-guessing and spinning out instead of confidently taking aligned action.  

I wanted tool that was easier to interpret and more reliable than the other intuitive modalities in my tool kit. One that would stop doubt in its tracks and help me clearly discern what to do next.  

I also wanted to be able to quickly understand and see the karmic repercussions and patterns that were driving the drama I was living out here and now. I wanted wisdom that could show me how past-life actions were affecting me in this life so I could heal them permanently and move on, 

And that’s the cool thing about the Records.  When you learn to access your Akashic Records and work with your Record Keepers, that’s exactly what happens.  

You get to skip the churning . 

Because you learn to access and interpret a whole other field of consciousness outside of you. You channel information well beyond your own intuitive abilities… and there’s zero room for ego. 

When you create and manifest with the records… it’s simple.   

If you want to bring something into being, the very next thing you need to know is revealed, with ease.  (Sometimes this is action, and sometimes information that leads to action.)  

No more second guessing.  

Accessing your Akashic Records puts your manifesting power on steroids! 

You know exactly what to do next and you feel confident in taking action with total faith.   And when you’re a certified Akashic Records consult, you’re able to do this for others too.  

What Can You Manifest When Working With Your Record Keepers?

Anything you Desire that is in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose!  

This includes really deep deep transformation, like healing past traumas or ancestral contracts that no longer serve.   And of course, you can work with your Record Keepers to manifest really fun stuff too— larger amounts of money, travel, romantic relationships and any aligned opportunities your soul’s journey.  

Over the past few years, working with the Akashic Records has been one of the secret modalities I’ve been using behind the scenes as I completely transform my business (shifting from all biz all the time to full on manifesting and magic). This work has played a key role in healing my marriage too.  

The Akashic Records are the modality that takes the manifesting work we’ve done together and makes it simple let go of what no longer serves and receive the way with total ease.  

I cant wait to share this powerful work with you!! 

Here’s How The Masterclass Will Flow….

You’ll participate in THREE powerful 2-day virtual workshops - one for each of Levels 1, 2 and 3 in the Soul Journeys® Method, a proven method of Akashic Records reading and facilitation created by master teacher, healer, intuitive and multi-7-figure entrepreneur, Jennifer Longmore.   

LEVEL 1: Accessing Your Own Akashic Record  

Level 1 will teach you how to instantly access your own Record, so that you can access unlimited Divine guidance you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose, heal karmic patterns, and effortless magnetize whatever you choose that is in accordance to your soul’s journey. 

Level 1 studies include:  

  • Module 1: The Record of Your Soul 
  • Module 2: Why Access Your Records 
  • Module 3: Essential Processes And Guidelines To Access Your Akashic Records 
  • Module 4: Awakening Powerful Co-Creation To Manifest All That You Desire Through Your Akashic Records 
  • Module 5: Accessing the Records, Inner Child and Future Self

LEVEL 2: Accessing The Records of Others (Learn how to read for clients)  

In Level 2 you’ll learn to access the Records of others to support their Soul’s Journey with confidence and clarity to help your clients create deep, lasting transformation. 

Level 2 studies include:  

  • Module 6: Akashic Record Consultation Guidelines  
  • Module 7: Accessing Deeper Information During Akashic Record Consultations 
  • Module 8: Facilitating Healing In The Records 
  • Module 9: Processes For Going Deeper In Akashic Record Consultations 

LEVEL 3: Facilitating Deep Healing In The Records, For You and Your Clients  

In Level 3 youll learn advanced techniques to facilitate deep healing and guidance for others in their Records.  

Once complete, youll also be eligible for certification as a Soul Journeys® Certified Akashic Record Consultant. This is an unparalleled opportunity for your own growth and offers huge value to your clients and potentially a new money channel if you choose. 

Level 3 Modules Include:  

  • Module 10: Illuminating Transference And Counter Transference To Create Compassionate Detachment 
  • Module 11: Consultation Guidelines For Deep Healing In The Records 
  • Module 12: Accessing The Records For The Highest Level of Healing As A Level 3 Consultant 

Between training workshops, you’ll practice the techniques on your own and with others, mastering the skills in community and releasing and clearing patterns within yourself as you integrate what you learn.   

We leave about 90 days between each workshop— plenty of time for you to complete your simple certification requirements.  This creates momentum while allowing for plenty of spaciousness in this process.   

Along the way, you’ll participate in regular Q+A sessions and enjoy private check-ins with me.  

Upon completion of all certification requirements and successful Level 3 check-in, you will become a Soul Journeys® Certified Akashic Records Consultant. You’ll be able to offer Akashic Records sessions to your clients  and list Soul Journeys® Certification Levels 1-3 as part of your qualifications. 

You’ll also be eligible to further your training and professional development through Jennifer’s annual Level 4 Advanced Trainings (required to maintain your certification every year) and teacher training program. And you’ll enjoy the opportunity to be featured on the Soul Journeys® website, with an endorsement from Soul Journeys® (subject to approval).  

Akashic Records Masterclass & Certification
2018 Training Dates

LEVEL 1: Accessing Your Own Akashic Record - January 17 & 19, 2018  

LEVEL 2: Accessing The Records of Others - April 4 & 6, 2018   

LEVEL 3: Facilitating Deep Healing In The Records - July 18 & 20, 2018  

All trainings are VIRTUAL and will take place via Maestroconference.  These trainings will be recorded if you can’t make them live.  

The Akashic Records Masterclass Begins in January 2018 and completes in October, 2018.   
All Certification Materials Must be submitted by November 15, 2018 for review, with certifications to be awarded by December 15, 2018 (approx).  

Your Program Benefits

  • Three (3) LIVE Virtual Workshops, covering Level 1 - Level 3 of the Soul Journeys® Method (Reading for Yourself, Reading for Others, Deep Healing in the Records - Value: $2997)  
  • 8 monthly group Q+A sessions to share learnings and get your questions answered (Time & date TBD - Value: $1997)  
  • Private Certification Facebook Group to have all your questions answered, receive support and celebrate your accomplishments (Value: $997)  
  • Professional Certification and website feature upon completion of all certification requirements (30 hours of practice, including reading for yourself and others (Value: $3997+++) 
  • BONUS #1: 4-Hour Business Integration session, to show you how to integrate the Records into your business and create your unique offerings. (DATE TBD, in alignment with the needs of you and your colleagues. Value: $1997)   
  • BONUS #2: Three (3) private check-in sessions with Elizabeth, including a final certification check-in (Value: $1997)   
  • The Ability To Add Six Figures Or More To Your Income (over the lifetime of your business by offering Akashic consultation and  Akashic-Inspired Programs (PRICELESS 

TOTAL VALUE: $13,900++ 

YOUR INVESTMENT: $4997 $3997 (early bird savings of $1000) - or -  10 monthly payments of $447 

Your Next Step…

The ability to access your Akashic Record, and the Records of others, is truly a game-changer.   

If you’re excited at the possibility of tapping into the highest level of wisdom and healing available… 

If you’re called to know how to permanently shift limiting blocks, patterns and energies across all timelines so you can fulfill your Soul’s Purpose and help others do the same…  

If you’re ready to kick indecision and doubt to the curb, and instead co-create with ease and FLOW… 

If you’re ready to amp up your manifesting success (2x, 3x, 10x your results) 

If you’re ready to set yourself apart in a crowded marketplace, and add highly magnetic, ALIGNED offerings to your business (that can bring you tens of thousands of dollars over time)… 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I’m already taking aligned action and manifesting some pretty awesome miracles… Is this learning the Akashic Records a shiny distraction to take me off my path? 

A: If you’re manifesting like gangbusters, accessing your Akashic Records will only serve to energize and focalize your next steps. In fact, working with your Recordkeepers is actually the way to remove ALL distractions because you’re able to discern, very clearly, what you’re meant to do next to call in your Desires more quickly direct from Source.    

Q: Do I really need to learn another modality? 

A: Perhaps not. This isn’t a “need to” sort of decision.   It’s a choose to. And the choice you get to make is… ”Will I choose to learn a modality that is a direct line to the wisdom and healing I Desire?” or “Will I choose to stick with the tools that are already in my kit— even if they haven’t been all that reliable?” 

There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  Zero judgment. You get to decide. However, if the tools you’re working with have you second guessing and hesitantly taking action, or if other modalities aren’t shifting the patterns and blocks you’re ready to release, I can practically guarantee this will change everything.  

Q: Can I take this certification later? 

A: Right now we’ve opened early enrolment to our School of Manifesting (and Art of Feminine Magic®) students and alumni exclusively.  

We may open this certification to our community-at-large for a short period, early January, at a higher investment.  Being a 10 month program, however, it will only run January - October 2018 as outlined.  At this point, I have no plans to run it again in 2019.  (As always, that may change… but it might not. ;) ) 

If you’re called to do this, now is the time. 

Q: Do I have to take all 3 levels right now?  

A: We’re running this as a 10 month certification very intentionally so as to give you the maximum benefit from this powerful modality  If you’d like to learn the Records from me and within our community, this is the way.  

Q: How much time will the training take?  What are the certification requirements?   

A: The training and certification process is very simple. 

Certification requirements are designed to be really easy to incorporate while you practice the techniques you'll be learning.  

To be eligible for certification you'll need to complete readings for yourself and practice readings for others and document these readings. You'll be required to document approximately 30 hours of readings TOTAL over the course of 10 months. (As in roughly 3 hours per month). Really easy to do. 
Beyond your practice sessionsthere are 6 workshop days for training (dates are shared above), and you'll have an hour of Q&A once per month.  

Compared to most certification programs, this is very easy to add to your calendar 

Q: I’m not really interested in being certified. Is there a way to study levels 1 - 3 without paying for the certification portion?  

A: At this point, no.  Much of what is contained in this certification pertains to working with clients, and if you’re going to use The Akashic Records to work with clients, you might as well have the full benefit of being recognized as a certified Akashic Records consultant. 

If you feel called to learn how to access your Records, but have no idea what you might do as a certified Akashic Records consultant, I invite you to step in, heart wide open, with the intention of serving yourself for now… you’ll soon be shown how this fits into your larger mission.   There’s always a reason we are drawn to certain opportunities! 

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